A key gap in strategic/academic circles across India is that while focus on broad-level happenings in/about China is met with expansive writing and assessment, the crux of China’s society, its domestic policies (which in an one-party authoritarian setup such as China’s are more often connected to broader international manoeuvres), and the impression China holds of other countries as well as small moves made by Beijing — which may appear random or disconnected with respect to global happenings but in actuality hold much insight— are not analyzed. Furthermore, there is no organization that affectively looks at ‘chatter’ in sources like Weibo, WeChat, Telegram, Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter and more to connect it with more overt moves by China in its foreign policy.

The Organisation for Research on China and Asia (ORCA) seeks to address this very important gap in research. With assessments based on real-time, ground level chatter in and from China, we aim to add a new level of research insight to the understanding of how China perceives the world. 

Our focus is on encouraging young scholarship on China studies internationally over a wide variety of topics; we run a daily newsletter and also take submissions for our opinion pieces section from scholars across the world.