April 2022

conspiracy theories about COVID 19 make the rounds on Chinese social media; WeChatApp suspends accounts associated with NFT trading; China held two meetings to discuss Afghanistan’s economic & humanitarian crisis; Chinese officials fired or disciplined over the spread of COVID19 in China; Chinese scholars were barred from attending an international conference organised by AASAsianStudies; Australian ambassador to China Graham Fletcher was denied access to Beijing Court where Australian Journalist Cheng Lei is being tried; Zimbabwean company Riozimb looks for alternative funding after Xi Jinping announces China would stop building overseas coal plants; Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov states that Russia is committed to deescalation with Ukraine; China considers additional restrictions on it live-streaming business and Keanu Reeves’ attendance at a pro Tibet concert results in his movies being pulled from all Chinese streaming platforms; India was not invited to the third meeting of the foreign ministers of Afghanistan’s neighbouring nations.
Baby quarantine sites in Shanghai sparks outrage; woman praised online for rallying against egg donation & surrogacy; Pfizer’s new drug PAXLOVID is introduced in China; XiJinping met with EUCouncil and EU_Commission to discuss China-EU relations and the Ukraine issue; an increase in foreign investment in China was seen in the first quarter of 2022, showing a growth of 74.3%; Huawei implements collective leadership at the management level & announces Meng Wan Zhou as chairwoman of the Board of Directors; Fu Zhengua was fired for serious disciplinary violations; Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi attended second Islamabad Security Dialogue; COVID19 outbreaks and lockdowns lead to a mental health crisis in Shanghai; China Regulatory Commisison plans to revise regulations on overseas listing of Chinese companies; new subtype of Omicron detected in Changshu City, Suzhou; Tibet plans to invest 140.4 billion yuan in 181 projects; coronavirus outbreaks and China’s ZeroCOVID policy make the lives of students and professionals more difficult; the first batch of Thai fruit was shipped to #China through the China-Laos railway & China urges Lithuania to honour commitments it made when establishing diplomatic relations with Beijing; Indian students in China and businesses with ties to China are becoming more dissatisfied as only students and businessmen from a limited number of nations are permitted entry into China.
Ukraine admits limited progress in security negotiations with China; China’s central bank to spread Yuan to additional Chinese cities; China still dealing with a deadliest outbreak of COVID; Carrie Lam announces her resignation; China publicly supports Pakistan’s sovereignty again; China had attempted to hack multiple Ukrainian websites prior Russian invasion; Russian FM says both India and China are Russia;s close friends; PLA dispatches 2000 military physicians to Shanghai; Argentina hails China for its assistance in the Falkland Island; China and Pakistan cooperation in many sectors; China hints towards diplomatic recognition of Taliban
Death of an Indian cop captured in video has gone viral in China; Chaos in Shanghai COVID-19 quarantine centre; Shanghai launched citywide nucleic acid sampling program; China reiterates its position of promoting peace in Ukraine; Chinese civilians have turned to internet tributes; Chinese premier congratulates Hungarian counterpart for re-election; China has set itself the task of achieving food security by improving domestic grain production and supply; China and Hungary’s relations
Youtube disables Chinese national’s account over their content on Ukraine Russia War; COVID19 positive children separated from parents in Shanghai; XiJinping & the Presidents of EUCouncil and EU Commission talk over video conference; China is praised for its support to Afghanistan’s development; XiJinping congratulates Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on his re-election; Beijing to impose stricter COVID prevention & control measures on imported non-cold-chain items; XiJinping and Armenian counterpart Vahagn Khachaturyan congratulate each other on 30 years of diplomatic ties and China’s BRI is embraced throughout the GlobalSouth; EU reaffirms its support for the one-China principle and expresses its willingness to deepen relations with China
Youtube disables Chinese national’s account over their content on Ukraine Russia War; COVID19 positive children separated from parents in Shanghai; XiJinping & the Presidents of EUCouncil and EU Commission talk over video conference; China is praised for its support to Afghanistan’s development; XiJinping congratulates Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on his re-election; Beijing to impose stricter COVID prevention & control measures on imported non-cold-chain items; XiJinping and Armenian counterpart Vahagn Khachaturyan congratulate each other on 30 years of diplomatic ties and China’s BRI is embraced throughout the GlobalSouth; EU reaffirms its support for the one-China principle and expresses its willingness to deepen relations with China
Chinese prefer looking for jobs abroad; the US blamed for pitting India & China against each other & anger over POTUS announcing fresh sanctions on Russia; business reports on suspected Chinese hackers collecting intelligence from India’s grid; SpeakerPelosi's visit to Taiwan opposed by China; US warms India & China that backing Russia during UkraineWar will have serious consequences; China advances its information proxy war against the US amidst Russia Ukraine War; Shanghai residents run out of food amidst biggest COVID outbreak till date; China threatens a situation similar to Ukraine in Asia in response to the AUKUS hypersonic missile agreement.
