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China International Online Literature Week 2023 kicked off in Hangzhou, world’s first M350 floating, production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) oil production base officially delivered to coastal city of Dalian, The Civic Party, one of the major opposition parties in Hong Kong disbanded, China’s first indigenously-built large aircraft C919 embarks on  first commercial flight, opening ceremony of the Demonstration Labour and Skills Competition for Key Projects 2023 held.


Shenzhou-16 crew successfully completed a joint pre-launch rehearsal,
Xi Jinping held a ceremony to welcome Congo’s President, Wang Huning called for efforts to circulate stories of ethnic exchanges, China International Big Data Industry Expo opened in Guiyang, Shanghai Science and Technology Award Conference was held on Friday, Chinese athletes secured the mixed-doubles title at the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals, netizens discuss corporal punishment in schools on Weibo


Revised guidelines for commercial encryption management were announced, China plans to conduct International Science and Technology Conferences, Chinese researchers created a lightweight system on aircraft’s wing surface for stall sensing, roundtable seminar held on report titled “Global International School Development and China’s Practice”, US-Taiwan military cooperation is a violation of Sino-US joint communiques: Mao Ning, passing of actor Luo Jingmin trends online


China urged Israel not to encroach upon Palestinian land and resources, trade between China and the LAC region reached around 485 billion USD in 2022, China installed at least three buoys near the Spratly Islands, Hong Kong to enhance mutual cooperation with Guangdong, Third Belt and Road Energy Partnership Forum started, development plan for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region was unveiled, new method for treating celiac disease was developed in Gansu Province’s Lanzhou University, senior officials of the CPC met with the delegation of the Bangladesh ruling party, discussion on Weibo about a girl who died from anorexia trends


China’s new ambassador to the US addressed media in New York, maternity insurance coverage expanded to include long-term health insurance benefits, Jinfeng Wujiang River Bridge underwent static load testing, Taiwan’s bid for observer status  in WHA was rejected, 2023 Forum on Development of Tibet opened in Beijing, Hainan took centre stage at the third RCEP Media and Think Tank Forum, debate on ‘what is the appropriate age for marriage?’ trends online


China sanctioned Micron Technology products under the pretext of “national security risk”, annual growth rate of the Chinese NEV market projected to exceed 30% in 2023, CNOOC Guanlan, China’s first deep sea floating wind power platform was successfully connected to the Wenchang oil field, Tencent launches Weixin Pay for palm payments in Beijing Metro, developed J-16 heavy fighter jets were introduced in China’s Eastern Theater Command, G7 nations not qualified to decide on China’s nuclear policy: FM spokesperson, are tech companies eavesdropping on its users? Weibo neitzens concerned over their privacy


2023 National Science and Technology Week and Beijing Science and Technology Week launched, Chinese embassy in Myanmar donated relief supplies to the victims of the Mocha cyclone, archaeological investigation to survey two ancient shipwrecks in South China Sea launched, Chinese military evicted an anonymous ship in the South China Sea, 2023 Greater Bay Area Science Forum was launched in Guangzhou, first joint space science satellite launched by China and Macao, document released on enhancing care services for elderly citizens in China, Chinese tea culture trends on Weibo


Sinopec and Kazakhstan-based KazMunayGas to develop biggest polyethylene project, Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Centre plans unveiled, China Financial Stability Report for 2022 was released, Yangtze River Delta Eco-Green Integrated Development Zone Police Cooperation Centre was unveiled, the inaugural China-Central Asia Summit came to a close, netizens divided over joke on China’s PLA, there is further scope for improvement, as India and the Central Asian countries can cooperate in arenas like counterterrorism, energy security, trade, IT, biotechnology, and medical tourism.


National Financial Regulatory administration inaugurated in Beijing to regulate its financial sector, overall increase in commercial housing sales prices in China declined in April, Macau’s legislative assembly passed an amendment bill to the ‘maintenance of national security law’, Hong Kong launched e-HKD digital currency pilot programme, new carmakers in China mandated to adhere to China VI Emission Standards for Automobiles, video of bridge collapse goes viral on Weibo, both China and India’s efforts in adopting stricter emission standards as two of the top five largest automobile consumers demonstrate their commitment to combating vehicle emissions.


China launched a new BeiDou navigation satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China established a base for archaeological research in Kunming, Yunnan Province, President Xi Jinping called for rescue efforts after deep-sea fishing vessel overturned in the Indian Ocean, Turkish Airlines cargo plane arrived at the Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, law enforcement inspection in the wetlands will be carried out in six provinces, Chinese Premier Li Qiang hailed the Netherlands as China’s priority partner in the EU, value of onshore and offshore yuan saw a fall, news about “Central Asia Forum” trends on Chinese social media, India should strategically calculate its West Asia policy while enhancing cooperation and partnerships with countries in the region


China launched a new BeiDou navigation satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China established a base for archaeological research in Kunming, Yunnan Province, President Xi Jinping called for rescue efforts after deep-sea fishing vessel overturned in the Indian Ocean, Turkish Airlines cargo plane arrived at the Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, law enforcement inspection in the wetlands will be carried out in six provinces, Chinese Premier Li Qiang hailed the Netherlands as China’s priority partner in the EU, value of onshore and offshore yuan saw a fall, news about “Central Asia Forum” trends on Chinese social media, India should strategically calculate its West Asia policy while enhancing cooperation and partnerships with countries in the region


People’s Bank of China officially launched Swap Connect- an interest rate swap scheme, Taiwan’s annual Han Kuang war exercises kicked off,  first set of images from Fengyun-3G were released, US-based Hong Kong permanent resident sentenced to life after being convicted of committing espionage in China, Chinese entry-and-exit points fully resumed fast-lane services, ‘Is a monthly salary of 5000 really low?’ trends on Weibo, official stance in India appears to be that the global market is too uncertain for the country to take on risks posed by volatility and other non-domestic factors upon entry into bond indices.


First passenger flight route connecting China to Turkmenistan was officially launched, Feng Sixuan secured gold in ISSF World Cup, series of Chinese incursions into Taiwanese air defense identification zone reported, Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki arrived in Beijing, China’s first home-grown mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 rolled out in Hebei, ‘Happy Mother’s Day,’ and ‘Will you go home and have a meal with your mother on Mother’s Day?’ trends on Weibo as netizens celebrate Mother’s Day, China’s existing Central Asia policy and its upcoming interactions with the countries serve as an effective litmus test to examine the success of Indian policies.


Ambassador Li Hui to start touring Europe, 7 nurses from China were conferred with the Nightingale Medal, China and Laos launched a joint military exercise, China emitted record amounts of carbon dioxide in the first quarter of 2023, Baidu has begun to embed to launch its own version of ChatGPT in its search engine, netizens debate over considering childbirth as a paid job, India managed to maintain a sense of consistency when it came to its principled stance on Russia–Ukriane conflict, by actively trying to play a peacemaker role between Kyiv, Washington, and Moscow.


Unmanned dual-rotor chopper used for transporting material for maintenance of voltage towers in China, looted antiquities worth USD 3.5 million returned to China, SCO secretary-general announced roadmap of using national currencies of member nations, China’s immigration authorities announced complete resuming of customs clearance procedure, China delivered Type 054A/P frigates to Pakistan, Large Altitude Air Shower Observatory cleared by regulatory authorities, Weibo netizens demand innovations from mobile phone manufacturers, India and China exhibit a general consensus within the RATS Council, presenting an avenue for resolving common issues through multilateral cooperation.


 Ministry of Emergency Management held a press conference on the special investigation of major accidents, CCDI reported that Chinese fugitive, Mai Kaichang, voluntarily surrendered, Tibet’s Longzi County recognised as “the world’s largest black barley planting base”, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng visited Portugal, 2023 World Tourism Cities Federation Changsha Xiangshan Tourism Summit took place, May 10th celebrated as Chinese Brand Day, successful launch of Tianzhou-6 #天河行舟包梦远航# trends on Weibo, the Government of India has launched various schemes to promote India’s tourism as a world class industry.


Conference held on safety work of the 2023 national college entrance examinations, Xi Jinping attended the 10th Conference for Friendship of Overseas Chinese Associations, China’s trade sector grew by 8.9% in April, China denied its interference in Canada’s internal affairs, Hainan implemented provisions for promoting seed industry development, China’s reusable experimental spacecraft successfully completed a 276-day orbital journey, Chinese drama ‘The Long Season’ touches netizens’ hearts, China is pursuing an ambitious goal of becoming a global space power, while India’s focus is on building indigenous capacity for low-cost and reliable satellite launches.


Aerospace industry cluster development action plan released, Chinese embassy in the United States held an open house event, researchers conducted a study on the colours of lakes in China, Chinese custom officials seized ivory products in Hunan, Zhuangshang village in Shanxi won the title of zero-carbon village in China, five-century old stele discovered in Hebei, a micro-documentary on Chinese diplomatic efforts in South Sudan trends on social media, India must invest in research and development, take advantage of new and emerging technologies, and develop strategic partnerships to enhance its aerospace industry.


Chinese and Pakistani Foreign Ministers released joint statement, Jiangxi residents relocated due to heavy rainfall, book published by state-run media think tank, Shandong Navy Ship aircraft carrier group recently concluded combat readiness exercise, Gangsu and Ningxia agreed to establish a feasibility study group, China improved its medical bill settlement policy, Agricultural Bank of China announced greater reimbursement, Hualong One successfully passed nuclear assessment tests, Weibo Netizens moved by stories of PLA soldiers’ heroism and sacrifice, while China has established itself as a major player in nuclear energy with its strategic advantages and technological advancements, India is still in the process of expanding its nuclear capabilities.


China signed deal to build port in Cambodia, new export channel recently opened between China and South Africa, Chinese Ministry of Eductaion launched a campaign related to safe practices in off-campus training, Premier Li Qiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council, Chinese FM Qin Gang attended the SCO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Goa, netizens celebrate the official end of the pandemic, with India handling the presidency of both the G20 and the SCO simultaneously, it is a golden opportunity for the country to enhance its soft power and emerge as a leader of the Global South.


Investigative report named “Empire of Hacking” released, Xi Jinping expressed sincere wishes to Chinese youth, Pazhau Hong Kong-Macau Passenger Port officially opened, wild mountain fire broke out in Guizhou, China witnessed two consecutive earthquakes, 9 suspects arrested for animal trafficking in Heilongjiang, 16 Character Proverbs for youth trends in Weibo. along with political legislations, India needs to advance its technological capabilities to counter this evolving non-traditional issue of wildlife trafficking.


Complete reopening of China’s borders boosted its economic growth prospects, 2nd Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Music and Art Carnival began, domestic tourism in China experienced a significant recovery during May Day holiday, 5.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in Yunnan, two-way cargo traffic resumed at Zhangmu Port in Tibet, GAAS signed cooperation agreements with institutions in Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Malaysia, netizens speak up against the trend of avoiding carbs to lose weight, Indian approach to deal with the problem of water shortage in agriculture is more focused in bringing behavioral changes among farmers supplemented by domestic policy changes.


China made its first sale of personal data, Foreign Minister Qin Gang did an inspection tour in the China-Myanmar border area, Central Meteorological Observatory launched a four-level emergency response due to heavy rainfall, new plan for overhauling Hong Kong’s district councils unveiled, Qin Haying broke the Asian record for men’s 100m breaststroke at 2023 Chinese National Championships, internet buzzes about workers who remain steadfast at their posts during the holidays, the developmental trajectory of the market as well as the legislature on personal data in China is worth noting for the Indian state, as a competitor, for both structural and softer notions of policy.


China’s Mars rover discovered evidence of liquid water, tourism industry experienced a boom during May Day holiday, fire at Sinochem chemical plant in Liaocheng, Shandong, private vehicles from Hong Kong will be allowed into the Guangdong, oil well drilling in Tarim Basin of Xinjiang began, undersea road tunnel opened in Dalian, Liaoning, two-way trade between China and Nepal resumed at Zham, Zibo receives large traffic as a popular destination for barbecue on May Day, closer cooperation in trade and investments, and increased diplomatic presence will help India deter any negative implications of Chinese influence on Nepal.


 first phase of the China-Europe freight train route was opened, the Shanghai Double Five Shopping Festival was launched, the Happy Hong Kong campaign took place, Chinese evacuation programme in Sudan was a success, slump in Chinese manufacturing in April, May Day and ‘Golden Week’ festivities trend on Weibo, Indian Union Government, in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and relevant state governments, can look into organising Shopping Week Festivals, in order to attract consumer expenditure.


China awarded 1,035 workers with National May 1 Labor Medals, China Telecom built a digital service platform for rural revitalization, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu met with his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh in New Delhi, Shanghai International Airport Co. Ltd. released its 2022 annual report, Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee analyzed the current economic situation in China, anime movie becomes box office success, trends on Weibo, India and China have different approaches to improve access and quality of their early childhood education systems. 


Sixth Digital Construction Summit began in Fujian, strategic cooperation agreement signed between Tianjin government and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, China to launch up to three satellites revealed at 13th China Satellite Navigation conference, The Argentine Economy Minister agreed to use the RMB to pay for the Chinese imported goods, an earthquake with 3.5 magnitude hit Sichuan province, Chinese warships departed for China-Singapore Exercise Maritime Cooperation, two Chinese naval vessels sent to evacuate Chinese personnel from Sudan,  May 1 Travel Practical Tips trends on Weibo, the efficacy of the cyber security infrastructure of India is diffused due to it being overseen by multiple ministries. India should introduce a separate framework, and develop the latest security infrastructures to eliminate digital backwardness.


Zhao Leji made remarks during the second session of the 14th NPC Standing Committee, President Xi Jinping decided to send a Chinese special envoy to Ukraine, National Space Science Centre director delivered a speech at the International Deep Space Exploration Conference, 20th China-ASEAN Expo and the China Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Export Fair was held in Laos, Alliance for Cultural Heritage in Asia (ACHA) was established, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning talks about the return of Ya Ya to China, when it comes to its space program, India should aim to move beyond the traditional goals and develop critical infrastructure for advancing its strategic interests.


President Xi Jinping met with 70 new foreign ambassadors to China, Changshu City to start paying salaries of civil servants in digital RMB, Vice Premier, Ding Xuexiang, gave a speech at the opening ceremony of the 4th UN World Data Forum, Chinese lawmakers began reading of draft law on ecological conservation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China celebrated Space Day, China’s new unified real estate registration system announced; trends on Weibo, Indian government must take cues from other countries and introduce policies that can benefit farmers, given that agriculture is a vital aspect of Indian society.


In China, 7,98,000 invention patents were issued in 2022, China Securities Regulatory Commission approved 34 corporate bond projects, Chinese embassy in Sudan asked Chinese citizens if they wish to stay or return to China, Standing Committee of the 14th NPC began its second session, China released panoramic images of Mars, “Does working on holidays affect work efficiency?” Weibo netizens react to the poll by China Newsweek, despite the challenges, India’s innovation ecosystem has been making progress. The government has strengthened its IPR regime by modernizing the IP office; reducing legal compliances; facilitating IP filing for start-ups; and curbing illegal patents to encourage genuine entrepreneurs to come forward to file more patents.


South Asia Commercial and Logistics Center Project Agreement signed, amendment of China’s anti-espionage law on the agenda, first wind turbine installed in the Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang, China Internet Media Forum took place at Nanjing, Interim Regulations for ‘Overseas Higher Education Institutions to Run Schools’ issued, Tanzania received its first batch of Chinese tourists post COVID-19, Earth Day trends on Weibo, the main prerogative for India in Sri Lanka is to wean away Colombo from the Chinese sway through favourable economic investments and developmental aid.


Chinese academics have published the forgotten medical classics that they believe were authored by Bian Que, recent report from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs predicts a steady expansion in China’s grain production this year,  Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chaired the first meeting of the 20th Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, Foreign investment in China has continued to grow and maintain its attractiveness to foreign investors, Jiading District in Shanghai launched its 2023 World Book Day. Chinese social media has been buzzing about Zibo barbecue, a type of meat skewers wrapped in a pancake that originated in the small industrial city of Zibo. Both China and India have been making efforts to promote their ancient medicine systems and thereby, strengthen the promotion of their respective civilizations. In the field of medicine, India has a rich tradition of Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. Along with that, other medicine texts such as the Charaka Samhita and the Sushruta Samhita, continue to be used today to treat an extensive range of illnesses.


Qin Gang will travel to the Philippines, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has released a plan to issue and revise Party regulations for 2023 to 2027, China’s Ministry of Education announces that it has approved 26 new disciplines, 10 provinces in China published economic data for the first quarter of 2023, harvest of wheat in North China led to government carrying out farmland management in the areas. Neitzens heartbroken over death of a female Panda under mysterious circumstances. The India government is investing heavily in rural electrification, rural infrastructure and increasing the irrigation network. Support in farming technology can go a long way to increase the quality of farming products and raise standards for the agriculture sector.



Fire accident at Beijing’s Changfeng Hospital, inspection of the bridge connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao completed, Implementation Plan for promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture announced, Gabon President Ali-Bongo visited China, irrigation reached nearly 50% of cultivable land in China, administrative punishment from the Hangzhou government, in order to overcome the challenges of Beijing’s influence over Gabon, India needs to extend its areas of cooperation from commercial and security to cultural and environmental aspects.



China’s GDP expanded by 4.5% in first quarter of 2023, China offered to facilitate the peace talks between Israel and Palestine, Chinese scientists propose Closeby Habitable Exoplanet Survey, Wang Wenbin responded to questions on the positions of the G7 countries on China’s nuclear arsenal, Zhao Leji held talks with Slovak National Council speaker Boris Kollar, the Hundred-Day Countdown for the Universiade trends on Weibo, Indian strategic experts believe that China may continue to build up its capability and that India should make a decision about its approach on whether to replicate China’s approach. For India, the best option is not to involve itself in the build-up spirals. 


Shanghai Auto Show to showcase over 100 new car models, National Supercomputing Internet Consortium recently launched at Tianjin, President Xi Jinping emphasised need to diversify China’s food production, central government Hong Kong affairs officials emphasised strengthening national security, Chinese man creates AI version of deceased grandmother for comfort, China identified the ocean to be the most viable option to maintain and uphold food security. Thus, there is a need to diversify and build up aquaculture at par with agriculture.


The control of small Earth observation satellite handed over to an AI machine for 24 hours, China publishes three books on national security to raise public awareness, A forest fire rages for five days in Yunnan Province, archaeologists start a new excavation at the Sanxingcun site in Jiangsu Province, Global luxury carmakers set their eyes on China’s booming energy vehicle market, , China successfully launches a new meteorological satellite. ‘Big Data Blue Book’ on health of Chinese citizens released. The India geospatial market, is estimated to be worth 28 thousand crores rupees in 2022. It has a large community of creators, users, and providers of geospatial data from a variety of industries, including agriculture, urban planning, disaster management, and defense and security. India also needs to encourage cooperation and innovation across a variety of stakeholders, including the commercial sector, academia, civil society, and government organizations. 


State Councillor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang attended the fourth meeting of the foreign ministers of the nations that border Afghanistan, China Marine Economic Statistical Bulletin released by the Ministry of Natural Resources, The 133rd China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, is set to open with a grand ceremony, China’s new defense minister Li Shangfu will visit Russia for four days, China has expressed “grave concerns” and lodged protests against Japan’s plan to impose export controls. News of man getting injured by a kite line caught the Netizens attention. India’s stakes in Afghanistan have increased, and its significance in regional affairs has grown as well. This presents an opportune moment for India to shift from a passive stance on Afghanistan to proactive regional diplomacy.


Director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office (HKMAO) of the State Council, kicks off his fact-finding mission to Hong Kong , The State Council and the Central Military Commission have released new rules for the recruitment of soldiers in wartime, The ‘Key Points of Digital Rural Development in 2023’ issued jointly by five departments, important breakthrough was achieved at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Minister of Commerce, meets his Serbian counterpart and signs a MoU to start negotiations on a FTA. Controversy surrounding star actor’s participation in a youth show sparks debate online. In light of the rising geopolitical tensions in the Taiwan Strait and on the Sino-Indian border, Beijing is looking to streamline its military by focusing on recruiting veterans with valuable experience. India has also tried to streamline the military by introducing various programs such as the Agnipath scheme.


