Analysis based on our daily newsletter, Conversations in Chinese Media (CiCM), prepared entirely by ORCA’s interns.

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Issue 10: Protests Against Zero-COVID Policy: A Political Turning Point

This CiCM Insight looks at Chinese protests against Zero-COVID policy, and the significance and consequences of this policy for China and the Party.

Issue 9: Analyzing The Chinese Space Programme and Its Relevance in Geopolitics

This CiCM Insight looks at the Chinese Space Programme and its relevance in geopolitics, as well as focusing on China’s space diplomacy and China’s privatisation of the space program. 

Issue 8: Hong Kong - China ETF Connect Program

This CiCM Insight looks at the Hong Kong-China ETF Connect Program, elucidating the opportunities for cross-border trading and explaining the political undertone of calling ETF Connect a “gift package”.

Issue 7: Examining the Role of BRICS in China’s Multilateral Diplomacy

This CiCM Insight looks at China’s vision and role in multilateral diplomacy, as highlighted by Xi during the 14th BRICS leaders’ summit. Speaking to BRICS leaders’, Xi stated the need to avoid a Cold War mindset.

Issue 6: Analysing Wang Yi's visit to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal

This CiCM Insight analyses Wang Yi’s visit to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nepal. 

Issue 5: China’s Shanghai Nightmare: A Failed Zero-COVID Strategy?

While battling its worst COVID-19 outbreak since the start of the pandemic, China’s zero-COVID strategy has come under scrutiny. Looking at examples of Shanghai and other virus hubs, this issue brief highlights what is at stake for Xi Jinping politically.

Issue 4: Assessing Local Government Debt and CCP Migration Strategy; Case study of Heilongjiang Province

China has extended its presence to remote parts of world by providing extensive loans but infrastructural gap in some of China’s provinces is ignored. It is argued that internal government debt is part of broader- systematic plans with strategic depth to cause internal migration.

Issue 3: Tracking China’s anti-Democracy campaign

China attempts at redefining Democracy & projecting the Chinese ‘Whole-Process democracy’ model. The issue focuses on Chinese response to the Summit for Democracy by tracking and analysing China’s attempts towards an anti-democracy campaign.

Issue 2: Primer on the China footprint in Africa post-COVID

China’s investments in Africa via BRI have driven its economic and political clout in the continent; this issue looks at the post-COVID state of Chinese loans in Africa and the deterioration in their performance by focusing on stalled projects and unpaid debts.

Issue 1: Translating & Assessing the “List of Sources of Internet News Information” by Cyberspace Administration of China

Media in China is constantly under intense control of the CCP; this issue looks at recent policy changes in China that are impacting the future of news in the country, with a focus on two key Lists –The List of Sources of Internet News Information and the Market Access Negative List –released by the State.