COVID19 positive children separated from parents in Shanghai and videos of a god getting beaten to death by health care workers in Shanghai go viral; Shanghai witnesses surge in COVID cases leading to shutdown of the city & affecting Supply Chain crisis; China’s first international rail-sea freight train to Myanmar starts; Philippines inaugurates Binondo-Intramuros bridge gifted by China; China & New Zealand implement Upgrade Protocol of the FTA; China opposes recent US arms sales to Taiwan and China completes the formation of first ocean surveillance radar satellite network; the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor bridges western and southern Chinese provinces to ASEAN, central Europe and Central Asia
Heartwarming pictures go viral; Epidemic prevention method prevails; An oxygen cylinder factory in Shanghai was forced to close; Taiwan reports appearance of Chinese military aircraft; Taiwan accuses China of illegal poaching of semiconductor engineers; China opposes Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan; China & New Zwealand upgrade their Free Trade Agreement; Shanghai build more than 100 makeshift hospitals; Central Cyberspace Administration launches capaign to investigate algorithms; Status of RMB continues to stregthen; Chinese FM talks to Serbian FM; India refuses China’a proposal to disengage troops at Eastern Ladakh
US accuses China of paying US social media influencers to praise Beijing Olympics; Weibo is censoring social media posts of Hong Kong COVID mismanagement; China opposes US decision to allow its non essential staff at Shanghai Consulate; Guangzhou city holds citywide COVID testing; Chinese Premier speaks at Forum of Economic and Trade Agreement; Chinese National development and reform commission announces its upgradation in satellite system; China and Philippines hold talks, Chinese news agency reaffirms COVID isn’t going anywhere; Russia being the biggest arms supplier to Africa
Debate over Shanghai’s centralised quarantine centres trends on Weibo; Footage of Shanghai residents screaming from their apartments amid lockdown shared; A total of 1676 COVID patients were discharged across mainland China & 1251 new cases were confirmed; Chinese FM Spokesperson ZhaoLijian urged the US to stop trying to create a rift between China and LatinAmerican & Caribbean states; Zhao also urged the NATO to stop spreading disinformation targeting China; China & Germany signed a strategic port cooperation agreement; Pakistan PM ShehbazSharif promises to uphold the CPEC; some residential areas in Shanghai have lifted lockdown measures, allowing restricted movement; China’s permanent representative to UN ChinaAmbUN urges the practice of true multilateralism against COVID19; Chinese President XiJinping stressed seed source independence to attain FoodSecurity and Chinese Premier LiKeqiang called for the stabilisation of employment; While #China doesn’t have to worry about the iron brotherhood it has with Pakistan, Pakistan will attempt to try and mend its ties with the US by acting as a bridge between China and the US.