PLA continues combat training of its air and naval forces near Taiwan, China’s first west to east long-distance pure hydrogen pipeline project was launched, IMF: China’s GDP will grow by 5.2% in 2023, Xi Jinping conducted an inspection of the Navy of the Southern Theater Command, young children’s actions gain popularity in Mainland China, while China is investing in building a 400-km long pure hydrogen transportation pipeline, India’s strategy revolves around repurposing existing natural gas pipelines, taking advantage of its low-cost renewable energy generation to prioritize domestic production of green hydrogen. 


National Health Commission of China unveiled a new plan for COVID-19 vaccination, China upgraded its first independently developed and constructed ultra-deepwater gas field, passengers can buy train tickets to travel between China and Laos, China Cybersecurity Industry Alliance report highlighted US’ “malicious behaviour”, “New Reading of Chinese Culture” series was published, He Lifeng called for more MNCs to invest in the Chinese market, news of two men, detained for issuing a small card, trends on Chinese social media, with China widening its faultlinesfault lines with the West, India is presenting itself as a new destination for multinational companies and foreign businesses.


China’s railway investment in the first quarter of 2023 highest since 2013, two human rights activists in China sentenced to 10+ years, Chinese Foreign Ministry praised French President Macron’s state visit to China, Tesla announced the construction of its first energy-storage mega factory in Shanghai, Wang Huning met with Liu Zhaoxuan, video of grieving monkey touches hearts on social media, with Macron’s recent visit, tensions between France and China seem to be easing out which can redivert investments to China, making it difficult for India to expand economic ties with France.


China objected nuclear submarine cooperation of the US, UK and Australia, PLA’s Eastern Command conducted a series of joint military exercises, 2023 Qingdao Digital Culture Application Development Expo begun, maiden Chu culture festival was inaugurated in Hubei, 16,000+ Chinese online literary works found on global market, China International Consumer Goods Expo to be held in Haikou, Hainan trends on Chinese social media, India needs to be cautious about any response to Chinese aggression in Taiwan as India’s response can prompt China’s escalation of tension on LAC. India needs to do a balancing act of helping Taiwan’s allies without attracting strong reactions from China at the borders.


China ranks second in the world in terms of its scale of the digital economy, Taiwan Affairs office issues notice punishing institutions supporting ‘Taiwanese Independence’,  Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal on the Yellow River opened again, Taiwan Affairs office announces sanctions against Xiao Meiquin, Saudi Tourism Authority CEO encourages Chinese tourists to visit Saudi Arabia, First Instance Verdict on Eight Children Case in Feng County Creates Ripples on Chinese Social Media Platform, India should continue with its relative gains from China in terms of raw materials as they are necessary for its economy.


The French & European Commission Presidents met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Beijing, Shanghai puts into place 20 policies promoting foreign investment, Chinese researchers investigate causal relationship between microbes and longevity, official figures revealed a surge in Hong Kong civil servants’ resignations, Hainan reveals independent customs plan; becomes viral on Weibo, India can advance its relationship with France by participating in the 2+2 Defense Dialogues that India holds with QUAD members


China prepared to collaborate with Indonesia to strengthen and deepen strategic coordination, China plans to grant city status to two Tibetan towns along border with India, China’s hyperspectral satellite for Earth observation entered service, Shanghai government unveiled 28 projects related to culture and tourism, Xi Jinping participated in a voluntary tree-planting event in Beijing, screenshots of China Electronics Technology (CETC) Chengdu employees yelling at their leaders went viral on the Internet, Jakarta could potentially play a stabilising role in the Indo-Pacific region with a path-breaking partnership with its maritime neighbour in New Delhi


Chinese Ambassador to France called on Paris to remove obstacles to Chinese investment, northern China is experiencing an upsurge in renewable energy development, President Xi Jinping urged implementation of Party education, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council and Russian Prime Minister Mishustin had a phone call, ADB report states that India and China will lead Asian economic growth, Wang Yi urged the Philippines to “appropriately manage differences” over the South China Sea, video of Chinese mother teaching her twins about values goes viral, to effectively deal with China’s increasing assertiveness in the South China Sea, India and the Philippines must enhance their maritime cooperation.


45th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship discussed, China’s Australian coal imports unlikely to return to pre-conflict levels, successful launch of the Silk Road Economic Belt marked by departure of Central Asia train, Bright Sword 2023 Yellow River Fishing Ban Special Law Enforcement Campaign organised in several provinces, Chinese netizens have mixed reaction over national basketball player Li Meng’s alleged affair, by investing in renewable energy infrastructure and technology, India can reduce its dependence on imported coal and other fossil fuels, lower its carbon footprint, and become a leader in the global renewable energy market.


Li Shangfu met with Bangladeshi Chief of Naval Staff Admiral in Beijing, China launched Tianlong-2 (Sky dragon) liquid carrier rocket, Taiwanese and Guatemalan Presidents visited a Mayan civilization citadel, China’s Ezhou Huahu airport opened an international cargo route to Belgium’s Liege airport, China and Singapore have established an “All-Round High-Quality Future-Oriented Partnership”, netizens discuss the government’s efforts to boost birth rates, India needs to up the ante with Bangladesh, invest in the relationship, in trade and especially in military cooperation to maintain strong relations with its eastern neighbour.


China’s manufacturing sector expanded for a third consecutive month, Chinese military opposes the US and UK justifying military spending due to ‘China threat’, Chinese renminbi is rapidly expanding its global use, the EU is looking into ways to “de-risk” its trade relations with Beijing, Shucha in Anhui promoted rural revitalization by fostering the growth of its tea industry, crowding climbers’ behaviour on a mountain outcrop cause climbing enthusiasts and locals to fear the rocky horror, fostering innovation by supporting R&D in the manufacturing sector, as well as promoting the adoption of new technologies and processes, could help India become a manufacturing hub. 


China Manned Space Agency announced an open call for space breeding experimental projects, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in New York amid tensions between Washington and Beijing, PLAN started selecting graduates for its teen aviator program, China strongly opposes the UK’s ban on the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok, Ipsos Global Happiness Survey creates waves among the Chinese netizens, investing in more remote-sensing satellites for agricultural monitoring is a wise decision for India, as it can help in increasing agricultural productivity, reducing wastage of resources, and improving disaster management capabilities.


China has signed more than 200 BRI cooperation agreements with 151 countries, Hainan recently took various policy measures to support the private sector, notice issued about border tourism pilot zones and cross-border tourism cooperation zones, from 2013 to 2022, China’s PM 2.5 concentration has fallen by 57%, Putuo district selected as demonstration zone for science and technology service industry, Xi Jinping had a telephone conversation with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Moutai in the Bottle-Chinese social media goes crazy over price of China’s ‘Liquid Gold’, staying out of BRI is in India’s strategic national interests but the politico-diplomatic clout that China has been creating with its infrastructure projects has been putting pressure on India’s foreign policy establishment to respond to China


International Conference on “Chinese Path to Modernisation” held in Beijing, Qin Gang and Wang Yi met with the Secretary-General of ASEAN, the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2023 began, China’s State Council Information Office released a report on the human rights violations in the US, China launched AI for Science to promote AI use in research, China released a list of major archaeological findings of 2022, the Qinglang Regulations trend again as the State Cyberspace Administration holds a press conference, India must make efforts to speed up the agreements with ASEAN nations to address issues in trade imbalance, investments, FTAs, and visas, to name a few.


China’s first deep-water floating wind power platform departed for installation in Hainan, China Development Bank to launch a special loan programme, former mayor of Chongqing stated that China should create high-value industrial clusters, Fujian to initiate employment and entrepreneurship programs, All-China Federation of Trade Unions released data on status of national workforce, Mao’s interaction with a Tibetan Buddhist master trends online decades later, India’s renewable energy bid must prioritise expanding and developing its offshore wind energy infrastructure in order to utilise its unique geographical area as well as cater to its enormous population size.


China and Australia held their first formal defence talks in four years, China and Honduras have signed a joint communique establishing diplomatic relations, Chen Wenqin emphasised adherence to Xi Jinping Thought, PetroChina Daqing Oilfield announced that it accounts for 36% of China’s onshore crude oil production, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter to the 2023 China Development Forum annual meeting, National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, discussions on the restriction of minors in E-Sports hotels spark debate online, there is no need for India to be concerned as Australia’s decision to resume talks with China is not an indication of a shift towards China.


China presented its national report on nuclear safety in Vienna, Chinese representative urged the UNSC to address the negative effects of sanctions imposed on North Korea, PMI data for China’s manufacturing sector came in at 52.6 in February, China’s Minister of Water Resources made four important recommendations, Senior CPC official Li Shulei met with a Spanish delegation led by Jose Luis Centella, Chinese netizens criticize the US in its actions against TikTok,  joining the NSG will give India better access to low-cost, clean nuclear energy and also help India propose trading plutonium for its thorium programme. 


PLA expelled a U.S. destroyer from territorial waters off the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, China and the Philippines began two days of talks to assess their relationship, China and Russia expressed “serious concerns” about US nuclear weapons and bio-military activities, and Baidu’s Apollo received permits in Beijing to operate driverless taxis, UNDP representative Beate Trankmann claimed that China’s actions have opened an important window for South-South cooperation, in China, baby panda chewing on a mask causes a debate on social media,while China has taken a more aggressive stance towards AV adoption, India is still in the early stages of development. Both countries face unique challenges and opportunities in their respective paths towards self-driving technology.


Steel rails made in China left for Europe to be used for Hungarian-Serbian railway construction projects, China’s installed renewable energy capacity grew significantly in the first two months of 2023, Beijing and Xian have begun to offer cash subsidies on EVs, China released preferential tax policies for chip companies in 2023, China introduced policies to improve soybean production, discussion on the safety of Chinese tourists in other countries takes place on social media, India wants to grow its strategic partnerships in the semiconductor industry, and attract chip manufacturing and production in the country.


China’s expenditure on basic research surpassed 195.1 billion yuan in 2022, China imported US$41.9 million worth of coking and thermal coal from Australia, Guangdong released first batch of policy “combined punch” to prioritize high-quality development, China’s National Supervisory Commission launched “Sky Net” – a comprehensive anti-corruption operation, Wang Wenbin: US attempted to dissuade Honduras from formally establishing diplomatic relations with China, gender discrimination against female workers caused heated discussion on social media, the private sector and state governments need to contribute more to India’s overall R&D spending, particularly in the area of application-oriented research and technology development.


President Xi Jinping called for “severe punishment” to those responsible for attacking the Central African Republic’s gold mine that killed nine Chinese nationals, Xi Jinping departed on a special plane to pay a state visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese and Cambodian militaries conducted joint maritime drills as part of the China-Cambodia “Golden Dragon-2023” joint exercise, Chinese Ambassador to Moscow stated that economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia continues to progress despite challenges, first plenary meeting of the new State Council in China was held on Friday, hashtag “Xi Jinping Published Signed Article in Russian Media” trends on social media, balanced approach to the crisis between Russia-Ukraine is essential for India to safeguard its strategic as well as defence interests, without jeopardising its relations with the West at the same time.


China and Central and Eastern European countries jointly built a key project of the “Belt and Road”, chief economist of the research department of China Merchants Fund says that the real estate market in 2023 must be an upward process, Zhang Feng the founder of Huitian New Materials taken into criminal detention, PetroChina announces that China’s first land-based liquefied natural gas membrane tank supplied 40 million cubic metres of natural gas. Netflix’s The Glory Part 2 runs viral in China. The Central and Eastern European (CCE) countries maintain cordial relations with India and are more likely to be viewed as a prospective geopolitical partner by CEE nations due to its growing engagements in the region.


Tan Kefei urged the US to immediately stop disparaging the Chinese military, Xi Jinping stated that agriculture is a “national security issue”, China intends to construct a new space facility in the Middle East, Huai’an City completed the pilot project of opening park green spaces in all counties and districts, Chinese researchers have created a vacuum storage cabinet to keep quantum chips fresh, China will step up efforts to encourage high-quality development in border and cross-border economic cooperation zones, Chinese boy embraces his baby sister in an emotional reunion after a three weeks of separation, India should implement food security as a crucial policy priority and undertake sustainable agricultural practices, universalise PDS and allocate more funds in technology, research and development.


Chinese coast guard vessels expelled some Japanese vessels that had entered the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands, China continued to reduce its holdings of US Treasuries amid rising long-term interest rates, Wang Wenbin remarked that the ‘Summit for Democracy’ is fundamentally anti-democratic, State Council Information Office of China issued a white paper titled “China’s Law-Based Cyberspace Governance in the New Era”, “15 Green Channel for Consumer Dispute Settlement” was formally launched by the Beijing Consumers Association, video of Chinese woman refuses to return US$30 found on the street to girl goes viral, by holding US treasury bonds, India will gain certain comparative advantages. Furthermore, India can use its trade surplus with the US to purchase these treasury bonds and eventually replace China. 


Honduras President requested formal establishment of diplomatic ties with China, Hong Kong ministers Christopher Hui Ching-Yu and Algernon Yau Ying-wah will visit Britain and the US in the next two months, third China Cross-border E-commerce Fair will be held in Fuzhou from March 18th, Ministry of Public Security announced eight cases of personal information infringement crimes, in China from January to February 2023, economic indicators have rebounded for the better, locals’ mixed opinions on Everything Everywhere All At Once’s big win at the Oscars, a favorable condition could be created that would prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan through cooperation between India and the US along with Japan, Taiwan, and other nations.


Trade volume between China and ASEAN countries increased by 9.6% year on year in 2023, foreigners with valid visas issued before March 28, 2020, will be permitted to enter China, China to focus on smaller, less risky, and more profitable trade-related infrastructure projects overseas, oil workers in Taklamakan set a record for Asia’s deepest drilling to a depth of 9,396 metres, Premier Li Qiang: China will embrace a talent dividend to boost economic development, mother in China creates a massive playhouse and toys for her daughters out of recycled cardboard, Indian diplomatic efforts toward ASEAN countries are especially important at a time when the two sides are commemorating the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-India Dialogue Relations. 


CPC will hold a dialogue with political parties from around the world on Wednesday, first session of China’s 14th NPC concluded with a closing meeting on Monday, China successfully mediated a breakthrough agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Jiang Yanyong, the military surgeon who blew the whistle on the SARS outbreak cover-up in 2003, died in Beijing at the age of 91, China Consumers Association has issued an initiative to stop food waste in the catering industry, Ant Consumer Finance increased its registered capital to RMB 18.5bn after regulatory approval was granted, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council attended a press conference after the closing of the first session of the 14th NPC, young girl saves to buy mother a ring, warms hearts of many, Saudi Arabia and Iran brokering a deal under Beijing’s influence has been a little unsettling for India, given the turbulent India-China relations. While India has not been entirely absent from the region, it needs to rework its relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran.


China will prioritise research and development of deep-sea mining techniques and equipment, China plans to make significant investments in nuclear power in 2023, China remained the world’s largest logistics market for the seventh consecutive year in 2022, “12 China Land Greening Status Communiqué” claims that China’s scientific greening is still progressing, ‘Money takes precedence over love’, Hong Kong primary student finds it difficult to handle school stress, the Indian government recently approved a “Deep Ocean Mission” to explore the ocean for resources and develop deep-sea technologies for sustainable use of ocean resources


Xi Jinping was unanimously re-elected as President of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission at the ongoing session of the 14th National People’s Congress, China spent roughly USD 2 per dose on its main Covid-19 vaccines and 150 billion yuan, Madagascar‘s Ministry of Public Health has praised China for its continuous efforts in strengthening its health system, The first meeting of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference was held via video conference, A video of a three-year-old Chinese girl helping out at her parents’ convenience store has gone viral on mainland social media, The China-Thailand Electric Power Silk Road College and China-Thailand New Energy Power Workshop opened at the Guangxi Electrical Polytechnic Institute in Nanning. To boost economic growth, the Indian government must attract global companies to invest in India by implementing reforms and improving facilities.


Tencent’s digital collection platform Huanhe APP, said that it will go down on June 30th, King Felipe VI of Spain and President Xi Jinping of China exchanged congratulations on 50th year mark of diplomatic ties, Chinese FM: China’s stance on the location of the new coronavirus’s origin remains constant, LeeCheuk-yan’s wife apprehended by Hong Kong’s national security officers, Communist Party of Spain President stated that China has consistently worked to build a democracy, cross-strait direct flights should resume since they facilitate cross-strait personnel interactions, said Taiwan Relations Office spokesperson, father removes son from his will, receives support online, the Spanish eagerness for Chinese investments, however, has died down. India may benefit from this situation by improving collaboration in major priority fields of trade and investment, military and intelligence, climate change, renewable energy, and research and technology.


 China criticised Germany’s recent move to review Huawei and ZTE components used in its 5G networks, China’s top radar expert, Wang Xiaomo died of an illness,  Nanshan One-meter Wide-field Telescope discovered a new near-Earth asteroid designated 2023 DB2, Chinese archaeologists have discovered a relics site from the late Xia Dynasty in Shanxi, China will assist Vanuatu’s relief and reconstruction efforts after back-to-back cyclones, #From Now to the Future# trends on Weibo, the Chinese government has expressed concern over Indian ban of Chinese apps and telecom equipment and has called on India to create a fair and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese companies. However, India has defended the ban as a necessary step to protect its national security interests.


Cross-border e-commerce emerged as  fresh impetus for China’s overseas trade, Premier Li Keqiang of China leaves office, President Xi Jinping reaffirmed China’s support for the private sector, Jiangsu aims to increase investment in agriculture and rural areas over three years, China announced that it will create a super regulatory agency to monitor China’s banking and insurance assets as well as financial holding firms, a primary school teacher in China who sent encouraging handwritten messages to her pupils has become popular in Chinese social media, although Indian government-backed programmes encourage Indian sellers to reduce reliance on imports, increase domestic manufacturing and has significantly boosted Indian production and cross-border trade, localization requirements present marketing difficulties.


Chinese researcher, Min Qingwen, dedicated to preserving agricultural cultural heritage, Shaanxi Coal Industries reported an operational income increase of 11.10% in 2022, John Lee Ka-chiu claimed senior Beijing official warned him of destructive forces in Hong Kong, Tan Kefei reported that 281 members of the PLA and the Armed Police Force were present for the 14th NPC’ opening session, Foreign Ministry spokesperson stated that Taiwan is a part of China, Xi Jinping visited members of the Democratic National Construction Association and the Federation of Industry and Commerce, argument between flight crew and passenger trends on Weibo, reasonable for India to be worried about escalating tensions in maritime Asia and the Indo-Pacific as well as the Taiwan Strait, given the increasing stakes in its relationship with Taiwan and the stability of the region.


The legislative planning work of the 14th National People’s Congress begins with the collection of legislative items from all sectors, China proposes defence budget of 1.55 trillion yuan for the year 2023, Chinese scientists at the Wuhan Botanical Garden discover a molecular mechanism that enhance the cold resistance of kiwifruit, Chinese researchers have successfully assembled the genome of Antarctic krill, central government of China declares that it would boost expenditure on science and technology, A discussion on which exam is more difficult sparks debate, Why young people don’t choose longer vacations trends on social media. India has been consistently increasing its defense budget over the years. Its average annual growth rate has been around 7.8% while China’s average annual growth rate was around 8.6% during the same period. This huge difference in the quantity and quality of budget allocation in defence must be systemically dealt with by focusing  more on technologies that counter the existing Chinese weapons.


National Engineering Laboratory of Big Data Circulation & Trading Technology and Shanghai Data Exchange launch construction of Data Transaction Chain, Domestic tourism industry has bounced back, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson says the US should reflect on its nuclear policy, The 60th “Learn from Lei Feng Memorial Day celebrated,  A new generation Hybrid Train launched in Baoding, Hebei province, China and Myanmar sign agreement for wind power project. China overtakes the United States of America in key technologies. India and Myanmar are strategically placed neighbors who share a 1600 km long land border and share the maritime border in Bay of Bengal. However, India  will need other regional players like Japan and Australia in encouraging regional development in its neighbourhood.


Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang urged the Group of 20 (G20) members to work more closely together to strengthen multilateralism and advance international development, “Healthy Beijing” WeChat official account publish document stating that to protect the public’s health the city rationally allots medical resources, Vu Van Sang received a telegram from President Xi Jinping on March 2 congratulating him on taking office as the leader of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,  member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference’s National Committee and the director of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, says that the pairing of ability and position, rather than the arts and sciences, is what accounts for the difference in career, Qin Gang and Lavrov meet in New Delhi . Son’s autism brings back estranged parents together. India, through its G20 presidency has a chance to advance its position as a global leader across a range of engagement platforms by laying out the concept of collaboration among the Global South.


The second plenary session of the 20th CPC Central Committee held, China expresses dissatisfaction with the United States’ move to compel all agencies to remove TikTok, Chinese economy sees upward trends, China has provides Pakistan with $700 million loan, Weibo’s 4th quarter and 2022 annual reports revenue drop of 20%, PLA hints at development new carrier-borne combat aircraft. A man from Henan province turns to social media for help for cure, Chinese pet owner Zhang’s search for her missing cat. China accounts for almost 30% of Pakistan’s foreign debt, its continued support strengthens its foothold in India’s western neighbour and may prove detrimental to India’s interests.


Chinese netizens have been widely discussing the death of Hu Xinyu, Chinese tax collection process has completed digitalization in across the country and now all tax declarations are processed online, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning dismisses the UK Defence committee’s remark of including India and Japan in AUKUS, call it ‘Cold War Mentality’ Xi Jinping emphasises on accelerating construction of new development patterns and enhancing the security of development, a combined brigade of the Tibet Military Command conducts reconnaissance exercise in the Himalayas, Wuhan to surpass Hangzhou to be in the list of China’s top ten GDP cities, Chinese New Year has boosts confidence in the cultural tourism sector, France and India share a deep and reliable defence partnership and it also has a technical know-how to build sophisticated nuclear submarines. India needs to find a way without being seen as a disruptor in the Indo-Pacific region and at the same time, arm itself with advanced military capabilities. 


Experts comment on connection between young people’s low salaries and their work skills, Family discusses Grandfather’s funeral options in his presence, the Secretary-General of NATO frequently brings up China during his visits to South Korea and Japan, China’s foreign trade has successfully overcome various risks in 2022 and attained stability and improvement claims Director of the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Commerce, The Hu Xinyu incident has garnered attention,  a total of 18 new wetlands, added to China’s list of wetlands of international importance, Hong Kong Disneyland conducted an extraordinary employment fair, 2 indigenous large amphibious aircrafts transferred to Shaanxi province, India’s participation in political discussions with NATO over the past year provides insight into New Delhi’s evolving geopolitical calculations. By entering into a political dialogue with NATO, New Delhi would have the chance to reorient NATO’s perception of Indo-Pacific regional conditions vis-à-vis Indian interests.


Discussion sprouted on Chinese social media regarding blockbuster movie Wandering Earth II, data released by the Ministry reports a decline in the total revenue, analysts interpreted the recent spy balloon conspiracy allegations made by the United States as a new diplomatic low, Tunisian President expressed willingness to bolster relationship with China,  The eighth Plenary meeting of the State Council held in Beijing,  China to release the official movie on the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 directed by Lu Chuan. China and India both have been extensively focusing to further their engagements in the North African region, primarily also due to its vital geographical location which places it in the crossroads of three important regions- Africa, Mediterranean and West Asia. India’s focus apart from its own neighbourhood, should also focus on its key partner in North Africa with who it shares decades long partnerships.


corporate loans issued in 2022 were given to private enterprises with emphasis on SMEs, China issued statement regarding the USA’s use of force against Chinese “spy balloon” as an “overreaction”, Lantern Festival celebrated on Sunday in China, Chinese video platform Renren Video sued by major international media companies, CCDI announced punishments for three CCP senior cadres: Hongjun Hao, Pengfei Yi and Xiaoping Jiao, 3.2 magnitude earthquake hit Sanshui district of Foshan City in Guangdong province, Chinese TikTok Douyin launches grocery delivery services, China’s attempts at enhancing soft power, if successful, may be worrying for India. Safeguarding Indian interests may use a two-pronged approach: positive reciprocation of soft power and strengthening of hard power. 


China in talks with Australia to renegotiate trade exchanges, China’s large-capacity offshore wind project begins, China’s infrastructural development set to see significant boost, China extended emergency assistance to Turkey & Syria, Cambodian PM plans for official visit to China, China remained a top destination for global FDI in Asia, widespread debate on ChatGPT’s potential and its consequences trends on social media, during the COVID19 MNCs shifted supply chains away from China yet India was unable to attract the firms. India has potential to reverse the trend by adopting reforms. It should develop infrastructure  in coastal areas to attract  FDIs that enhance economy.


China set to focus on faster production in sea areas & increase exploration efforts, China eager to cooperate with Australia to fully implement the agreement reached by them at the Bali summit, snowfall-related accidents involving five rear-end collisions happened in the Shuiqin Expressway, Shenzhou 15 astronauts soon to decide on a chance to carry out their first out-of-vehicle activity, ChatGPT-like dialogue robot by the Alibaba DAMO Academy currently available for testing, angry parents stage protest outside a hotel in Jiangsu, the thawing of relations between Australia-China makes it tough for India to stand out as a significant trading partner of Australia. Nevertheless, the trade between India and Australia has increased dramatically in recent years and India is a crucial component of the Australia’s diversification strategy.


China launched AI Project to combat space debris, recent visit of the Cambodian PM to China, US phone conference invitation between US-China defense ministers rejected by China, World Digital Education Conference to be held in Beijing, revised version of “60 Measures to Benefit Taiwan Compatriots in Guangzhou” released, retirees protest against the government, debate on impact of commute time, a deepened relationship with Cambodia would also aid India to place itself at a better position to navigate its path vis-à-vis China as well as place India as a vital strategic partner in the Indo-Pacific region.


Seminar of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, 18-set supply of metro trains was delivered to the Portuguese Porto Metro company, passing of Xiang Xuan in Chengdu reported, third China Population and Development Forum held in Beijing, DPP official barred a Chinese mainland delegation from travelling to Taiwan to pay respects to Master Hsing Yun, Alibaba Group sold Indian e-payments startup Paytm, 2.8-magnitude earthquake occurred near the Fangshan District of Beijing, local authorities prepared to fire down UFO spotted over the Bohai Sea, Chinese rescue team conducting search and rescue efforts in Turkey, smuggled Tibetan tripes confiscated at Chinese border, India’s decision to send assistance to Turkey, putting aside political concerns, similar to Turkey’s decision to give aid to India during the COVID-19 pandemic, does help better the two countries’ ties.


Chinese central authorities released the first policy statement of 2023, gene pool of silkworm resources recognised as national gene pool in China, Wu Yibing became the first mainland Chinese player to win an ATP Tour title, former Shanghai Chief Procurator Zhang Bencai accused of taking bribes, Portugal became first EU country to purchase made-in-China metro trains, new species of Begonia found in Yunnan Province, survey on why rural elderly unwilling are to go to cities sparks discussion online, India should implement measures such as promoting private sector involvement in the mass transit industry through PLI + collaborate with other countries to develop green technology which will help Indian products become more competitive in international markets.


Chinese coast guard ships used military-grade lasers against the Philippines, press conference on rural revitalisation took place, CMC issued notice to carry out Military Administrative Litigation Work, China Compound Eye project entered second phase of construction, Chinese farmers above the poverty bracket had better disposable income in 2022, “China counterattacks after the US cracked down on Huawei” post goes viral, to counter China’s presence in the Indo-Pacific and ensure there are no chokeholds in its own trade, India is strengthening its relations with some of the ASEAN countries and increasing its military engagement in the region.


Party Committee of the Chinese Football Association convened a meeting, Luo Chongmin, a retired cadre under investigation for serious violations, short-term visas for South Korean citizens will begin being issued by China, report detailing revenue rankings of Chinese mobile game items in international marketplaces published, assessment of complaints accepted by National Consumers Association in 2022 published, D956 train of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd. converted into a travelling “expert clinic.”, ailing single mother struggles to support her family, by creating more welcoming foreign investment policies to draw manufacturing companies, India should leverage its geographic proximity to South Korea and profit from its NSP.


Iran’s president, Ebrahim Raisi visits China and states that Iran supports the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and is prepared to cooperate with China to uphold international harmony and promote prosperity, Drugstores across China are being encouraged to integrate into the reimbursement system for patient services under the medical insurance schemes, President Xi Jinping congratulated the “China + Five Central Asian Countries”, Chinese provincial governments are hiring more civil servants, China sent additional aid to crises hit Syria. A Hong Kong woman who insults a server at a local restaurant trends on social media. India cant serve as a go-between for Iran and the West. Commerce, after all, is a crucial factor in the bilateral relationships between any two nations, and India can only maintain some leverage over Iran if it continues to trade with the country.


Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC), the country’s leading plane-maker, is expected to launch China’s AG600 amphibious aircraft, Wang Yi, Chairman of Central Foreign Affairs Commission visits Italy, A fire at a hotel in Suzhou on kills six people, The latest data released by China’s central bank showed that household deposits rose at a record high, Authorities in the Mongolia Autonomous Region recently unravelled a drug case, Hong Kong Legislative Council President Leung Kwan-yan and Chief Executive John Lee are planning to have officials and legislators visit the Greater Bay Area together, the civil aviation industry recovered significantly. A topic related to social security sparks debate on social media. China’s aviation industry is working towards developing amphibious aircrafts, which can be used in any situation. India  is also pushing for indigenous aircrafts for the Indian Navy and the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is manufacturing India’s first amphibious aircraft. Amphibious aircraft are important in conducting Search and Rescue and HADR, are ideal to use for rapid deployment and evacuation of forces. 


President Xi Jinping addresses a telegram to the 36th African Union Summit, Five financial institutions, including Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Standard Chartered Bank China Co., Ltd. subjected to administrative punishment decisions, official opening of the 2023 Zhongyuan Financial Forum takes place, The Xinjiang Guanghui Basketball Club responds to allegations  that the Team’s registration was unlawful, Wang Yi emphasizes that China and the EU are not rivals, China’s permanent representative to the UN, says that NATO should make good contribution to world peace and stability rather than causing difficulty, The second joint maritime exercise between the warships of China, Russia, and South Africa to take place. Husband douses wife with acid, Trapped white stork escapes after being rescued. India would tremendously benefit from improved access to Western finance, technology, and markets for goods, services, and labor. Transfers of defense technology in particular would significantly increase India’s ability to deter Chinese expansion.


A team of researchers develop a new “heat battery”, Chinese military engineers develop new strategy called “phantom space strike”, Archaeologists in Shaanxi Province, excavate the foundations of two palaces, former head of China Railway Corp., Sheng Guangzu, charged for accepting bribes, Three schools in Hangzhou, report new COVID-19 cases. #Domestic violence trends on Social Media, Why young people are getting unhealthy. India’s S-400 and China’s phantom space strike are in specific two very different types of military technologies. India’s S-400 purchase could potentially undermine China’s ability to launch missile strikes against India, while China’s phantom space strike could potentially make it easier for China to outmanoeuvre India’s strike capabilities.


NBA China and Ant Group announce they will begin a comprehensive strategic cooperation, Meituan Food Delivery begins hiring couriers in Hong Kong, The Inaugural Conference of the Information and Communication User Consultation Working Committee conducted by the Shanghai Communication Society, 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China to convene its second plenary meeting from February 26 to 28, The spokesperson for the foreign ministry, notes the United States is the main source of weaponry for the conflict in Ukraine, 4.8-magnitude earthquake struck Hualien County, Global Security Initiative Concept Paper” was published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police authorities begin cracking down on crimes committed in the cyberspace. Young boy paying debt trends on Weibo. The advent of the digital age has brought some great technological advancements especially in the developing world, Given India’s push for digital transformation during its G20 presidency, it would be prudent that the policies are implemented.


The Chinese Navy expands the scope of selection to integrate female carrier-based aircraft pilots, The Ministry of Public Security deploys public security organs to crack down on illegal crimes taking place as part of ‘Kunlun 2023 the world’s first 3,000-ton OMB multi-nozzle opposed pulverised coal pressurised gasifier manufactured in China, China accounts for 16 of the 20 world’s most vulnerable regions, large-scale collapse in an open-pit coal mine in Inner Mongolia, Putin’s Speech trends on social media. 9 out of 50 regions in India have been categorized as being vulnerable to climate change. India and China both as part of their collaborative effort should work towards formalizing initiatives with policies that mitigate against the risks of climate change.


China invests 195.1 billion yuan on basic research, chairman of the State Council’s SASAC says efficiency of centrally administered SOEs improves, Guangdong, contributed 200 billion yuan to support semiconductors, crackdown against ‘black broadcasting, Eastern Theater Command of the PLA Navy conducted five day sea combat drills in the East China Sea, The Chinese Foreign Minister and his Indonesian counterpart hold the fourth meeting. A debate on feminist views became viral in China. China’s research and development (R&D) expenditures hit 3.09 trillion yuan ($448 billion) in 2022, India spends very less on R&D, and its 0.7% expenditure-to-GDP ratio is extremely low when compared to other major nations and far lower than the global average of 1.8%. commercial institutions should work together to increase R&D expenditure in order to improve this situation.


China’s Information Economics Association jointly prepare Digital Economy research report, meeting of the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) held, Construction of the Tengchong Irrigation District Project begins, China Rural Development Volunteer Service Promotion Association (RDV SPA) and Three Gorges Group Public Welfare Foundation come together for Rural Revitalization, The Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held, China gets the world’s first GST membrane LNG storage tank. Homecoming of Cultural Treasure moves several Chinese netizens. Recent development of “GST membrane LNG storage tank’’ in China could prove to be a breakthrough in storing and supplying green fuel to urban settlements and industrial areas as well. This storage technology could prove to be a gamechanger not just only for India but also for the world.


China begins huge expansion of its coal-fired power capacity, China-Europe freight train begins, China’s All-China Federation of Trade Unions recently released its Ninth National Workforce Survey, More pharmacies will be incorporated under the new health insurance reforms, Qian Li, became the youngest official level cadre in China. Nitizen gains popularity for advertising the region’s unique scenery. China intends to connect its economic networks with Europe via land using the maritime Silk Road. INSTC is the ideal place to begin in order to establish India as a significant global player in the same domain.


‘Could not stop crying’; 10 years after leaving her holding deposit, Chinese woman receives a teddy bear, Chinese Ministry of Education released a work plan under which offline classes in schools would resume if there are no instances of new COVID-19 cases, Chinese pharmaceutical companies nationwide are operating at full capacity to guarantee the supply of essential medications for COVID-19 control, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in her New Year’s address on Sunday stated  that “waging war is never an option for solving a problem”, President Xi Jinping gave a New Year’s greeting for 2023 on New Year’s eve, National VIB standard motor fuel introduced across China on January 1, world’s first plant with a natural direct cooling system connected to the grid was built in Shaanxi Province, China, with countries throughout the world intending to shift their supply chains away from China because of COVID-19 concerns, India could replace Chinese imports with domestic production.


Montmorillonite powder topped Weibo’s trending search list, In search of jobs, young Chinese are heading to Africa, China’s box office revenue exceeded 30 billion yuan in 2022, China has seen about 52.7 million domestic tourist visits during the three-day New Year holiday, 18th China International Cultural Industries Fair in Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong Province ended on Monday, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released minimum pay standards for 31 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, Chinese Billiards Association announced that it would suspend all domestic billiards tournaments qualification for Zhao Xintong and Zhang Jiankang, the Chinese superhit film “The Battle at Lake Changjin II” earned six times the amount than India’s highest grosser “RRR” worldwide. India needs to rethink its soft power and public diplomacy strategy to build on the untapped potential that its diverse culture offers.


Chinese citizens react to major policy changes related to COVID-19 on social media, Central Committee of the CPC issued “Opinions on Strengthening Water and Soil Conservation in the New Era”, Chinese State Food and Drug Administration approved 13 new coronavirus infection symptomatic drugs, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang expressed an optimistic view about US-China relations, Chinese Armed Fores conducted drills in the Tibet Military Region, Scientist Wu Weiren said that it is possible to build a basic Lunar Research Station on the moon’s surface by 2028, China’s consumer market is continuing to recover and consumption rates have been witnessing growth, China is a long term threat to both the US and India which makes them come together but if the outstanding issues between the US and China get resolved and there are less issues left for the contention between these two concerned countries then perhaps the US may not accord much importance to issues concerning India. Thereby it can affect India’s bargaining power with respect to China.


Video of a man sitting on the toilet and cooking at the same time has gone viral in China, installation of the second unit of the Datangxia Water Conservancy Project in Guiping, Guangxi was completed, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said that China has taken note of the IAEA relevant report, Shanghai hospitals have decided to integrate the strength of the various departments and to guarantee the treatment of severe diseases, in 2023 Asian risk assets, notably Chinese ones, are expected to do well, offering an excellent opportunity to enter the market, Ministry of Public Security announced that by the end of November 2022, significant traffic accidents in the nation decreased by 17.6% year over year, In 2023, India’s imports are anticipated to reach $100 billion, and the trade gap with China will likely exceed $87 billion, which is more than the country’s defense budget. 


New Year Wishes and humour trend on Weibo, 4.5-day work week attracts netizens’ attention, donation appeal for paying legal compensation creates controversy, Sony’s Weibo account banned, nucleic acid testing  no longer  required for travel out of Hong Kong & Macau, Chinese National Medical Product Administration approved the first domestically developed extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) product for adult patients, People’s Bank of China conducted reverse repo operations worth 2 billion yuan in the Chinese market at an interest rate of 2%, Tianfu Cola urged consumers to consume rationally amid rumours of its bankruptcy, China Post released new stamps depicting the year of the rabbit, Shanghai Shenhua football team defeated the Cangzhou Lions in the quarterfinals of the Football Association Cup, China expressed strong objections about the Taiwan visits of eminent South Korean politicians, Philippines’ President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. concluded his three-day visit to China, instead of creating regulatory bottlenecks for investment, India should and has begun supporting innovation, particularly among the youth. However, some more steps are required: robust banking and finance sectors should be built to ensure enough funding for viable startups.


Chinese netizens mourn the loss of renowned composer Joseph Koo Ka-fai, “What kind of people are most likely to be cheated” trends on Weibo, major expansion of the Huludao shipyard on the Bohai sea, Turkmen President Serdar Berdimuhamedov made his first visit to China, Pfizer’s Paxlovid & Azvudine  now available for most at risk in Beijing and Shanghai, Apple expected to sign its first big order with Luxshare Precision to assemble iPhone models, residents of Hebei province complained on an online message board about irregular gas supply in rural areas, China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration plans to start the fourth national survey of cultural relics later this year, investment from both China and India can help to further open up Turkmenistan and provide new economic opportunities for people in the country as well as foreign investors. India-China presence will also benefit its security needs in countering terrorism, security and law enforcement.


Video of girl bullying homeless man shocks netizens, discussion over Paxvloid and insurance raises questions, Chinese Spring Festival travel season took off on Saturday, Chinese National Healthcare Security Administration approved medical insurance for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, China’s foreign exchange reserves had reached $3,217.69 billion at the end of December 2022, Chinese businessman Jack Ma diluted his stakes in the financial company Ant Group, Standing Committee of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress appointed Fang Guo and Xiaohong Zhang as Deputy Mayors of Shanghai, Researchers from the Institute of Plasma Studies at the Hefei Institute of Material Science successfully experimented with a new high-energy environment, making an advancement in nuclear fusion technology, China and Afghanistan signed a 25-year contract to allow China to carry out oil exploration in Northern Afghanistan, by developing partnerships over emerging technologies such as ITER, India can reduce possible strategic conflicts in the future and also strengthen bilateral relations with China to reduce the current tensions.


Philanthropy leaves less money to spend on life jackets for two Chinese citizens, review of the Party Central Committee stated that the CPC is more powerful and stronger in revolutionary forging, China launched its Shijian-23 satellite, state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is planning to optimise the operating index system of central enterprises, foreign investment has shown a rise in the Chinese market, 89% of China’s Henan province population is COVID-19 affected, five pillars of Political and Legal work were discussed in the Central Political and Legal Work Conference, given the steady increase in inbound foreign investment of China, it will not be easy for India to replace China as a preferred destination for FDI in the short period. Based on these things, India might need to present itself in a unique way where it can demonstrate that doing business with India will be a win-win situation for both parties.


