An Assessment of ‘Tribute System’ Studies: Theories and Critiques

By – Sachin Singh;

The contemporary dynamics of International Relations (IR), particularly the rise of China, peaceful or otherwise, have drawn the attention of IR scholars as well as those of historians towards the historical politics of East Asian region. The ‘Rise of China’ has compelled the academics to further their research in order to understand the so called ‘Chinese World Order’. Questions are being raised about the purpose of such a World Order, if it comes into being, as well as efforts are being made to look into past for clues as to what this World Order might look like in terms of political, ideological and strategic aspects. This has caused ‘a cauldron of anxiety’ within both academic and policy communities worldwide, and provoked fierce debate about power transition and/or hegemonic succession between the United States and China and the implications for the future global order.

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