POTUS Joe Biden trends on Weibo for accidentally mentioning #Ukraine as China while referring to Russia Ukraine War; WeChat App launches its new ‘farm’ feature; Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian congratulates Pakistan’s new PM Shahbaz Sharif; Chinese navy carried out combat drills in South China Sea; Chinese authorities warn against illegal activities detected in community buying; China’s Imports & exports expanded by 10.7% in first-quarter of 2022; Shanghai extended its lockdown due to Beijing’s ZeroCOVID policy; China accused the #US of politicising its COVID policy; Chinese scientists have designed a new quantum communication system and China successfully received data from the Gaofen-3 03 satellite; India’s reliance on #China for active pharmaceutical materials is at stake due to frequent border skirmishes & China’s tendency to use its trade advantages against countries;
anti-government resentment rises in Shanghai and Chinese netizens discuss the Biden-Modi call and Russian casualties; China denies providing relief in debt payment as SriLanka faces its worst economic crisis; China requested armed personnel with diplomatic passports to be dispatched to the SolomonIslands; TGTM_Official claims to expose Chinese hypocrisy of having a neutral stand on the ongoing Russia Ukraine War; Xi Jinping states that China will continue its ZeroCOVID policy; USTreasury Secretary Janet Yellen asks China to persuade Moscow to end the ongoing Ukraine Invasion and CMC_MarineCorps raises concerns about China’s security deal with the Solomon Islands; India comes forward to help its southern neighbour Sri Lanka cope with its economic crisis.
Currency uprising between China, Russia & India has raised questions about dollar hegemony, states critics; ‘shouting warriors’ get praised on WeChatApp; China inaugurated a new container liner route connecting it to Vietnam; COVID19 patients released from Shanghai’s makeshift hospital; China Manned Space Agency states that the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft will land soon; China is planning to integrate the BeiDou Navigation Satellite with other national space infrastructures and enhancer BDS global services; youth arrested in HongKong for involvement in AntiExtradition movement; Chinese FM spokesperson ZhaoLijian describes China-Pakistan relations as an ironclad brotherhood; two trains carrying coal collided in Daqin railway and XiJinping and his Mauritian counterpart congratulate each other on 50 years of diplomatic ties; India must assess the geopolitical risks that come with China offering its satellite navigation system BeiDou globally, as BeiDou falls within China’s Information Silk Road - another branch of the BRI;
Pudong flats turned into quarantine sites met with anger; hashtags ‘America is bad’ trend while ‘Shanghai buys groceries’ is blocked; CMSA expects to launch 2 manned & cargo spacecrafts per year; Sinovac start building vaccine cold storage facility in Egypt; China & SaudiArabia pledged to strengthen synergy between BRI & Vision2030 & Chinese military launched multi force exercise outside Taiwan; Cooperation between China and SaudiArabia is a statement of influence of China in WestAsia and highlights the inroads China wants to make for the BRI in West Asia
Chinese national anthem censored on Weibo and CCP-backed censors remove lists of people who died in Shanghai; Angry residents protest in Pudong, Shanghai over their apartments being turned into quarantine centres; Shanghai officials announced three deaths from COVID19; China’s unemployment rate stood at 5.8% in March; SenatorJordon declared China poses no threat to Australia; China welcomes foreign astronauts to visit China’s space station; XiJInping praises the role of SaudiArabia in the MiddleEast; next BRICS Summit likely to be held at the end of June; Boao Forum for Asia to focus on the post-pandemic development agenda for Asia and the world and Chinese FM states that the Palestine question shouldn't be marginalised; India will have to balance ties at BRICS stringently and Chinese installation of 3 mobile towers near Pangong lake can be harmful to Indian strategic interest.
Russian news about the US using Ukrainians for bio experiments trends on Weibo; Chinese ​​state media report on Shanghai mocked for looking too fake; Chinese researchers have created human stem cells; Chinese FM spokesperson Wang Wenbin remarked that the US is afflicted by a situation of deteriorating human rights; Chinese mainland reported 3,297 locally transmitted confirmed COVID19 cases; the Chinese Tiangong space station will be the first project of its kind to be open to all UN member states; China’s GDP expanded 4.8 percent in the first quarter of 2022; Chinese authorities to launch a crackdown on internet & telecomms fraud; Given that the Space_Station will possibly retire after 2024, China's Tiangong is likely to become the only operational space station in the world.