Video of the bride crying on her wedding day went viral in Chinese social media, Chinese government celebrated the Chinese People’s Police Day, the Chinese subway traffic heat index currently stands at 87.2%, Chinese Meteorological Administration proposed concentrating on enhancing the capabilities of various systems, such as numerical forecasting, National Pipeline Network Group set a new record high on 10th January 2023 as China’s main natural gas pipeline network, Department of Finance and Economics reported that Apple has officially introduced the Chinese market to the smart home field, Apple is expected to manufacture more devices in India, help the tech giants of India to counter Chinese supply chains that are currently threatened by various factors such as COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


“Xinjiang Police List” ridiculed by Chinese netizens,  BMW rams through pedestrians on a busy street, China announced suspension of issuance of port visas & visa-free transit policy for the citizens of South Korea and Japan, Liu Yanping, a former senior party discipline inspector at the Ministry of State Security, handed a suspended death sentence, China’s first homegrown C919 large passenger aeroplane garnered over 1,035 orders from 32 customer, police in Yugan county, Jiangxi province reported that the suspect, Zhou, who killed 4 people has been arrested, deputy county magistrate of Heishui County, Qin Lingling, was fired, ex-official’s graft was aired in a documentary on CCTV, India needs to worry about the impact of human rights situation in Xinjiang on India’s bordering states like Jammu and Kashmir and take action to ensure that its ripple effects do not extend within India’s borders. 


Chinese grandparents create a “human swing” for their granddaughter, China appreciates the Papua New Guinea government’s decision of shutting down its commercial representative office in Taiwan, Pengpai Technology organised a number of pipelines of new crown antiviral medications being researched in China, Chinese internet and tech giants are intensifying their attempts to invest more in cloud computing and enterprise-oriented businesses, Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Angolan President Joao Lourenco on the 40th anniversary of the two nations’ diplomatic ties, although there is a greater scope for collaboration between India and China in the digital economy sector, the realisation of this collaboration will be largely based on how fast concerns like data security and predatory investments are resolved. 


US warships in China’s Eastern Theatre Command, three tombs believed to date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) have been discovered in Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba met with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, China launched its new telecommunication satellite into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center,  live-action television adaptation of Liu Cixin’s award-winning novel The Three-Body Problem set to premiere on January 15, China’s meteorological authority issued an orange alert for a cold wave on Friday, Indian maritime exercises like JIMEX, Maritime Partnership Exercise, IND-INDO CORPAT, and Malabar exercise aim to counter China’s rising maritime power and unite like-minded countries in light of potential Chinese maritime assertion in the Indo-Pacific.


Films and games light up the festive mood of Chinese netizens, billionaire’s son Sicong Wang gets into another scandal, Tencent Games limits children’s playing time; Goose Goose Duck trends on Weibo, Influencers criticise video streaming platforms for high fees, on Saturday, 42.26 million Chinese citizens travelled across the country as part of the Spring Festival travel rush, Chinese Health Minister Xiaowei Ma remotely held a discussion with the Director General of the WTO,  Chinese State Council introduced 15 measures to boost the growth of MSMEs, Chinese stock market was bullish at the end of the second week of 2023,  8 provinces elected new provincial-level Chairmen for the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China launched 14 new satellites into space using a single carrier rocket, China’s Qingchen Chen & Yifan Jia won the women’s doubles while Siwei Zheng & Yaqiong Huang won the mixed doubles titles at the Malaysia Open badminton tournament, cold wave continued as China’s meteorological authority issued a blue alert on Sunday, although China’s MSME policy is in the same vein as India’s, the latest rules in China talk about 3 distinct points which the Indian policy has so far ignored. India can replicate these measures, while both countries can improve their economies by empowering MSMEs.


Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit to the US, China launched Zhu Hai Yun, the world’s first autonomous seaborne drone carrier, Chinese companies won the UNIDO Global Call 2022 award in the categories of, first, agriculture and food, and second, green growth, smartest and most frost-resistant Fuxing bullet train type, the CR400BF-GZ, was put into service on Monday,  China authorised all-out search and rescue operations in the wake of a chemical factory explosion in Liaoning Province, Ministry of Water Resources reported that 88% of rural regions in China will have access to tap water by 2023, in contrast to the Japanese PM’s visit to the US, China’s response to the first joint air exercise between Japan and India outside of Tokyo was more diplomatic and calculated. With its eastern front already tense, this divergence in responses demonstrates China’s cautious approach toward India. 


People who completed their sentence in prison became “inspirational bloggers”, novice driver drove into a pond and a family of three drowned, China’s population in 2022 marks the first decline in 60 years, China’s second aircraft carrier, the CNS Shandong, recently carried out a combat training exercise in the South China Sea, China becomes the first country to pass the threshold of 3 million patents and registered 4.212 million valid patents, red notice fugitive, Wang Hanmin arrested in Chengdu, Sichuan after 26 years, actor & renowned practitioner of Seven Star Praying Mantis, Master Yu Hai, passed away, while the ageing workforce has become a crisis for China, India has the opportunity to reap the benefits of its “demographic dividend”. It falls in the hands of policymakers to take contingent action for the creation of meaningful employment opportunities for the young population. 


Gigantic illuminated rabbit at the Three Gorges Square in Shapingba, Chongqing, attracted debate online, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs suggested “one-on-one” guarantee interactions be made with important groups in rural areas to prevent and control the epidemic during the Spring Festival period, 14th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress effectively accomplished a number of agenda items and came to a successful conclusion, most recent iteration of the National Medical Insurance Drug Catalogue was made public in Beijing, Wang Wenbin stated that that unlike in 2022, this year China will successfully coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, notice issued  regarding some netizens reporting the sale of blue-ringed octopus in Shenzhen Futian Sam’s Club, Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua was appointed to the 14th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), as the world’s largest producer and consumer of steel, a downturn in the Chinese economy may result in volatile steel prices, which might therefore have a detrimental effect on the steel industry in India. 


Birthday party amidst money shower goes viral on Chinese social media, Vice Premier of the State Council, Liu He held a talk with US Treasury  Secretary Janet  Yellen on January 18th, China-Africa trade crossed the mark of US$282 billion at the end of 2022, Chinese space agency plans to send manned spacecraft and cargo spacecraft in 2023, according to an article by China Watch, a Chinese think tank the US will use its “Indo-Pacific Strategy” to force its neighbouring countries into some border or security issues with China, Cyberspace Administration of China has begun running a month-long campaign to remove ‘unhealthy’ content, Chinese news agency took notice of a new category of US guided missile destroyers being developed, China & India are trying to expand their sphere of influence, India has a lot of distance to cover in trade and investments. Although India lacks economic capital to invest in Africa, it enjoys soft power and goodwill in African countries.


Public scandal of Chinese official caught on camera having an affair with another employee trends online, more than 1,800 aircraft and more than 200,000 people have entered and exited Shanghai’s two airports, Pudong and Hongqiao during the Spring Festival season, People’s Bank of China approved the National Interbank Funding Center to declare the current month’s LPR which is 3.65% for one-year LPR, State Administration for Market Regulation has stated that market supervision will be strengthened even more so that product prices remain stable, more than 1.17 million oxygen devices have been provided to citizens living in rural areas of the country by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Director-General of the IEA stated that China has been an important promoter of clean energy technology, countries that are fairly worried about China’s intentions to obtain an unfair edge in the renewable energy business have sought out New Delhi to boost their counter-balancing measures. 


Spring Festival wishes trend on Weibo, New film and music festivals create excitement in Macao and Singapore, Chinese state media as well as private media agencies held spring festival gala events, Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced a pilot program to resume tourist international travel to 20 countries, ‘Robot+’ programme aimed at doubling the density of robots in manufacturing industries by 2025 released, country’s insurance scheme for the elderly added 24.3 million people in 2022, avalanche claimed 28 lives in Lhasa in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, Chinese marine research vehicle “Fèn dòu zhě” reached the deepest point in the Te Amandina Trench, Chinese women’s curling team won a gold medal on Sunday at the 31st Winter World University Games, Chinese meteorological authorities issued a blue alert, in order to compete with global players such as China in the manufacturing space, India needs to improve its own industry while also empowering its workers. 


Chinese New Year fever reaches Italy, China’s research and development (R&D) expenditure reached a record high of 3.08 trillion yuan in 2022, unique exhibition of space-related photography is being exhibited on China’s Tiangong space station, Sanjiangyuan National Park invested 320 million yuan in ecological preservation and restoration projects in 2022, Chinese box office hit a total of 2.5 billion yuan during the Spring Festival break, China’s projected electricity consumption for 2023 is expected to reach 9.15 trillion kilowatt-hours,  defense and technological research should receive adequate financing by the Indian government to enable the full implementation of strategic initiatives, especially as China’s focus on R&D continues to grow 


Spring Festival box office releases capture online conversations, authorities in places such as Sichuan and Huangshan announced that bookings for tourist spots were full, notice stating that free nucleic acid testing will be carried out in Dongxiang district, gaming company Blizzard’s servers stopped operations in mainland China, CCTV-1 hosted the first annual Chinese TV drama award ceremony, scientists at Zhejiang University published a paper explaining the causal link between social status and depression, earthquake of magnitude 2.1 occurred in Hebei province, Chinese Central Meteorological Observatory officially lifted the blue alert about the cold wave, Chinese authorities disqualified all licenses of game developers and later released new ones in September 2022. As China’s gaming sector grapples with uncertainty, India can tap into its own potential to capture a larger market share. 


Jiangxi Province issue a notice ordering residents in Dongxiang district to undergo mass PCR testing, Gold field, a cargo ship with Hong Kong with 14 Chinese and 8 Burmese, drowns off the coast of Goto in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, Shencheng sees its coldest day since the start of winter, Zambia’s debt restructuring delayed as China conduct negotiations with other lenders, Seven of the Spring Festival’s most well-liked films, produce a proposal letter asking to respect copyright, an earthquake rocked Kuqa City in Aksu Prefecture of the Xinjiang, The top two films at box office remain “Manjianghong” and “The Wandering Earth 2”, countrywide epidemic scenario of COVID-19 infection published on the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s official website. The World Bank provides assistance to India through more than 130 ongoing projects totaling over $28 billion. China in recent years is playing a more crucial role in the concessional window of the World Bank by financing the poorest countries. India should work in making its economy more resilient by adopting policy measures such as the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and diversification of investor base for government securities.


The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shared details about ship building completions, China’s rural area was witnessing financial reform through establishment of Provincial Rural Commercial Union Bank, A meeting of ‘State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism for rural areas’ was conducted, Zhang Jun, Dean of Fudan School of Economics, wrote that there were two groups, one of which believed new infrastructure was crucial for stabilizing and improving the demand level of the post epidemic economy while the opposing view asserted that the mistakes of the “four trillion” stimulus plan of 2008, China’s ageing population forced the government to increase the retirement age,  China may soon overtake Japan as the largest exporter of automobiles. China has seen a decline in population for the first time in six decades. China is witnessing an increase in the older population, 280 million Chinese citizens are more than 60 years old. India has the advantage of demographic dividend and it will peak around 2041.


Winter Olympics athlete Eileen Gu/Gu Ailing (谷爱凌) earned praise from many Chinese netizens after she won two gold medals at Halfpipe Skiing World Cup held at Calgary, re-election of Bob Dadae as the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea received warm congratulations from Xi Jinping, the diplomatic tussle between China and the U.S.A reaches new level due to President Biden’s announcement of extending the “Deferred Enforced Departure”, several South-Eastern provinces engaged to bring back labourers after the lunar festival 2023. Provinces like Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu start efforts to attract more labourers from different parts of the country, the arrival of the lunar festival leads to a surge in the consumption rate, the growing influence of China in the Indo-Pacific region leads to India attempting to tackle it by entering a Free trade agreement that would bolster bilateral trade. India’s key interests in the Pacific involve the universal principles of free trade, and freedom of navigation that can limit China’s influence tactics. 

28.1.23- 29.1.23

The mystery of a missing schoolboy creates concern among netizens, Amidst a box office boom, actors’ income becomes a hot topic, Film ‘Manjianghong’ gets into controversy, Data released by the Chinese government on Saturday showed over 226 million trips made as part of Spring Festival travel, Shanghai released new action plan for economic recovery- ‘Shanghai Action Plan, the Chinese Ministry of Finance announced it signed a loan agreement with Asian Development Bank to support sustainable agriculture in 7 provinces, head of the Taiwan Affairs offices of (CPC) Central Committee & State Council, met Taiwanese leader Hsiu-chu Hung, former chairperson of the Kuomintang Party, authorities released the latest figures on COVID-19 epidemic, Two Chinese photographers reach the final round of the Glanzlichter photography competition. In contrast to Chinese top-down management, India’s bottom-up democracy should be reflected in the backbone of its economy – agriculture – by empowering local crops, markets and communities.


Lionhead-shaped puff pastry went viral amongst netizens, New York Times bad review of “Wandering Earth II” sparks online debate, 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit  Xinjiang, Sichuan Provincial Health Commission issue measures to allow unmarried individuals to raise family and enjoy benefits reserved for only married couples, China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region plans to invest 83.2 billion yuan, China becomes third country to build a completely indigenous quantum computer, China becomes Vietnam’s biggest importer of agriculture products after Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) came into effect in January 2022. India has been witnessing growing interest in quantum computing with students, researchers and developers actively participating in various initiatives. This sector possesses a huge economic potential as experts have predicted that its application is possible in the development of new medicines, lifesaving drugs, advancement of Artificial Intelligence, financial remodeling and so on.


Dialect detective’ helps find missing people, Chinese firm shower bonuses on staff, the first polar icebreaker built by China’s Sun Yat-Sen University successfully completes sea trial, rules governing the process of martyrs’ burial updated by the Chinese government, President Xi Jinping responded to letters from students at Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual School in Hungary, Archaeologists unearth 21 Western Han Dynasty tombs in Hunan province, New vibration-resistance material developed by Researchers from Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, University of California Berkeley & Shanghai Tech University. The Arctic region is of tremendous strategic significance since it is predicted to be ice-free for most periods of the year by 2050, enticing both India and China to utilize its abundant natural resources. Deeper research in the Arctic region related to climate change can also prove useful for both countries as they are also battling for gaining influence in the ‘third pole,’ which is the Himalayas and its surrounding area.


The term “political coming out” gains popularity on Weibo and WeChat, several Chinese cities reported year-over-year decreases in new HIV/AIDS cases, US and France emphasised the significance of preserving tranquilly and stability in the Taiwan Strait, Du Rongliang, former deputy mayor of the Changzhou Municipal Government was publicly sentenced for accepting bribes, Chinese and Russian air forces conducted a joint patrol and an aircraft exchange,  Chinese cities have abandoned PCR testing in favour of rapid antigen tests, China and Russia both want to challenge US power in the Indo-Pacific region. But this is also an issue for India, which has good relations with Russia, as well as South Korea and Japan. 


 The hashtag “Multiple Locations Announce Nucleic Acid Testing Changes” (#多地核酸检测通知发生变化#) trended on Chinese social media, Li Keqiang met with President of the European Council Charles Michel & encouraged international companies to continue investing in China,  Chinese Memorial Hall collection at the Nanjing Massacre Museum added a new collection of 453 artefacts, Chinese students had held protests on 52 campuses, public areas, & Chinese consulates in the US and Canada, special flight used to transfer Comrade Jiang Zemin’s remains from Shanghai to Beijing, Zhao Lijian expressed concerns on the joint military drill conducted by India and the US, the 18th edition of ‘Yudh Abhyas’ is an excellent chance for both India & the US since it intends to improve interoperability and share knowledge between both armies in peacekeeping and disaster relief missions. 


Rise of social anxiety among Chinese youth sparks debate on Weibo, passengers have made 8.5 million journeys since the China-Laos Railway opened, China’s Shenzhou-14 astronauts Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe, returned to Earth safely on Sunday, forum on China-Myanmar economic cooperation was held to further enhance economic and investment cooperation, Most of the capital goods monitored by the Chinese government posted lower prices, John Lee said that the next five years are a critical period for Hong Kong, many Chinese cities have adjusted COVID-19 measures in the face of a new virus situation, there are some challenges that stand in the way of India becoming the next global manufacturer for Apple. Even though India has a population nearly the size of China’s, it lacks the level of governmental coordination enjoyed by China.


Chinese Commentator Hu Xijin likely to get ‘COVID within a month’, China’s Wenzhou province introduced an ‘industrial chain relief’ scheme to ensure employment, as per official reports, the CPC has been a staunch supporter of the human rights cause, the 34th Shanghai Constitution Publicity Week was held in Jinze Town, China will cut retail prices of gasoline and diesel based on recent changes in international oil prices, first China-Arab Summit to be held on 9th December 2022, to revitalise India-Arab relations, India should focus on fast-tracking existing projects such as the revival of mega refinery project in Maharashtra and to re-engage in strategic sectors like healthcare, nuclear and space cooperation. 


According to the judgement of experts, the virulence of the Omicron mutant strain has been drastically reduced, Xi Jinping emphasised in his eulogy at the memorial meeting about how loved and missed Comrade Jiang Zemin was, Chinese officials began to lift lockdowns, large-scale testing, quarantine, and digital contact tracking, key party meeting decided major economic measures, the Office of the Work Safety Commission under China’s State Council issued a countrywide workplace safety inspection, Xiongan province chose 25 villages to be the test sites for its “waste-free communities” initiative, joint exercises between India and the United States in the region have exacerbated the tensions between India and China, which have been mounting for years due to the two countries’ contested border.


Chinese students made an ‘invisibility cloak’ that evades security cameras, phenomenon of “slash youth” in China grabs attention, China appointed New Party Chiefs for three provinces, Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee convened a meeting to study the economic work in 2023, four new COVID19 vaccines were approved for emergency use on mainland China, forum held in Hong Kong stressed the One-China principle and opposed “Taiwan Independence.”, first banana train departed from the Vientiane station in Lao capital, 2023 National Master’s Admission Examination will be held from December 24 to 26, China’s top pandemic response body eased several control measures, whether China and India can keep their differences under control will be of great significance to South Asia and Asia as a whole. As the two largest economies in Asia, they also need to assume responsibility to make due contributions for regional development. 


 Chinese netizens grapple with the recent lack of COVID protocol; “We’re going from one extreme to the other extreme.”, Enping 15-1 platform, Asia’s largest offshore oil production platform, was put into operation in the Pearl River Mouth Basin,  Xi Jinping was warmly greeted upon his arrival by Governor of Riyadh Province and other key members of the royal family, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region constructed a total of 6,442 kilometres of rural highway, reviving the COVID-19-battered economy will be a key policy priority for China next year, , China voiced firm objection to the United State’s two new arms sales to Taiwan, the Indo-Pacific region is a geostrategic point of focus for both India and China, and while looking to counter growing Chinese influence, India must focus on her naval power. 


Fangcang Quarantine Sites in China Are Becoming “Sub-Designated” COVID-19 Hospitals, Chinese government is targeting online pharmacies for the rising cost of the medicine for COVID19, China’s first domestically developed passenger jet, the C919 aircraft, was delivered to China Eastern Airlines, 42 candidates have been officially deemed qualified to seek seats in the highest legislative body representing Hong Kong, Li Keqiang declared that China fully backs the international economic system that is centred on the WTO, Foxconn Technology Group, has invested $500 million in its Indian subsidiary, a project like a manufacturing facility for the iPhone would stimulate the manufacturing industry by securing foreign investment and creating potential jobs


New COVID19 protocols create confusion on Chinese social media, many Chinese cities and provinces issued new guidelines for the COVID19 pandemic,  China’s erstwhile president Jiang Zemin’s ashes were scattered in the Yangtze river, Experts held a seminar about improving China’s international communications strategy, In Hong Kong, the Tseung Kwan O Cross-bay Bridge was opened to transport, first Global Digital Trade Expo kicked off in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, 7th Global Biodiversity Summit of Local and Subnational Governments was hosted at Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, China, China’s digital push is enabled by a developed infrastructure, digital literacy and innovation. Since India lags behind in these factors, the Indian government’s efforts focus on creating these prerequisites for digital progress.


