China’s Food Security Strategy in the New Era: Policies and Challenges

By – Ahana Roy;

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently stressed the importance of independence in seed sources and emphasised the need for sustained efforts to achieve China’s food security. Furthermore, in April 2021, Xi Jinping declared that “food security is an important foundation for national security.” Food security has always been of utmost importance to the Chinese leaders and remains a central priority at present in state governance. However, China’s transformation into a growing superpower, complemented by rapid urbanisation, increasing purchasing power, and changing dietary habits has resulted in the expansion of Chinese consumption rates. As Beijing has found itself unable to keep up with demands, it has been forced to look outwards for food exports to sustain its population and ensure Chinese people have their ‘rice bowl’. With China moving toward self-reliance and self-sufficiency as part of its food security strategy, achieving the standards of food security China has imposed on itself seems difficult; China faces several challenges in the effective implementation of its food security policies.

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