China censored the first line of its national anthem on Weibo; Families of patients who died of COVID19 in China warned against speaking to foreign media; Ghana confirmed its support of the OneChina policy & both countries pledged to enhance cooperation for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation; China confirmed its intergovernmental framework agreement with Solomon Islands on security cooperation; Chinese Navy demonstrated new hypersonic missile YJ-21 ASBM on Type-055 cruiser; Xi Jinping to deliver a keynote speech at the BoaoForumBFA Annual Conference 2022; Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region held a video conference with Chinese embassy in Oman and Chinese social media announced that they will display IP addresses to curb misinformation; Given that China has built new mobile towers close to Indian territory, the Indian government should undertake infrastructure projects along the border and strengthen border villages;
Shanghai lockdown improves neighbourhood community ties; Chinese netizens use a new emoji to denote a COVID19 positive result; AmbLiaoLiqiang ensured China’s cooperation with Egypt over healthcare facilities; Xi Jinping promoted the digitalisation of government operations during the 25th Central Commission meeting; Erenhot port on the China-Mongolia border witnessed growth in freight trains between China & #Europe; FMs of both China & Solomon Islands signed an intergovernmental framework agreement on #security cooperation; In a phone call between Defense Minister Wei Fenghe and SecDef Lloyd Austin, US reaffirmed its commitment to the one-China policy and Xi Jinping proposed a Global Security Initiative at the BoaoForumBFA Annual Conference 2022; China’ security pact with the SolomonIslands can be amplified into an arrangement for China’s military base in the IndoPacific, keeping in mind its strategic location.
Chinese netizens term elonmusk’s Starlink satellites as US space warfare weapons; discussions on Weibo about banning Meta in Russia made the rounds; China’s UnionPay_Intl pulled away from Russia; US DeputySecState blasted China over several conflicting issues; jacindaardern states that Japan-NewZealand intelligence sharing agreement is not a “warning shot” against China; While the US DeputySecState along with top U officials warned China against attempts to undermine Western sanctions on Russia, they avoided making such comments on India showcasing that India-US ties are still strong.
Shanghai non-profit comes forward to help stray animals & pet owners during the new wave of COVID19; Xi Jinping emphasised the development of nationalsecurity related infrastructure in order to deal with adverse conditions; Chinese news portal DwnewsDWnews closed its website & mobile app after 23 years of operation; Chinese research icebreaker arrived in Shanghai, marking China's 38th Antarctic expedition; ​​China's profit from industrial firms rose from 8.5% year on year; Iranian President & Chinese Defence Minister agreed to advance multi-dimensional military cooperation; Chinese FM spokesperson condemned Tuesday's terrorist attack in Karachi as a deliberate terrorist attack against Chinese citizens; China and Iran's increasing closeness indicates their common interest to counter US hegemony and sanctions and greater influence over regional as well as international politics
Dalian Wanda tycoon’s son banned for life on Weibo over comments about Chinese traditional medicine for treating COVID19; China successfully launched Siwei-01/02 satellites from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center; conference on ‘dynamic clearing’ for epidemic prevention was held by the State Council Information Office; Shanghai saw 5487 new confirmed COVID19 cases & 9545 asymptomatic infections; bilateral trade between China & EU rose by 12.21% in the first quarter; NPC Chairman Li Zhanshu, held virtual talks with Masud Gharahkhani, president of the Norwegian parliament; China & nine Caribbean countries have planned a foreign ministers’ meeting and a six-storey building in Changsha collapsed with people trapped in it; The new Indian mission in Lithuania will help facilitate trade & expand India’s diplomatic footprint, showcasing a telling move by India vis-a-vis its China-Taiwan balance & in a surprising move, China has allowed the return of some Indian students.
Weibo’s decision to display the location of the commenter sparks debate amongst Chinese netizens on privacy concerns; CPC Central Committee’s Political Bureau convened its 38th group study session; trade between China & EU rose by 12.21% in the first quarter; Chinese scientists attempt to erect a meteorological monitoring station on China-Nepal border; @AmbLiuXiaoMing special envoy on Korean Peninsula Affairs made visits to European nations; Azerbaijani President @presidentaz said that its relations with China are strategic & have potential; Experts: China & the PSCs have room for more collaboration in sectors; China successfully launched five satellites into intended orbit from a station in the EastChinaSea; China remarked it has consistently backed efforts to overcome obstacles and continue dialogue in the ongoing RussiaUkraineWar; Deepening bilateral collaboration in areas like industrial and supply chains, epidemic prevention, digital, science, and technology between China and the EU benefits both sides as well as the global #economy's revival.