Wuhan fever clinics flooded with long queues of COVID infected patients, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a notice on the ‘Implementation of Entrepreneurship Promotion Actions for Key Groups, CMC drafted a law on the ‘Regulation on Several Issues Concerning the Military Implementation of the Criminal Law Procedure’, China Zhi Gong Party opened up its 16th National Congress in Beijing, Xi Jingping issued important mandate on the protection of intangible cultural heritage, delegates from China and United States (U.S) have pledged to maintain a diplomatic communication after their latest discussions on their bilateral partnership, Delhi must deal with the Chinese presence in the South Asian neighbourhood, in the most strategic manner and should continue maintaining its strategic autonomy while dealing with China and other powers of the world like the US. 


Chinese netizens thankful for antivirus efforts that have saved their lives, China is likely to implement the second booster shot for high-risk categories, China held its 9th national memorial event to honour the 300,000 victims of the Nanjing Massacre, China’s inbound travel market predicted to decline in 2022 before making a “dramatic rebound” next year, Cyberspace Administration of China declared that it will crack down on disorder in the mobile app market, China asked India to rigorously oversee and manage its frontline soldiers and work with China to uphold peace in the border regions, on December 9, Indian and Chinese troops battled in the Tawang area. The incident has caused political outrage in India as Congress has demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi explain his ‘relationship’ with China. 


IV infusions on the roadside cause amusement and speculation in China, China stopped officially reporting asymptomatic infections and rolled out the second round of booster vaccination doses, Shenzhen saw record investment deals as a result of the 2022 Shenzhen Global Investment Conference, Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a data management document, China unveiled the first set of photos taken by its first multipurpose space satellite for investigating the Sun, Japan’s revised National Security Strategy described China as a “threat”, a tough response to China’s military aggression requires building new partnerships to draw in non-partisan countries and developing an integrated strategy covering all dimensions of security.


Job ad in China seeks women with ”Good Figure And Facial Features”, faces backlash, Netizens claim canned yellow peaches can cure COVID-19, Xi Jinping delivered a written speech at the opening ceremony of the 15th China-Latin America Business Summit, Xi Jinping addressed the opening ceremony of the second part  of COP15, Hong Kong’s security chief Chris Tang Ping-Keung criticised Google for refusing to change its search results to display Chinese national anthem, China launched its new remote sensing satellite, the Yaogan-36, into space, China’s Bei Dou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) overtook GPS, estimate of 34.7-billion-yuan worth of deals were reached at the just concluded Global Digital Trade Expo, China’s agricultural sector has achieved a bumper harvest, the two sides, India and China, should focus on the bigger picture of solving the climate crisis and focus on strengthening cooperation rather than guarding against each other.


Viral video of in-laws rushing to take care of COVID-positive daughter-in-law sparks debate on Weibo, China reveals plans of building a smart and green logistics system, China firmly opposes the US placing 36 Chinese entities on its export controls “entity list”, Up to 3,000 yuan will be reimbursed to insured couples who opt for test-tube babies in Hangzhou, China’s home prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities eased in November, 36 candidates were elected as deputies of Hong Kong to the 14th NPC, although India is emerging as a leader in renewable energy, the Indian government must make greater efforts to bring down logistics and supply chain costs, which account for 13-14% of India’s GDP, higher than most other countries. 


Guangdong movie theatre offers separate tickets for COVID-positive customers, China has sent the US 312 written questions regarding the WTO’s 15th US trade policy, Office of the Central Financial and Economic Commission, stated that there is an expectation that 2022’s economic output will be more than 120 trillion yuan, international trade enterprises in China have increased their attempts to win overseas orders, Chinese researchers discovered that diseased crops emit compounds to alert other crops about the striped stem borer, China’s first deep-water scientific research wharf “Haiyang Dizhi No. 2” arrived at the Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey Bureau, Ministry of Transport issued a “Notification on Speeding up the Resumption of Work and Production of Road Passenger Transport to Maintain the Safe, Wholesome, Smooth, and Comfortable Trip of the Citizens”, Argentina dismissed hopes for Chinese JF-17 aircraft purchases, an effective Indian answer to Chinese-Pakistani arms can be shaped through a two-pronged approach of cutting-edge indigenous technology development and diplomatic partnerships beyond defence. 


First organ donation between mainland and Hong Kong helps in saving a 4 month-old baby, Zhuhai Market Supervision Bureau said over 500 city retail pharmacies would start selling antipyretic drugs separately, former party secretary and minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xiao Yaqing, is currently the subject of a case review and investigation by the CCDI, China pleased with progress made in global biosecurity governance at the BWC Review Conference, China delivered an ARJ21 passenger airliner to the Indonesian carrier TransNusa, China’s trade with Gulf Cooperation Council members soar to $230 billion, China’s growing closeness to Middle-Eastern nations is a threat for India, which has been a partner of the GCC for a long time and is also Saudi Arabia’s second biggest buyer of oil behind China. 


COVID-19 related searches peak in Beijing, Baidu data shows; 16-year-old Qatari becomes the latest online sensation in China, President Xi Jinping stressed better leveraging the important role of the Constitution in State governance, major tunnel connecting Tsokha and Jinling townships in Tibet autonomous region was completed, Heilongjiang Pilot Free Trade Zone held a Guangdong investment promotion conference, Federation of Trade Unions of three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River delta region gathered to jointly hold the Ideological and Political Work Salon for Non-public Enterprises, Shanghai Metro has adjusted its operation plans to cope with the surge in COVID-19 cases in China, the recent Tawang clashes highlight the probable attempt of China to change the status quo in the region. India to canvass its international opinion through forums like G20 and UN to pressurise China to come to the negotiating table.


‘Online tavern’ trends on Chinese social media, many cities across China have instituted open package dispensing and begun offering free medications, Hong Kong government issued the Youth Development Blueprint, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged for the effective implementation of economic policy measures, Chinese FM Wang Yi and his Australian counterpart Penny Wong met in Beijing, India lags China in terms of coverage for booster shots, despite the fact that COVID-19 vaccines supplied in India have higher efficacy than those given in China. The bivalent vaccines should either be updated to provide protection against new strains or repeated.


Chinese singer entangled in controversy after deliberately infecting herself with COVID-19 virus, China set to restructure its Sinosteel Group Corp Ltd,  ‘Heart Power’ studio conducted certain psychological related group activities, China Democratic League (CDL) convened its 13th National Congress, recent guideline was released by 3 Chinese  ministries to promote best environment-friendly travel experiences, Chinese President Xi Jingping exchanged his congratulatory message with his Australian counterpart Governor General David Hurley and Australian PM Anthony Albanese, India and Australia need to gear up their partnership not only at the economic front but also at the strategic front so that both the nations could lessen China’s inroads to the Indo Pacific region. 


Anxieties about the Postgraduate Entrance Exam sweep across Chinese social media, Xi Jinping met with the Chief Executives of Macao and Hong Kong, Ministry of Commerce announced that FDI into the Chinese mainland expanded 9.9% year on year, Local governments across China have issued a new round of consumption vouchers to boost consumer spending, 17th round of India-China Corps Commander Level Meeting was held at Chushul-Moldo border meeting point, grey zone tactics employed by China enable it to create public fear and misinformation, with the goal of subduing the enemy beyond armed conflict need to be countered by India through avoiding the spread of misinformation.


Man makes sexist post about girlfriend’s “stupidity”, Weibo hosts a survey about the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese National Health Commission stopped publishing data on daily new infections of COVID-19, Chinese national postgraduate entrance examination was conducted over the weekend, train bookings for travel during the Chinese Spring Festival opened on Saturday, special task force of the Hong Kong government met to discuss reopening of its borders with mainland China, construction of a central park began in Beijing’s international airport area, gold mine in Xinjiang collapsed late Saturday night, Huawei announced the renewal of its patent agreement with Nokia, 4th Hainan Island International Film Festival concluded on Sunday, PLA conducted a military exercise in the sea and airspace near Taiwan on Sunday, alienating China is not in India’s strategic or economic interest, while supporting Taiwan is likely a deterrent to Chinese military aggression. A synergistic strategy in tune with that of other partners in the IndoPacific region, along with deepening diplomatic and cultural ties with China itself, can provide a balanced way forward for India.


New Year’s Eve Celebrations Pick Up Momentum, COVID-Positive Elderly Couple’s Meal Goes Viral, National Health Commission announced that COVID-19 disease will be downgraded from Class A to Class B management, Chinese government announced that Paxlovid medicine doses will be distributed in community health centres nationwide, China-made C919 aircraft began 100 hours of safety verification flights, Chinese central bank’s currency app introduced ‘red packets’ for making digital payments, snow and heavy rainfall expected in southeastern and some western parts of China, China’s top academic database CNKI fined 87.6 million Yuan for abusing its market position, Tesla launched a vehicle charging station in Shanghai, Tennis player Wang Qiang not competing in the upcoming Australian Open series, former mayor of Guangzhou, Li Ziliu, died of a heart attack, PLA flew 71 warplanes in the airspace between China and Taiwan, taking China’s example, India should design a clear, long-term roadmap for electric infrastructure, ensure supportive legislation for EV firms, and offer incentives for innovation in the EV industry. 


Return of giant pandas Ya Ya and Le Le from US, Chinese couple cancels divorce and falls in love again, Xi Jinping demanded more efforts in guiding the public to acquire health knowledge and skills, China’s GDP increased by 8.4 per cent to 114.92 trillion yuan in 2021, Tibet Autonomous Region vowed to expand free coverage of HPV to teenage girls in the next 3 years, on Monday, 2023 Happy Chinese New Year Press Conference was held in Beijing, mask-wearing Beijing and Shanghai commuters crowded subway trains on Monday, China congratulated Pushpa Kamal Dahal on his appointment as the new prime minister of Nepal, it is important for India to maintain strong bonds with Nepal to counter the Chinese influence in the region. The need today is to avoid rhetoric on territorial nationalism and lay the groundwork for quiet dialogue where both sides display sensitivity as they explore what is feasible.


Video of an older brother caring for his younger sibling goes viral on Chinese social media,  China Railway Construction Corporation Limited announced the completion of several infrastructure projects, CPC Political Bureau held a democratic life meeting to fully implement Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Xicun Station of Guangzhou Metro Line 8 was officially inaugurated for operation, Guangdong Provincial Manufacturing Development Annual Conference and the Guangdong Provincial Manufacturing Top 500 Enterprise Summit were held, Audit Office website announced the investigation and management of 26 disciplinary and law-breaking cases, although these aids may and will help India’s rail connectivity to expand, it can make India accustomed to rely on Chinese supply in the future, which will not benefit India in the long run and will only harm India’s own stand.


Chinese netizens mourn the loss of beloved 103 year-old “Foodie Grandma”, China will cancel nucleic acid tests for international arrivals starting from January 8, China rolled out a series of preferential tax policies, encouraging enterprises to increase R&D expenditure, China has taken its first three-dimensional Earth-based radar mapping of the moon, China’s video games regulation body granted publishing licences to 44 foreign games for release, China will adjust import and export tariffs for some commodities in 2023 to better support its “dual circulation” strategy, Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng held a phone conversation with Singaporean Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, currently, India lacks both offensive capabilities and foolproof defence mechanisms in cyber warfare. This demands greater investment in R&D from both the Indian government and private sector to counter future attacks from China.


Chinese netizens deliberate the meaning of marriage in the current society, Chinese President Xi Jinping held a virtual meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, China’s first independently-developed ultra-deepwater gas field Shenhai-1 commenced construction of its phase II project, China reiterated its longstanding opposition to the potential arms sales from the U.S. to Taiwan, Chinese lawmakers voted to adopt a revised Law on the Protection of Wildlife, China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA) announced its latest list of 19 national archaeological parks, although Moscow and Delhi have enjoyed a long history of friendly relations, the changes in Russian foreign policy and the rapidly changing geopolitical scenario must be taken into account for the future of the Indo-Russian relationship.



‘Could not stop crying’; 10 years after leaving her holding deposit, Chinese woman receives a teddy bear, Chinese Ministry of Education released a work plan under which offline classes in schools would resume if there are no instances of new COVID-19 cases, Chinese pharmaceutical companies nationwide are operating at full capacity to guarantee the supply of essential medications for COVID-19 control, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen in her New Year’s address on Sunday stated  that “waging war is never an option for solving a problem”, President Xi Jinping gave a New Year’s greeting for 2023 on New Year’s eve, National VIB standard motor fuel introduced across China on January 1, world’s first plant with a natural direct cooling system connected to the grid was built in Shaanxi Province, China, with countries throughout the world intending to shift their supply chains away from China because of COVID-19 concerns, India could replace Chinese imports with domestic production. 



Xbox Apparel capitalises on the expanding Gorpcore fashion craze in China, China and Vietnam agreed to uphold the “16-character” policy and the spirit of the Four Goods, Xinjiang Kashgar Military Division encourages Rule of Law education for officers and soldiers, Science and Technology Innovation Board formally opened the stock market-making trading firm, at the UN General Assembly, Dai Bing countered allegations made against China by the US, Canada, and other nations, all UN member states welcome to participate in the Chinese space station project,  Li Keqiang hosted the 21st Meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of the SCO, China’s BRI may also give China an unwarranted leverage over other nations, and could ultimately lead to expansion of its military presence that India fears.


‘Digital Minimalism’: How China’s tech minority is shaping a new lifestyle, China and Vietnam pledged to “properly manage” the South China Sea as well as collaborate in handling external challenges, 46 Chinese-manufactured high-speed railway coaches to be shipped to Pakistan, Standing Committee of the CPC pass the revision to the Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Women, People’s Bank of China announced that potential growth is expected to remain in a reasonable range, Beijing reported new COVID-19 cases at the community level, speculating the existence of hidden transmission risks, recent developments in Pakistan and growing bilateral ties between Islamabad and Beijing might pose a lingering threat to India’s neighbourhood diplomacy and its borders


A step forward for China-Africa Relations, On November 2, President Xi Jinping met with Pakistani Prime Minister Shabaz, Chinese naval reconnaissance vessel entered Japanese territorial waters, Chinese researchers developed a high-resolution map of the moon’s rocks, the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Central Propaganda Group was held, Despite 18 rounds of border negotiations with China, no substantial agreement appears to be in the works, and there have occasionally been Chinese military incursions into territory under Indian sovereignty, raising political turmoil between the two.


Following the tragic death of a 3-year-old boy, Lanzhou’s failing emergency response system becomes a major topic of discussion, President Xi Jinping, China will seek to expand the interaction between domestic and international markets, British government is considering an investigation into recent attacks inside the Chinese consulate, China has urged Europe to maintain strategic autonomy and avoid the influence of “third parties”, China responds to Dutch government’s request to close the “Chinese police stations”, Scholz’s visit to China also comes at a time when Chinese investment in Hamburg Port has sparked concern in Washington, and Mr. Butikofer, a German parliamentarian, is visiting Taiwan with other European lawmakers. 


 Xi Jinping promises global cooperation at the opening of the Shanghai International Trade Show, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence tracked 46 Chinese military aircraft and 4 naval vessels around the country, China laying ground for green investment boom to fulfill pledge to help Africa through BRI, Lekki Deep Sea, a deep-water port in Nigeria has been completed by Chinese builder, Filipino photographer brought fresh attention to the South China Sea artificial islands project, Airshow China to be held from November 8 to 13 in Zhuhai, South China’s Guangdong Province, India does not support the BRI, and has declined to join the project. India has repeatedly voiced its concern and opposition to the CPEC and flagged the violation of international law in its building by China and Pakistan.


Chang Ling-Chen, a professor at National Taiwan University, trends on Weibo – “Taiwanese people need to wake up”, China’s exports decreased by 0.3% in October compared to a year earlier, white paper titled “Jointly Build a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace” was published by China’s State Council Information Office, Beijing held its 406th press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, China has made significant investments in electric vehicles and renewable energy, Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian, urged G7 members to stop clinging to the Cold War mentality, directive on the study, promotion, and execution of the guiding principles of the 20th Party Congress in the military has been released by the CMC, in order to reduce India’s large trade deficit with China, India should encourage local manufacturers to make goods imported from China in India at even lower cost rather than imposing input restrictions due to its size and demographic advantage over smaller competitors.


Incident of a 55-year-old woman dying after falling from the 12th floor in Hohhot sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media, China’s Foreign Ministry urged Britain to follow the one-China principle post British minister’s vist to Taiwan, Chinese fabless chipmakers are modifying their advanced chip designs to avoid US sanctions on semiconductor exports, CPC reduced the number of foreign films approved for screening and distribution by its censors, China and Australia stated that they will continue to work to improve and strengthen relations, Although the UK and Taiwan have wished to join the CPTPP, India is not currently a member of this agreement and neither wishes to be. The United Kingdom, India, and Taiwan should try to form a trade alliance to increase trade between themselves and other like-minded countries. 


China’s plan to ban hormone drugs worries trans women discussed on social media, at the COP-27, China stated its support to vulnerable developing countries facing climate change, Aerospace Center Hospital in Beijing, stated the ongoing research and development of a space hospital, 1133 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases were registered,  National Bureau of Statistics commented on the gradual stabilizing of the economy, fifth China International Import Expo deemed a success, At the COP-27, China and Inida were clubbed together in any international setting for the first time. PM of Antigua and Bardua stated that highly-polluting emerging economies like China and India should make payments to a climate compensation fund to help developing countries rebuild from climate-change induced calamities.


 Chinese tech giants are massively investing in virtual reality and in the technologies that are building up the Chinese metaverse, the Lingang Digital Technology Library will be the world’s first metaverse library to start operating by the end of 2022, China to approach leaders in the ASEAN block about accelerating the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area ‘Version 3.0’, in Airshow China, a turbofan engine with 2D thrust vectoring control nozzle was displayed for the first time, China Electronics Technology Group Corp exhibited a giant space monitoring radar, believed to be the “most powerful radar, US & China started unofficial conversations on climate-related issues during COP27, ASEAN hopes that India will help maintain the regional balance of power and slowly wean the group off its trade dependence on China.


China’s Social Media Cheerleaders Question COVID Zero, 2022 World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit concluded on Friday,  State Council’s Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism for the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic issued 20 new measures, China’s cargo spacecraft, Tianzhou-5, tol be ready for launch on Saturday morning, Chinese Megacities like Wuhan are said to be emerging as wetland paradises, Foreign Ministry spokesperson announced that Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the 17th Group of 20 (G20) Summit in Bali, Indonesia, China has opposed India’s leadership at the G20 through various means. In June, China also opposed India’s plan to hold the next year’s meetings in Jammu and Kashmir, stating that it was a “unilateral move to complicate the situation” and politicise the issue.


China watchers appreciate the German Embassy in Beijing for their exquisite responses on Beijing’s stringent control over political messaging, President Xi Jinping delivered a written speech at the International Forum on Hybrid Rice Assistance and Global Food Security, Xi wrote back to young workers and engineers encouraging them to be self-reliant in aviation science and technology, CMC called on the PLA ministries to carry out the Wang Keqin movement, on the sidelines of 25th China- ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting, Li Keqiang met with his Cambodian and Vietnamese counterparts + Singaporean PM, greater avenues of cooperation in the domain of building up new supply chains, cooperating in the fields of financial technology (FinTech), connectivity, start-ups, and innovation, empowerment of youth and women and the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are important drivers to move up the ASEAN-India relations to a higher level. 


China’s Updated Twenty COVID-19 Rules Change Trend on Weibo, Shenzhou-14 crew boarded the Tianzhou-5 cargo craft on Sunday, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of preventing the US-China strategic rivalry from devolving into conflict, China is ready to collaborate with Australia and capitalize on the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations, Taiwanese-run Mandarin school in Paris has been allegedly targeted by a Chinese overseas police station, CPC stated that it will take steps to improve conduct and enforce discipline to ensure rigorous party governance, even though Australia’s current bearing is beneficial to India, India must keep in mind that Australia is currently the weakest member of the Quad and heavily reliant on exports to Beijing, which accounts for nearly 40% of total exports. 


Zero tolerance on streets of Guangzhou as protests over COVID-19 rules erupt, China is working on digitizing medical records to track the health status of everyone in the country, participants of the COP14 met in Wuhan after more than 2 years of the COVID19 pandemic, Chinese FM Wang Yi & Australian FM Penny Wong got on a call in an effort to improve China-Australia ties, Wei Fenghe expected to lead resumption of dialogue with US counterpart Lloyd Austin before Li Shangfu takes over in March, Australia’s escalating tensions with Beijing have highlighted its reliance on China trade and propelled a push to increase links with Asia’s other giant economy, India. 


‘High-quality singlehood better than low-quality marriage’ states 38 year old woman’s decision to remain single inspires many and rekindles debate over China’s marriage craze, at the 17th G20 Summit, Xi delivered a speech on digital transformation, Xi Jinping to attend the 29th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting from November 17 to 19, China launched a carrier rocket, CERES-1 Y4 with a commercial design from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Beijing convened a press briefing on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the updated “Regulations on the Administration of Internet Post Comment Services” will take effect on December 15, 2022, maintaining good ties would be advantageous for both China and India as this would imply working together towards the same goal on enhancing food and energy security, digital transformation, and health at the leaders’ level.


One of the new trending topic hashtag trends on Weibo is ‘Zhengzhou Testing Point Launches VIP Service’, Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a notice on optimizing prevention & control measures of new crown pneumonia epidemic, notice issued to carry out comprehensive pilot projects for digital, green, coordinated transformation & development in several provinces, the “Memorial Edgar Snow the Symposium on the 50th Anniversary of Snow’s Death was held in Beijing, At the G20 Summit, Xi met his European counterparts to discuss issues of strategic importance, at the APEC Leaders meeting, Xi called for stronger economic cooperation among countries in the Asia-Pacific, India and China can find ways of engaging with each other to ensure their differences do not turn into a conflict at the highest political level. But even if it decides so, it will continue to keep up its guard along the LAC to deal with any future encroachment into its territory and military escalation at the borders with China.


Video of Trudeau getting schooled by Xi at G20 Summit goes viral, Chinese intelligence official found guilty of corporate espionage for stealing trade secrets in the aviation industry, the population rate of national increase in 13 Chinese provinces is only of 480,000 people in 2021, the lowest since 1962, Australian PM said that his government was unlikely to support Taiwan’s bid to join the CPTPP,  China is considering holding a 3rd Belt and Road Forum for international cooperation, several Chinese companies are being probed for profiling ‘high value’ individuals, exfiltrating bulk data, and engaging in large-scale tax evasion in India. Their goal seems to be to gain a strategic advantage over India’s economic and security systems. 


Weibo commentators joke that Elon Musk is “promoting Chinese culture” through his new approach to Twitter, video of two Chinese women tied up after violating Guangzhou’s anti-epidemic rules goes viral, China said that it is “open” to a defence ministers’ meeting with the US at a regional security forum, top Chinese climate negotiator Xie Zhenhua announced that China and the United States have held “constructive” talks on climate change,  419th Press Conference on the Prevention and Control of the Coronavirus epidemic was held in Beijing, Taipei Zoo announced that the giant male panda Tuan Tuan, gifted by the Chinese mainland to Taiwan, passed away,  annual Financial Street Forum to be held from Monday to Wednesday in Beijing, China’s openness to engage with the US on defence matters is still a positive step, especially because the stakes for India are high because of its rivalry with China, its quiet efforts to deepen engagement with Taiwan, and its role in U.S. Indo-Pacific policy. 


 Discussions on social media intensify as residents of Beijing struggle with frequent lockdowns, Cambodian Prime Minister met with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, Taiwan unveiled its Chien Hsiang “suicide drones”, announcing plans to produce 104 of the hovering munitions by 2025, biggest aviation and military trade show in China was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong, 36 people were killed and two are still missing after a fire broke out at a plant in central China, Shanghai is closely behind Beijing in terms of average annual salaries, zero-covid lockdown and worker quarantines have had a significant impact on production, manufacturing industries and Chinese stock markets. India, however, has benefited from this because businesses with sizable manufacturing facilities are considering India as their new manufacturing location. 


Heated discussion on social media over warning visitors in Zhengzhou that they will be “executed on the spot”, China to reduce retail prices of gasoline & diesel based on recent changes in international oil prices, 195,000 newly-recruited Chinese civil servants pledged allegiance to the Constitution & completed national training sessions, Tai’an-Zaozhuang section of the Beijing-Taipei Expressway, the first intelligent expressway, has been in operation for over a year, Chinese President Xi Jinping invited Italy’s Prime Minister Georgia Meloni to visit China, Mongolian President Ukhnaagiin Khurelsuh to pay a state visit to China from November 27 to 28, EU to renew sanctions on Chinese officials it has accused of “serious human rights violations” in Xinjiang, back-to-back engagements India-EU relations provides an opportunity for India and European countries to iron out their differences over the perception of strategic threats emerging from Russia and China. 


Protests lead to riots in Zhengzhou’s Foxconn factory as new workers enter and old problems remain, Chen Dong set new record for the most cumulative days living and working in space by a Chinese taikonaut, Beijing and Tokyo agreed to deepen their maritime dialogue, manage differences over Taiwan and their territorial disputes and open a military hotline, Beijing will tighten COVID-19 control measures by requiring negative COVID test results no older than 48 hours to enter public places, China has rolled out a core component in the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor project, Huawei chairman announced that it has joined the Partner2Connect digital coalition of the International Telecommunication Union, India-China involvement in the ITER project proves their efforts to find alternative solutions. Furthermore, even though countries failed to decisively move away from fossil fuels at the recently concluded COP27 Meet held last week, projects like these also show the mutual resolve of some of the most economically powerful nations to build sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. 


Probe launched after mainland official claims Chinese civilization is older than ancient Egypt online, a new guideline focusing on the management of private pensions was lunched by the Chinese government, China’s Chang’e 6 robotic mission has been set to land on the moon’s far side to collect and bring samples back, China’s Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai discussed bilateral economic and trade issues as well as multilateral and regional trade cooperation, Xi, in his congratulatory letter to the sixth China-South Asia Exposition, noted that China and the South Asian countries have deepened practical cooperation in all aspects, given that India has limitations in matching China’s economic assistance to the region, India needs to re-work its image as an arrogant, overbearing patriarch in the region to ensure cordial neighbourly ties.


A Chinese mother sparked debate online about sex education in China, Xi Jinping held talks with Cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, in the first quarter of this year, the carbon-neutrality industry saw the largest year-over-year growth in the number of new jobs, 2022 China-Japan-ROK Trilateral Media Dialogue took place in Beijing, Foxconn announced that it will provide newly hired workers chance to leave with severance compensation after claims of contract fraud and inadequate pandemic control measures, China and the US are actively supporting the manned moon landing programme, current state of climate change can now serve as a common ground for developing countries such as India and China to strengthen economic cooperation in order to construct a clean economy that will lead to more sophisticated scientific and technical breakthroughs, boosting the development of rapidly emerging businesses.


Anger over Urumqi fire incident escalates, sparks nationwide protests, anti-government protests intensify on university campuses and the streets, in Taiwan’s local elections, ruling Democratic Progressive Party suffered a major defeat against the main opposition party, Kuomintang; Chinese government announced extension of its comprehensive pilot zones for cross-border e-commerce, China sent four coast guard ships to patrol the islands of Diaoyus (Senkakus), Shenzhou-15 crewed space mission was declared ready for launch, 9th edition of the Wuzhen Theater Festival kicked off, Chinese people’s dissent against the Zero-Covid policy has numerous advantages for India. Although protests are gaining momentum around China, it is unlikely that the government will change its policy, which opens up economic as well as diplomatic opportunities for India.


 The ‘Blank White Paper Protest’ in Beijing dubbed as an A4 Revolution on social media, China made a solemn statement to Canada after its recently issued “Indo-Pacific strategy” chastised China, China’s aviation sector has begun utilising 3D printing technologies in its next-generation warplanes, National Bureau of Statistics data revealed that the profit margin for industrial enterprises shrank 3% year-over-year decline, China released lineup of three taikonauts for the Shenzhou-15 manned spaceflight mission, Pankaj Saran, India’s former deputy national security adviser, said negotiating with China would be a “challenge” and that New Delhi would take a “cautious approach” toward Beijing, India should have a more constructive approach toward its cooperation and contact with other G20 members, including China, if it wants to ensure that its G20 presidency would be “inclusive, ambitious, decisive, and action-oriented,” as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated earlier this month.


Chinese netizens demand videos to expose the reality of the arrest of UK reporter during protests in Shanghai, China rolled out an action plan on 29 November 2022 to speed up COVID-19 immunization of the elderly, China has launched a campaign to offer employment services to college graduates to help them land jobs, Beijing Municipal Government Information Office held the 429th regular press conference on epidemic prevention and control, Chinese FM Wang Yi welcomed Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov to his post, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang  addressed the 8th China-Japan Business Leader and Former High-Level Government Official Dialogue, Although India sees its engagement with the United States as having more weightage in countering China’s aggressive posturing, it must also try to strengthen and sustain its relations with Russia so that it has multiple strong alliances to counterbalance China.


Weibo turns black and white to mourn former president Jiang Zemin, protests against the Covid control measures in China are gaining more support internationally, Shenzhou-15 manned spacecraft successfully landed at the Chinese space station, China Securities Regulatory Commission announced new steps to boost real estate financing, India was left out of China’s conference on maritime cooperation in the Indian Ocean region, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held a high-level meeting with Kazakh Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, China’s traditional tea-making techniques were added to UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage, Asia-Europe Young Leaders Conference began in Xi’an, China, in terms of security strategy as well as economic cooperation, India needs to be accepted by its neighbours and other small powers as a dominant and desirable force. China has achieved this through diplomacy or otherwise. India must choose the same end, but through better means.

1.10.22- 2.10.22

Active participation by Chinese netizens in a new initiative launched by CPC for the upcoming 20th Party Congress, China celebrated the 73rd birthday of the PRC at Tiananmen Square, China’s National Bureau of Standards reports that factory activity has seen significant growth for the first time in the last three months, CMSA announced they will recruit 12 to 14 new reserve astronauts for future spaceflight missions, protestors from the UK & the US have protest against China’s human rights violence,  State Council decided that China will offer tax concessions for private pension plans, Premier Li Keqiang said that the Chinese economy has taken on a momentum of steady recovery, India is seeing significant growth as foreign investments are shifting to India as China struggles to reopen its market with strict COVID19 protocols


A video of a five-year-old girl’s speech about being a class monitor goes viral, Taiwan’s Wikipedia status has been altered to “partially-recognised country” on the occasion on China’s National Day, Search for fourth generation of astronauts has begun in China, which includes people from #HongKong and Macao. Researchers have identified the key factors influencing carbon and nitrogen cycling in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Central Government has given the Macao SAR Government’s Civil Aviation Administration permission to participate in developing the National Aerospace sector, Indian Parliamentarian Sujeet Kumar has called for deepening ties with Taiwan.


‘Lying flat,’ or tang ping in Mandarin, a social protest movement, gained traction in China last year, referring to the concept of doing just enough to get by. After the G20 meeting in Bali, Xi Jinping and Joko Widodo will test Indonesia’s Chinese-made high-speed train, Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng-chang announced a 12.9% increase in the national defence budget for 2023 and a 13.9% increase when a special budget for fighter jets is included, Scholars in Tibetology from China and abroad shared research and discussed the fixed religious rituals and historical conventions of Living Buddha reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism at a side event of the UN Human Rights Council’s 51st session, early data suggests that a nationwide festive mood for the weeklong China National Day holidays is boosting China’s tourism and leisure industries. China is attempting to establish good relations with ASEAN countries through investment and trade and is not allowing territorial disputes to interfere with their investment and trade.


Chinese parents tell daughter, 34, marrying from pressure a bad idea; get praised on social media, Chinese corporation,PetroChina developed a super-giant oil well in Iraqi province of Maysan, two medium-risk areas in Huaxi District, Guiyang City, will be adjusted to low-risk regions, the Ministry of National Defense was tracking nine Chinese military aircrafts and four navy vessels in the vicinity of Taiwan, China’s software industry reported a 9.8% year-on-year gain in business revenue in the first eight months, Thai Navy has renewed its efforts to negotiate with Chinese manufacturers about replacing the engine of a submarine it plans to purchase from China, India would be significantly benefitted from helping Thailand as it will improve India’s influence and standing in the ASEAN region.


Beijing pushes Mandarin; censors Cantonese videos online, Chinese Yuan became the most traded currency on the Moscow Stock Exchange, trade between China and EU has shown significant rise this year, new Chinese movie raked in 820 million yuan after just a four-day release period, 46,484 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Taiwan, Richard Liu has finally been acquitted for a four year old trial, A decline in external demand from India’s large exporters, China, Italy and Bangladesh has led to the South Asian country hitting a low in otherwise high merchandise export demand in the global markets.


PLA soldiers practising amphibious surfing drills on Chinese beaches in the Taiwan Strait, Chinese Ambassador to the UN urged related parties to exercise restraint in escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, UNHRC motion on alleged human rights abuse in Xinjiang voted down in favour of Beijing, Farmers in Yunnan Province developed an innovative way of cultivating rice paddy, Discovery of possible “phosphorus of life” in Enceladus: Chinese scientists, Long March 11, a sea-launched carrier rocket was released in the Yellow Sea to integrate the Weili Space Beidou Low Orbit Navigation Enhancement System S5, India abstained from the UNHRC resolution on the rights situation in China’s Xinjiang. Traditionally, India has voted against or abstained from such country-specific resolutions at the UNHRC.


‘Double Standards’ in Condiments? Do The Chinese Feel Cheated?, Ahead of the 20th National Congress, China Upgrades Its Social Media’s ‘Great Fire Wall’, China sent the country’s first solar probe into preset orbit, State Council announced the opening of service sectors in some of China’s largest cities to foreign investment, Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government released the “Implementation Plan on Optimizing the Birth Policy to Promote the Long-term Balanced Development of the Population, both China’s the Women and Men’s team advanced to the finals of the World Tennis Championship last week, Post Elon Musk’s remarks over Taiwan, Chinese FM reinstated that Taiwan continues to be China’s internal affairs, As the UNHCR vote went in favour of Beijing, with the resolution being rejected, India’s decision to abstain is a strong indicator of its diplomatic position in times of its security crisis. 


Due to the recent COVID cases in Beijing, pop-up windows have become a hot topic on Chinese social media, nearly a third of Hong Kong’s elderly residents felt lonely during the city’s fifth coronavirus wave, Jason Matheny: if China invades Taiwan and destroys its semiconductor plants, the world will soon “fall off an economic cliff.”, 20th National Congress will be tasked with presenting the Party’s road map for the next five years & beyond, Washington’s latest restrictions on selling chips and chipmaking equipment to China are an act of technological hegemony, new Omicron variant BF.7 has spread to more Chinese provinces, in less than a week after it was discovered in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, India must invest heavily in R&D as well as support startups, and semiconductor independence can help India dominate not only the electronics market, but any market in which semiconductors are used because India has an attractive manufacturing environment


Douyin bans live-streams in Cantonese, PLAN hospital ship Youhao, completed an 18-day voyage, Hong Kong government decided to temporarily pause draft of national security legislation, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense tracks 15 Chinese military aircraft & 4 naval ships around the country, China intends to co-opt the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama and name a pro-Beijing leader in his place, India and China are unlikely to resume direct passenger flight services in the near future unless Beijing modifies its policy of sudden cancellation of scheduled flights every time some passengers tested COVID positive on arrival in Chinese airports


Luxury Fashion Houses Are Helping Revolutionize the Beauty Industry In China, Washington stated strong remarks towards Beijing in its new national security strategy, IMF lowered its growth estimate for China’s economy this year from 3.3% to 3.2%, Chinese authorities announced the establishment of more national parks, Chinese FM spokesperson delivered the message of prospective development of bilateral ties with Europe, As the US recognises the power of Beijing in geopolitics, it proposes for a foreign policy of collaboration with countries that shares America’s vision for the future of international order, which includes India. 


What’s wrong with looking at beautiful women and men on internet, white banners with red slogans hang from Sitong Bridge in Beijing protesting against China’s zero COVID policy & Xi, China has no timetable for exiting its zero-Covid strategy, Beijing granted tax exemptions to two Tesla models after Elon Musk’s Taiwan advice; “lenient” punishment of senior official sends across message on political loyalty, China dismissed warnings from Britain’s cyber spy chief that Beijing’s use of critical technologies is endangering global security, many countries, including India, have asked their companies to exclude Chinese hardware 5G technology, as its has been claimed by several security analytics that data’s collected are used for spying.


Website and social media accounts for the media center opened
to give the public worldwide access to information about the 20th Party Congress press conferences and interviews, Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association opposed US’s restrictions on US-based hardware manufacturers selling advanced chips and chip-making equipment to China, 23 aircraft and five ships from China’s military were tracked around Taiwan,  mass deployment of the “20 series” warplanes that include the J-20 stealth fighter, Qinghai province approves China’s first local regulation to protect a dark sky reserve in Lenghu, Hong Kong’s leader, John Lee Ka-chiu will not be announcing the removal of all the COVID-19 restrictions for arrivals in his coming policy address, China has deployed J-20 stealth fighters, in the Eastern Ladakh sector at its Hotan air base. India has increased its preparedness and position with French-origin Rafale fighter jets, and its fleet Sukhoi-20MKIs, MiG-29s, and Mirage-2000s at the forward air bases to deal with any potential escalation. 


A Chinese video blogger went viral with an encouraging story of his great uncle, Sun Yeli stated that developing “a suitable approach” for the US and China “to get along” will be most crucial, Xi Jinping spoke to Congress on behalf of the 19th CC & delivered a report, China rolled off its homegrown 13.6-megawatt offshore wind turbine, Chinese nationals who are still in Ukraine have registered to be evacuated, Chinese military survey ship, Yuan Wang 5, arrived at Hambantota port, India expressed its concern about the visit when the Chinese satellite-tracking ship Yuan Wang 5 entered Sri Lanka. Wang Wenbin stated that the ship does not interfere with the security or economic interests of any nation and that third parties should refrain from doing so.


 20th Party Congress: Xi Jinping’s Speech in Five Trending Hashtags, Chinese Minister of Economic Affairs met up with four major Silicon Valley tech companies and made deals worth US$940 million,  China has been improving its ability to ensure food security over the last decade, Xi Jinping warned that there is zero tolerance in the Communist Party for senior cadres who collude with businesses, China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday voiced strong opposition after Japanese PM Fumio Kishida sent a ritual offering to the Yasukuni Shrine, UK Police are looking into the assault on a man at the grounds of the Chinese Consulate by a group of unidentified men, China is attempting to modernise its army rather than simply expanding it. In contrast, only 68% of India’s budget remains for active military personnel & modernisation. This must be addressed if India is to be prepared for war with hostile neighbours.


Wang Baoku uses his talent for language to track down missing people in China, Xi Jinping presided over the second meeting of the presidium of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, Wang Huning, the first secretary of the secretariat is expected to lead the National People’s Congress, Chinese military experts urged nations to hold talks about arms control in space, Xi regime attempted to portray the Galwan clash as victory for the PLA, China launched its first electric riverboat for cold climates, India has sent a strong message that normal relations between China and India will only be feasible when there is peace and calm in the border areas. Neither India, nor China will benefit if the current standoff continues. 


Visually impaired girls’ singing takes social media by storm, an increasing number of global corporations are constructing R&D facilities in China, To make healthcare affordable, Bangladeshi healthcare providers are actively seeking affordable healthcare equipment from China, China’s Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs said that China’s nuclear strategy and policy have been long-standing and steady, The British defence ministry is taking action to deter and penalise China’s recruitment of former British military pilots for training, , China’s first virtual Earth laboratory was officially launched, a high-speed maglev train travelling in a low vacuum pipeline was successfully tested by Chinese scientists, if India wishes to counter China in the manufacturing and R&D industry, a robust logistical and manufacturing base will help the country multifold and reduce the over-dependence on the service sector.


China’s Consul General admits to pulling the hair of a Hong Kong protestor, US Navy official said that US Navy should start preparing for the Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the tallest Matsu statue in the world was inaugurated in Taiwan’s Penghu, China is manning drones with the advanced J-20 stealth fighter jets, China called for lifting unilateral coercive measures at the UN, China will step up judicial protection of IPR, the Chinese invasion of Taiwan presents a challenge, for the US navy, the world, and especially India. In recent decades, New Delhi and Taipei have inked a bilateral investment agreement and pursued science and technology cooperation.


“No Love Hospital”, Why netizens are debunking China’s COVID policy, huge upsurge in the semiconductor sector rising by 4.37%, 20th National Congress kicked off with discussions on three issues: Carbon Emission, Food Security, and Anti-Corruption, Xi Jinping unveiled a blueprint for achieving the “rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization”, China’s ecological and environmental protection has seen historic transformative changes, US support to India in building a robust semiconductor industry, one that can meet demand and stabilize global supply chain, has been seen as a means to “sideline China from the global chip industrial chain”. 


20th Central Committee of the CPC trends on Weibo, Former President Hu Jintao’s abrupt forced withdrawal from the end of the Party Congress sparked intense conjecture among China observers, China’s current Communist Party leader Xi Jinping took office on Sunday for a third five-year term, representatives from all political parties called to send letters of congratulations to Xi Jinping, Chinese representative vehemently denied unfounded allegations against China’s human rights at the UN, India lacks a security partnership with the US, in contrast to countries like Japan and Australia, therefore President Xi’s consolidation of power during his third term is not a good omen for India. 


Chinese social media censored ‘Hu Jintao’, China & the Vatican agreed to extend provisional agreement on appointment of bishops for two years, new survey revealed a significant decline in China’s international standing, China’s GDP increased by 3.9 percent year on year in the third quarter, China lost significant US market share in IT hardware & consumer electronics to Mexico and Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that China’s position on the development of Sino-British relations is consistent, British PM Rishi Sunak identified China as the greatest threat to the UK, citing recent reports of China bribing former RAF pilots to train PLA pilots as raising additional security concerns that could stymie Sino-UK relations.


On Monday, Hollywood’s first Chinese-American celebrity, Anna May Wong, became the first Asian-American to appear on US currency, People’s Bank of China will release commemorative coins portraying giant pandas, from October 26 to 30, Beijing will host the 37th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress, Taiwan likely to increase the monthly salary for conscripts, Xi Jinping urged the Chinese military to remain focused on the objectives the CPC Central Committee has set, China initiated an effort called the Baisha Splendid Art Institute, China’s central bank and foreign exchange regulator boosted a key macroprudential management parameter, India and Taiwan were immediately impacted by Xi Jinping’s call for modifying security posture, preventing and managing crises, and winning local wars. 


Chinese netizens slam sportswear brand over insensitive sportswear, outstanding loans provided by China’s micro-credit enterprises totalled 907.6 billion yuan, China has increased its efforts to remove Taiwan’s remaining diplomatic allies, China’s fiscal revenue fell 6.6 per cent yearly for the first nine months of 2022, Shanghai began accepting bookings for inhaled COVID-19 vaccination boosters, customs officials in Hong Kong seized smuggled goods worth 20 million yuan, stepping up ties with Taiwan will help India secure the critical components required to manufacture semiconductors in the country so that India’s reliance on Taiwan will be reduced. While India has already begun the process, there is still a long way to go before it becomes independent in manufacturing semiconductor chips. 


Mao Zedong’s eldest son trends on Weibo, China’s Policies and Actions to Address Climate Change: 2022 Annual Report was published, China and North Korea participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Pyongyang Friendship Tower, multinational agreement to increase China’s exports of technologies to be signed “shortly”, Twin-Tailed Scorpion D developed independently by China, successfully completed its first flight, the CHIPS Act’s prohibition on American chipmakers developing high-tech manufacturing facilities in China if they have obtained federal support there may eventually be advantageous for nations like India. 


Foxconn Employees Take To Social Media To Complain About COVID-19 Restrictions, the Fuling shale gas resource in Southwest China achieved considerable advances in shale gas drilling projects, MOFA responded to Russian President Vladimir Putin assertion that Taiwan is a part of China, CMC held an executive meeting to analyze & implement the CPC 20th National Congress guiding principles, Chinese investment in Indonesia increased in the third quarter, according to Boeing’s newest market projection, China’s developing economy will fuel the rise of civil air transport, Chinese four-engine UAV took off smoothly at the Fengming General Aviation Airport in Zigong, Sichuan, Although China’s investment in Indonesia is less when compared to India’s (nearly $20 billion), it does have other ways to flex its influence in the country which can be a problem for India. 


 A Weibo post by the German Embassy in China focuses on what happened in both countries in 1989, Vietnamese top leader Nguyen Phu Trong will travel to China to pay an official visit to President Xi Jinping, Chinese PLAN enhanced the capabilities of Type 075 amphibious assault ships, Earthquake of 5.1 magnitude rocked northeast Taiwan, the Z-20, a fourth-generation helicopter, surpassed the US’ Black Hawk, China bypassed cargo chokepoints to speed up African trade, the import and export sectors between Africa and China-India suggest that a symbiotic relationship has been established between Africa and China-India. 


Chinese netizens use ‘Disco Dancer’ song to protest against COVID-19 curb, China’s shipbuilding output accounted for 45.9% of the total internationally, Xi Jinping congratulated Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on his election as Brazil’s President, Zhao Lijian said that US activities have increased regional tensions and may spark a regional weapons race, Zhao Lijian stated that the SCO has always followed the “Shanghai Spirit”, 15,109 relics have been discovered in the Sanxingdui Ruins site in Sichuan, China launched its space station lab module Mengtian from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site, Collaborating with China will ensure that India receives the right amount of research while helping the scientific community in the country grow and helping ISRO to grow as well. 


Shenzhen rushes to contain the rumours surrounding COVID19, public security authority in China’s Hebei Province announced that approximately 27,600 criminal suspects had been arrested, Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated Tuimalealiifano Vaaletoa Sualauvi II on his reappointment as Head of State of the Independent State of Samoa, Guangdong has maintained steady economic growth and achieved significant achievements in high-quality development, According to Liu Yuyin, spokesman for the Chinese Mission to the UN, “assessment” on Xinjiang produced by the OHCHR “smears and slanders China and interferes in China’s internal affairs.”, So far, India has been silent on the Uyghur issue and has not taken an official stand in any international forum. One of the senior Uyghur leaders has stated that he expects India to intervene in the matter and prevent a “genocide.”


Social media users from Chengdu relieved by filled supermarkets and lack of COVID-19 incidents, China’s daily essentials are available on the market in sufficient quantities & at slight fluctuation prices, The price of Nvidia shares dropped 7.6% to $139.47, the Shenzhou-14 crew performed its first extravehicular activity, Cyclone HINNAMNOR forecast to keep moving north over the East China Sea, Amid strengthening ties with China, the Solomon Islands administration has suspended all foreign naval visits, Chinese citizens are left with fear & human rights repression as a result of the Covid Zero policy, China’s Zero Covid Policy and lockdown impacted not only China internally, but also India’s cut and polished diamond exports, which fell for the first time this fiscal year in July.


In the wake of controversies over Chinese ownership, TikTok data breach reports have brought ByteDance’s short video app back into the spotlight, China has cautioned that Britain should not bear the repercussions in the face of a blatant “Iron Lady” against China, 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) demonstrated the rising importance of the service sector in China’s GDP, Xi Jinping takes network security very seriously, world community has taken notice of the United Nations report, “Assessment of Human Rights Issues in Xinjiang.”, Chinese consumers still value luxury, but they are switching to domestic labels. There are worries within China that the post-Covid-19 reopening would proceed more slowly than planned, which will dampen China’s consumer economy somewhat. For China, common wealth may be beneficial and essential, but not so much for international luxury companies.


Situation in China compared with Orwell’s ‘1984’, massive earthquake of 6.8 magnitude hit the Sichuan province of China, UK PM Liz Truss remarked that China is a ‘“threat” to the UK’s national security, Beijing accused the U.S. for conducting thousands of cyberattacks on China, CanSino Biologics, a Tianjin-based company, launched the world’s first inhaled version of Covid-19 vaccine, US dollar has pushed the Chinese yuan to a weak point, Xi Jinping is set to reform global governance amidst changing international landscape as a solution to the rising problems against humanity, Goertek Inc, an intelligent manufacturing base, tonnes of components are being assembled into Virtual Reality (VR) which will be delivered to other countries. Liz Truss’ liberal outlook towards the situation in China might seem ethical for most of the democratic states but might hamper relations with other countries which do not align themselves with neither side clearly, like India.


“I Decided Not To Learn English Anymore” Video Goes Viral on Chinese Social Media, Chinese authorities have been gathering DNA samples across Tibet, People’s Bank of China announced that it would lower financial institutions’ foreign exchange reserve requirement ratio by 2% to 6%, to help financial institutions’ ability to use foreign exchange funds, Xi Jinping urged all-out relief efforts to prioritize saving lives and minimizing casualties after a 6.8-magnitude earthquake jolted China’s Sichuan Province, Taiwan focuses on attending the September ICAO meet in Canada, Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan tracked 17 Chinese military aircraft & 4 naval vessels around Taiwan, Recently the Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka referred to the “militarisation of the Taiwan Strait” in response to Chinese accusations of India bullying Sri Lanka. This can be seen as a more pronounced Indian articulation of its views regarding the Taiwan Strait crisis.


Kenyan President-elect Ruto received congratulations message from Xi Jinping, Chinese premier wishes new British PM well, Taiwanese pro-independence organisations has urged election candidates to sign commitments to never capitulate in the scenario of a Chinese invasion, China initiates a rescue operation in southwest Sichuan, Chinese state media attacked Liz Truss for saying China poses a serious threat to national security, Xi pushes for significant technological advances, Chinese lawmaker calls for increased parliamentary communication across BRICS, China believes that restricting the BRICS process to its initial five members will further diminish its overall international power and its right to speak at international platforms.


Firefighters awe netizens with their quick thinking: The earthquake in Sichuan has devasted several villages, which has led to firefighters’ race to rescue villagers from the affected areas. Firefighters had to improvise quickly by cutting trees and tying the tree logs with ropes or iron wires. They made temporary bridges above the fast-flowing river and carried injured villagers with bamboo-made stretchers across the bridge as the dangerous torrents of the river flowed beneath them. Since Tuesday, videos and photographs of these heroic firefighters walking above the raging river have become the most-viewed items on various Chinese social media platforms. Some netizens stated that Chinese military and police officers can always overcome challenges, whether they occur more than 80 years ago or in the future.


Haidilao Hotpot Restaurant Records Death of a Woman: A 21-year-old lady from Fujian Province died suddenly while eating hotpot at a Haidilao restaurant in a nearby mall. The hashtags “Woman Suddenly Passed Away While Having Hotpot” and “Incident” received 50 million and 300 million views, respectively, on Chinese social media on Thursday. If the Heimlich manoeuvre is carried out while the patient is standing up, it’s possible that the lengthy, soft tripe of beef will go deeper rather than be forced out, which could obstruct the respiratory tract. Many netizens believe Haidilao is not entirely at fault for what occurred.


Courage, Camaraderie, and Criticism: The 3 Cs that’s taking Weibo by Storm: The aftermath of the 6.8 magnitude Earthquake that hit Sichuan province last week has been brutal and devastating. With many lives lost and mass casualties incurred, a wide sea of despair and misery has covered the Chinese people. In such times, netizens have taken to social media to share pictures and stories of brave citizens and soldiers pushing all boundaries to save and help the disaster-struck citizens of Luding county.


The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel places guests in mandatory quarantine during the happiest lockdown in China: While millions of people are confined to their homes and many Chinese cities are undergoing fresh (partial) lockdowns, there was a particular set of people who had to go through a forced quarantine at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel. Disney established a “closed loop system” by enclosing all hotel guests and staff members and doing daily Covid testing to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control. The hotel was temporarily turned into an isolation site where people’s health would be watched for the following few days while also being screened, even though the Disneyland theme park was still open as usual.


“WE WANT TO BE TRENDING” trends in China: Since July 30, Yili has had 1290 Covid cases. A total of 23 cases were added on Saturday, September 10. Yili, or Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, is part of northern Xinjiang near the border of Kazakhstan. Its primary city, Yining (also known as Ghulja), is home to some 500,000 people and has been locked down since at least August 11. People complain about a lack of food, “outrageous” commodity prices, and a lack of much-needed medical care. On September 9, Yili authorities held a press conference during which deputy governor Liu Qinghua (刘庆华) confirmed that there had been problems in access to medical care and supplies and that local authorities were working on ensuring public’s medical needs during this period.


Draft Population Control regulations receive mixed responses: Draft regulations permitting single parent families to register births are published in Anhui, China. Authorities in Anhui are preparing to lift restrictions on unmarried women starting a family in response to declining birth rates. According to the official province news website AnhuiWang, the Anhui Provincial Health and Health Commission has released a draft amendment to laws for public feedback that will relax the rules governing birth registration and end the prohibition against unmarried women recording babies.


Hong Kong actor apologizes on Chinese social media for praising British queen: On Thursday, a renowned Hong Kong opera performer apologized and reaffirmed his patriotism after his support for Britain’s late Queen Elizabeth II prompted an outcry among Chinese nationalists. Thousands of Hong Kong people gathered this week outside the British consulate to sign a condolence book for the late queen, who died after ruling for 70 years. Law Kar-ying, a heavyweight in the Cantonese opera scene, was among the mourners, posting a selfie from the queue on Instagram with the message: “Hong Kong was a blessed land during her reign.” Although Instagram is prohibited in mainland China, Law’s photo went viral on other social media platforms, eliciting outrage and criticism from nationalists. Law apologized in a video posted on Weibo on Thursday for “making remarks of mourning without thinking them through.”


Are they vampires?: A woman named Zhang, from Guangzhou in southern China, is being sued by her birth parents for 500,000 yuan ($72,000). Her birth parents had abandoned their daughter when she was two years old and reappeared after discovering she has money and demanded that she buy her younger brother an apartment. When she refused, they took her to court, claiming that she must financially support them, and the court agreed with them. Outrage spread throughout China because Zhang declined to abide by their demands. Online users engaged in 316,000 interactions and 6,619 comments on the post, most of which were harsh criticisms of Zhang’s birth parents’ actions. One commented saying, “Are they vampires?”


Is Tibet Being Forgotten? China’s COVID Prevention in Tibet Belies Reality: As Mainland China continues to bore pockets of COVID outbreaks, the Global watch on how the Government tackles the situation has never been so punctilious. Amidst such murky situations, the Government hasn’t left any stones unturned in tackling them, however recent viral posts on Weibo on Chinese authorities’ neglect over handling Tibet’s recent outbreak have brought in much demur from the citizens. Some took to Weibo to share stories and pictures of the current COVID crisis that has gripped Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. People from Lhasa communities are being deported to quarantine centres in overcrowded buses, mixing positive patients with negative ones and being pushed to live in make-shift housing with bad conditions during the Central Government leader’s visit, to cloak the harsh realities. While risking censorship, netizens on Weibo didn’t shy away from criticizing the management of local authorities while also speaking on the unfair treatment Tibet is getting with the lack of exposure to the current crisis in national news.


Young Chinese cut spending when the economy falters because “everything is unpredictable”: As consumer appetite to spend declines and about 60% of people in China say they want to conserve money, social media influencers in China offer advice on how to live frugally. The second-largest economy in the world, which narrowly escaped contraction in the second quarter, is threatened by this new frugalness, which is enhanced by social media influencers who promote frugal lives and offer money-saving advice. Of China’s GDP, consumer spending makes up more than half.


Yuan Longping remembered on social media as The Sixth Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival draws closer: The Sixth Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival takes place this month. Social media is buzzing with videos of the harvest and Yuan Longping, who is known as the “father of hybrid rice”. Yuan Longping was previously employed as an ambassador to promote the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival. People fondly remember Yuan Longping as the harvest festival draws near. He was a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a recipient of the “Medal of the Republic.”


Discussions of the Lhasa COVID outbreak censored: After netizens pointed out the government’s lack of action over the outbreak in Lhasa, posts discussing this were quickly censored on Weibo. Moreover, journalists were restricted from publishing any news that covered the Lhasa outbreak. Additionally, foreign journalists were denied access to key information. Lhasa residents took to Weibo to highlight key problems of the COVID outbreak in the region, from the hiding of actual positive cases to food shortages, lack of medical access, bad conditions of quarantine facilities and the lack of responsiveness from government agencies to cope with other illnesses in the region. This brought attention to other unpleasant and dreadful conditions of residents of Lhasa, with increasing unemployment and income, leading to homelessness. Many have called this to be Tibet actual condition, with public announcements and information released by the government to mislead the public.


Chinese social media sales guru suddenly returns after mystery absence: More than 100 days had passed since Li Jiaqi, one of China’s most renowned and successful social media influencers and salespeople, was abruptly shut off during a live stream on June 3. Just a day before the anniversary of the 1989 crackdown on student protesters in Tiananmen Square, his top-rated social media channel went dark with no explanation. Many Chinese netizens assumed the sudden shutdown was caused by a tank-shaped ice cream Li advertised on his channel. On Tuesday night, Li resurfaced out of nowhere, selling a variety of harmless products to a receptive internet audience. Again, no explanation was provided for his sudden departure or reappearance.


Videos of wholesome acts trend in China, China is the world’s top producer & installer of solar PV panels, in Anhui, ten reservoirs dropped below the “dead pool” threshold, China has ratified 19 FTAs with 26 nations & areas so far, theme of seventh China-Eurasia Expo is “Extensive Consultation, Joint Contribution, Shared Benefits, Cooperation for a Shared Future”, according to China, WTO laws may have been broken by US inflation reduction act’s discriminatory clauses, 23 Chinese nationals are missing after their boat capsized off the shore, China is top globally in its installed capacities of wind, photovoltaic, hydro and biomass power. Despite the pandemic’s interruptions, China has been engaged in establishing trade facilitation platforms.


discussion over the disappearance of China’s beloved ‘Lipstick King’ on Weibo, In the UNGA general debate, FM Wang Yi highlighted the necessity for development in small power states & developing-underdeveloped states, China has adopted provisions to put mandatory testing labs on train stations, highway exits and airports,  US saw an import high of 56.8 million USD in the last 10 months from production companies based in Xinjiang, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov brought up the ongoing Taiwan issue while accusing the United States for subjugating and trying to “divide Asia based on its Indo-Pacific strategy, regular testing & testing booths lining the streets of China is the new normal, While India has brought up issues of conflict and ongoing economic crisis in the new UNGA session, like China, it holds a neutral stance towards the Russia-Ukraine crisis. 


Chinese epidemiologist mocked for “racist and discriminating” advice, Xi sent a message on the “Three Rural” front marking the arrival of the 5th Farmers’ Harvest Festival, women’s volleyball team from China defeated Argentina 3-0 in the World Chamionships, 44th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 15th Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress was held, recent survey found that 78% Chinese thought foreigners had a favourable opinion of their country, Fumeng County has implemented ten livelihood initiatives this year, SF Express apologized for the social issues generated by the ongoing hot searches, Sun Lijun, former vice-minister of public security, was given a death sentence with a two-year reprieve, although China’s hard strength will keep expanding, its international status won’t necessarily follow. This is where the soft power outlook comes into play; India has always paid a lot of attention to maintaining friendly relations with other countries. 


Iran Denounces the US and other Western Countries” trends on Weibo, China-Japan relations has never been limited to bilateralism but has also been influenced by regional & global situations, Chinese state media showcases 2 J-15 fighter planes flying over a battleship, senior official from Xinjiang said at the UNHRC that some Western nations try to politicise human rights issues to destabilise the region, Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state for US, supports a trade agreement between US & Taiwan, Semiconductor manufacturer MediaTek announced that all of its offices will transition to renewable energy by 2030, Geng Shuang, China’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, said that countries with largest nuclear arsenals should fulfillfulfil their responsibilities & significantly reduce nuclear arsenals, Chinese FM Wang Yi met with leaders of ten European countries as well as the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, As China attempts to secure a trade agreement with the EU proposed in 2013, India should also try to secure a trade agreement with the EU that will give it a first mover advantage


Chinese celebrities amplify official policy on Taiwan to millions of fans, construction of fourth pipeline of major power transmission project began, Supreme People’s Procuratorate announced arrest of Shen Deyong on suspicion of bribery, yield of high-quality rice in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reached 700 kilos per mu, Beijing police arrests 9 for arranging carpools in COVID19 risk areas, Chinese official urges international community to take a “objective stance” against the Taliban in Afghanistan, China’s stance on the Ukraine issue is constant and unchanging: Chinese FM spokesperson Wang Wenbin, China has been observing the Russia-Ukraine war from the beginning and has begun to make a diplomatic stance over it. India has not taken an official stance over the issue and has called for cessations of hostility.


Chinese businesses wind up profiting from the European energy crisis, US made a flurry of announcements to challenge China’s growing influence in the Pacific Island nations, gunman opened fire in Pakistan, killing a Chinese worker, post-SCO, the depth & breadth of  Sino-Russian strategic relationship are being examined again, Xi Jinping invites participants at a high-level meeting on China-Argentina people-to-people interaction, China & Japan commemorated the 50th anniversary of the normalisation of their diplomatic relations, CCP has made extensive use of propaganda to support protracted lockdowns. Russia’s status as China’s partner will make it more difficult for Russia to maintain its relationship with India in light of the tensions between the United States and China and between China and India. Moscow’s clout over both New Delhi and Beijing is dwindling as a result of their increased independence and new partnerships that provide advantages over Russia. 


Chinese livestream blasts e-commerce site Oriental Selection for their grain prices, Chinese social media users praised Team China for moving on to the semifinals of the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup, CCP paid visit to a memorial to revolutionary martyrs on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, Pakistani PM Shahbaz Sharif has extended his heartfelt gratitude to China for economically supporting the country through provision of timely flood relief and aid C919 large passenger aircraft project team met with representatives at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, NDRC: number of private enterprises more than quadrupled over the past 10 years, People’s Bank of China decided to reduce interest rate on the first batch of personal housing provident fund loans, India should exercise caution if it wants to maintain its regional position while also maintaining its diplomatic ties with both Pakistan and China, as both countries are important economic players for India’s exporting market. 


Chinese Cyberspace watchdogs, Green power campaign, Xi Jinping attended the 95th founding anniversary of the PLA, passenger vehicle market of China showcased a sharp recovery in June, Chinese entrepreneurs to build a miniature hydropower plant, A yellow alert for high temperature was renewed by the Chinese national observatory, mock air combat training was organized by the PLA Eastern Theatre Command, to secure the sovereignty of any nation, especially in Asia, it is logical to support India’s security.


Chinese internet giant Sina, social media service Weibo unexpectedly close Taiwan platforms amid escalating geopolitical tensions, Australia is being urged to act as China attempts to purchase a crucial Solomon Islands port, Chinese warplanes buzz the Taiwan Strait dividing line, Chinese investment in Pakistan and Russia dries up, China uses the ACCC report to ridicule Australia’s gas supply developments, Beijing has intensified its political and military pressure against Taiwan. Some observers are concerned that the United States and China may wage war over Taiwan


Anonymous welcomes Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan on a Chinese government website, 1.4 Billion People Do Not Agree with Interference in China’s Sovereignty Issues, China’s prohibition on fine sand supplies to Taiwan has little effect, China is considering allowing international multinational organizations to set up finance enterprises in the nation, China took over the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council, China will grant zero-tariff treatment to 8,786 commodities, Russia backed Beijing in its opposition to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, The UN’s elitist nature and China’s fear of losing its higher rank among “Low Developed Countries” are both evidenced by the delays in amending the charter until the next presidential cycle.


Disappointment over Pelosi’s visit, China launched several ballistic missiles into the waters surrounding Taiwan, US opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo in Taiwan, Pelosi’s visit enraged Beijing and Chinese nationalists, China & Greece pledged to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, meeting between China’s & Japan’s foreign ministers has been cancelled, China intends to build its second major highway connecting Tibet & Xinjiang, China’s strikes on Taiwan, which they framed under the title of a military drill are a cause for the instability in the region. The attack in the waters is metaphorical to showcase the power China holds over the region.


China’s largest private women’s and children’s hospital network is now owned by TikTok owner ByteDance, Chinese woman popular on Weibo after going missing in Nigeria, China had warned the US not to breach a “red line”, poet Lu Yang’s daughter petitioned Chinese authorities to overturn his prison term, Alibaba experienced its first flat revenue growth since going public, At the ASEAN foreign ministers’ gala Chinese FM Wang Yi walked out, BRI is heavily integrated within Liaoning Province, Wang Yi and his Vietnamese counterpart Bui Thanh Son met in Cambodia, One of China’s main production hubs for summer grain is the province of Shandong, In the midst of an increasing number of foreign reactions to developments in the Taiwan Strait and tensions between the United States and China, New Delhi chose to maintain a “studied silence” on the developing scenario.


Taiwan military drills, retaliation, and nationalist waves on Weibo as China “strikes back”, PLA’s Eastern Theater continued to conduct realistic joint training surrounding Taiwan, Taiwan Army will deploy 78 155 howitzers and 6 120 mortars to perform heavy artillery firing drills, Ministry of Science and Technology issued a notice on special actions to lessen burden on young scientific  researchers, Beijing’s response has been more restrained than its first threats implied, despite the considerable sabre-rattling by the Chinese media and interlocutors before US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s travel to Taiwan.


Tianwen-1 SEP observations, Cuban fuel tank explosion, BRI and Bangladesh, in response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, China announced eight countermeasures, China has officially launched a second large-scale, national-producing cruise ship, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is being called a blessing in disguise, Due to the policy support from RCEP, Chinese foreign trade showcased growth in double digits in the first seven months of 2022, China has cancelled a number of military talks with its US counterparts and has started military drills in the region. These developments have taken US-China relations backwards.


Nancy Pelosi and Hu Xijin have become a well-known made-up couple in The Impossible Love Story, China triggered a level-IV emergency reaction., flight routes to and from Taiwan remain unaffected by China’s decision to move military exercises to the Bohai & Yellow Sea, PLA’s Eastern Theater Command carried out practical joint drills in the sea and airspace surrounding Taiwan, CHIPS and Science Act signed into law by U.S. President Joe Biden, white paper “Taiwan Issue and China’s Reunification in the New Era” issued, Hainan implemented epidemic preventive measures as a result of the severe local new crown outbreak, To foster a supportive climate for the occasion, which is anticipated to mark the beginning of Xi Jinping’s third term as party secretary, government officials have frequently emphasized the necessity of continuing the zero-Covid strategy.


The Intelligent Audiovisual Conference 2022, Xi’s letter to students and teachers, Beijing criticises the inclusion of the phrase “where applicable” in remarks referring to the one-China policy, China decided to end climate change negotiations with the US, FM of China urges for strong, stable ties with the Republic of Korea, As per China, Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is a violation of international law, China has introduced a new legal tactic by quoting the three communiqués that support its position on the Taiwan issue


#MeToo movement affects after the court rejects workplace sexual harassment case, DYX banned after criticizing traditional cure to COVID19, Beijing is attempting at targeting pro-independence leaders & blocking trade, Travelers in Hong Kong struggled as airfares skyrocketed, China will provide 800 million yuan to Nepal as aid, Ministry of Public Security set to detect the cases of dissemination of pornographic materials for profit, China conducted military drills in Taiwan, China has put a hold on a proposal by India and US to blacklist Abdul Rauf Azhar, Taiwan rejected a white paper released by Beijing which reiterated the ‘reunification’ of Taiwan with China, China is the world leader in scientific research, Chinese refusal of blacklisting Abdul Rauf Azhar speaks about the double standards of Chinese policies & claims at supporting human rights & condemning horrendous acts of terrorism. 


Shanghai witnesses chaotic scenes as people flee a building following an abnormal test result, 1950 battle on Hainan Island provided “valuable experience” for future landings, revenue of China’s internet and social media giants among those impacted by new regulations, Yunnan Province determined to become a trading hub for South & Southeast Asia, Xi Jinping sends letter to ​​the International Civil Society Solidarity Conference on the Global Development Initiative, China is willing to explore a “one country, two systems” solution for Taiwan, Beijing outsmarted & humiliated by the way India treated Sri Lanka, Taiwan faces a difficult task in avoiding mainland China as a source of rare earth minerals, Chinese FM spokesperson: Nancy Pelosi’s visit to China’s Taiwan region is pure political theatre, China expected to meet its inflation target this year, Over 30,000 people have been infected with the monkeypox virus since May, challenging for Sri Lanka to strike a balance between India, which has stepped up to help whether it’s through humanitarian relief or IMF bailout discussions, and on the one hand, China, the country’s largest creditor and investor.


CCP control over TikTok & ByteDance, seven killed with flash floods as people ignore warning signs, Longwan district in Wenzhou announced distributing childbirth allowances to families, Chinese military sent fighter jets and bombers to Thailand for military training, Chinese telecom operators have invested more than 400 billion yuan for 5G, Inflation Reduction Act by the Democrats holds potential to damage American energy sector & benefit China instead, gap of $132 billion has been observed on comparing data on trade balances from January 2021 to March 2022, South Korea finds itself in a tough position amidst the US-China tensions, USA hopes of increasing business in China in 2022 shattered, Korea is unlikely to sever ties with China and side with the States as it believes its trading and financial dependency on China. China holds the capability of producing the goods exported from Korea which can further exploit the Korean market.


Astronomical Research, Astronomical Research, Silk Road International Expo, Senators from the US Congress visited Taiwan as a delegation violating the one-China principle, developer debt crunch, surplus empty homes, a weak economy, and boycott of mortgages have led to a drop in home prices, several regions in China have reported temperatures above 40 Celsius, Vice Chairman of the CMC General Xu Qiliang met Cambodian Minister of National Defense and Deputy PM General Tea Banh, Chinese Embassy in Japan lodged serious representations after Japanese PM Fumio Kishida sent offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine, The heat wave occurring and its subsequent effects in China add imperatives to pace up its transition to renewable energy sources. This is a serious challenge for China. In addition, China also needs to take into account that it is a “world factory” that holds the responsibility of large-scale manufacturing essentially playing a critical role in the Global Value Chains (GVCs).


Hu Xijin protested about the pay reduction for public employees, but internet users disapproved, In response to the church fire, Egyptian President Sisi received a message of condolence from Chinese President Xi Jinping, frequent military drills by China in the Taiwan Strait have increased Southeast Asian nations’ alertness towards China, while China’s economy has continued to recover, more has to be done to increase domestic demand, infrastructure spending, and consumption, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) acknowledged that it had spoken with the visiting US congressional delegation about its investments, vice president of Legislative Yuan & Taiwan’s representative to the US among latest wave of “Taiwan independence diehards”, China’s central bank unexpectedly reduced interest rates, China’s overall unemployment rate continued to drop last month, Given that Chinese authorities are becoming less tolerant of dissenting voices, it is natural that people are reluctant to voice concerns about China’s economic predicament or Beijing’s associated policies.


Xi’s condolences to Egypt, Milling’s statements on tensions in Taiwan Strait, Xi Jinping reviewed the background of the Northeast Liberation War, Premier Li Keqiang calls on economic giants to strengthen economic recovery, Chinese media: US enters an “isolationist mentality” by promoting the Inflation Reduction Act, China will make it easier for African farmers and food importers, arrival of Chinese navy ship at a seaport in southern Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka must continue to answer to both its allies, China and India , and avoid appearing as though it wants to eat its cake and have it too. With the G20 summit standoff at Ladakh and now another nerve to press on, there may be escalations either in trade or strains between India and China


Taiwanese receive fake news regarding Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the country, Dozens Of anti-China figures plead guilty, foreign ambassadors express their support for One-China policy, China has sent nearly 190,000 tonnes of anti-pandemic products to Europe through the China-Europe freight train service, China to earmark 420 million Yuan to mitigate drought, it was recently reported that India and China would take part in the joint military drills that are hosted by Russia. The joint military drills are an excellent way to boost diplomatic and military ties between the nations participating in them and India will largely benefit from it.


The granfluencers are never too old to exercise, Xiao Jianhua found guilty of illegal collection & use of public funds & bribery, Panjin City in Liaoning initiated a number of wetland restoration projects, China issued its first annual national drought notice, China has launched a package of public-interest cultural initiatives, U.S. deliberately changing status quo in Taiwan Strait: China Daily, U.S. Congress passed the Chips and Science Act which China vehemently opposes, Chinese FM Wang Yi said that China-France ties have made steady and new progress, China welcomed participants to the World Vocational and Technical Education Development Conference, China’s birth rate has been declining since 2017, Beijing is attempting to establish a sort of new normal in an effort to exert pressure on Taiwan in the face of an increase in foreign responses to events in the Taiwan Strait. It’s uncertain how far this escalation will go.


In China, even fish are tested with Covid19, Nepal’s Dashain shopping may be impacted by China’s border blockade, China increases easing & lowers credit standards to bolster struggling economy, Ancient Buddhist monuments revealed by China’s Yangtze river’s declining water levels, Nepal reached a deal with Indian company to build hydropower project after Chinese business withdrew, Jaishankar accused Beijing of violating the border agreement, Taiwan continues to accept international delegations despite pressure from China, China will try to safeguard its grain crop from record-breaking drought, via funding, investment, and help, China will continue to actively support and take part in the development of significant infrastructure projects in Africa. The expansion of cooperation in new areas like the digital economy, health, green, and low-carbon sectors is something else Beijing would do in addition to increasing imports from Africa and supporting the continent’s industrial and agricultural sectors. Wang also promised that China will help the 17 African countries with food aid.


Wentian Lab Module trends online, the Long March Carrier rocket family has set a new record of consecutive and successful space launches, China will be reconstructing the Tanzania-Zambia railway, a Chinese FM spokesperson: US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns’ remarks about Taiwan exposed America’s hegemonic logic, China initiated multiple efforts to secure power supply & ease the impact of the heat on the harvest, China commissioned two Type 055 10,000 ton-class large destroyers called the Anshan & the Wuxi, The commissioning of Anshan and Wuxi happens amidst multiple developments in the region. The induction of the two destroyers is likely to make situations tense for India since China has actively been able to consolidate its naval presence in the region while simultaneously strengthening its land troops in the Himalayan region.


China penalizes 27 individuals for ‘tragically awful’ math textbook pictures, Japanese PM Kishida received a message of sympathy from Chinese President Xi over the latter’s COVID-19 infection, nominated Philippine official’s close China connect questioned, China’s space tracking vessel departs for fresh observational missions, COVID-19 is a factor in China’s declining marriage and birth rates, high-speed electric passenger train made for Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway departed from Qingdao port in Shandong, The importance of Japan-China relations is rising, not just for the two nations themselves but also for regional stability and global prosperity.


Big data used by a Chinese institution to suggest housemates to new freshman, China and ROK, China launches Beijing3B remote sensing satellite, Xi advocated for new beginnings in the rejuvenation & development of the north-eastern province, PMs of China and the Netherlands discuss bilateral relations, China played a crucial part in the growth of Africa’s supply chain & improved socio-economic growth, Chinese ambassador and the US deputy secretary of state discussed Taiwan Strait problem, Friendship associations between China & Iran promise to boost their mutual BRI cooperation


A video of Taiwanese Soldiers Staring At A Chinese Drone Goes Viral In China And Taiwan Chinese embassy in Cambodia received requests for assistance from Taiwanese citizens, number of patent transfers & licenses in China increased in the last year, China announced several economic policy measures in the face of record heatwaves & drought, closer cooperation between China & Africa is boosting Africa’s supply chains in the face of various headwinds, China’s developmental projects in Africa ensure that it would get the required permits for mining activities or to exert political influence on the continent. India needs to act soon and expand its investment projects to exert political influence on the continent.


The Chongqing mountain fires have gained a lot of attention on Chinese social media, China has created a detector to investigate the ionospheric plasma environment surrounding the International Space Station, Guangzhou’s Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development District have implemented new initiatives to entice and support young talent, government of Bangladesh issues an order to stop construction of an elevated bus line, China detained a Tibetan man for possessing a picture of the Dalai Lama, US still imposes tariffs on Chinese imports from the Trump administration, but specialists claim that these harsh levies are no longer relevant, China has constructed almost 1.97 million 5G base stations, making up the largest 5G network in the world, According to Australia, military patrols in the South China Sea will continue, while developing nations view BRI as their best chance for growth, Western countries view it through a geostrategic lens, Tibet, like Taiwan, is a highly sensitive subject for China that it does not want any open debates, and China disapproves of any interaction between the Indian government and the Dalai Lama as well as any activities involving Tibet or Tibetans in general


Chinese scam gangs in Cambodia are driving young Asians into crime out of desperation, and the pandemic has only made matters worse, PLA’s recruitment efforts primarily directed at college students majoring in science & engineering,China looking to strengthen its governance to deal with concerns relating to cyberspace, two US navy warships are sailing through international waters in the Taiwan Strait, Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s visit to Taiwan was denounced by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office Spokesperson, Official figures from China show that the COVID19 outbreak is still present in several locations, the central government has successfully stabilized China’s labour market, Asian nations that depend on China for wealth and the United States for security face a challenging task in managing tensions between the two sides as great power rivalry heats up following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.


Wentian Lab Modules show positive results, Chinese enterprise contributes to relief, Huaqianbei district’s wholesale electronics market ordered to shut down to contain COVID19, Guangzhou Nansha “Multiple in One” Micro-Energy Demonstration project is the first energy demonstration project implemented through China-Finland MoU, “20 series” of aircraft introduced during the Long Spring air exhibition, task forces appointed to supervise implementation of policies for economic stabilization, 8,185 Chinese officials in violation of China’s eight-point code on improving Party and government conduct were punished, The State Council’s decision of deploying task forces and working groups showcases China’s priority toward revamping the country’s economy. The initiative is likely to be a success since the top leadership of the Communist Party is participating in the implementation of policies at the grass-root level.


Netizens angry after players wore masks while playing, Chinese grieve Kazuo Inamori’s death on social media, More than 200 people were arrested by the police in Henan province of China, improvement was observed in the economy of Taiwan, the CCP will organize its 20th national congress from October 16, China sent high ranking officials, including cabinet ministers, to assist and demand the local governments to stabilize their growth, Ministry of Finance released a report implementing the fiscal policy, Chinese embassy in Cambodia asked to assist Cambodian government in tracking and arresting scam victims from Taiwan, President Xi Jinping expressed his aim to propagate Chinese culture & perspective through foreign experts, It is believed that in the upcoming 20th national congress Xi will be anointed as the “great leader”, marking his third term. While the media already considers him to be the “people’s leader”, there are certain setbacks with Xi’s presidential legacy which may further lead to questions regarding his legitimacy.


Taiwanese Novelist Happy to be Banned, Locals make city police follow laws for epidemic prevention, Ahead of the 20th NPC, Chinese authorities imposed penalties on petitioners & dissidents, Chinese Red Cross provides 300,000 USD in cash aid to Pakistani flood victims, In August, China’s manufacturing PMI increased, China will take additional steps to promote an environment that is favorable for business, China’s rail cargo volume increased by 5.5% year over year, India is in high-level discussions and considering offering humanitarian aid to Islamabad. Despite the fact that one of its ministers supported Islamabad’s notion of buying food supplies from New Delhi, Pakistan has not publicly requested assistance from India.


Preparing for headwinds, Meta reduces its hiring ambitions for new engineers by 30%, Zhao Lijian not surprised that US officials admit to hyping Xinjiang: this is not the first time, China stopped importing Australian coal in 2020 as a result of the worsening Sino-Australian relations, NATO which recently alleged that China offers structural threats to the organization, has come under strong criticism from the Chinese Mission to the EU, the CCP is in charge of the vast political coalition known as the united front, to address China’s issues, NATO will enhance collaboration, Chinese defence spokeswoman declared that China & ASEAN are an unbreakable security community, ‘One country, two systems’ is a pioneering achievement that has never been done before, according to Xi Jinping, NATO’s focus on “targeting” Russia and China was highlighted at the NATO summit, Disengagement is the norm in this new era of strategic rivalry between China and the West. China’s economy may suffer the most from this trend even though it would slow economic development, boost expenses for businesses, and raise prices for everyone

2.7.22- 3.7.22

Ministry of Industry & Information technology & 5 more departments plan to digitalize consumer goods industries by 2025, successful completion of a health project in Kenya based on China & UNICEF, Chaba typhoon hit South China’s Guangdong, resulting in severe landfall, US military general put forward an argument about the Chinese political move to catch Taiwan, CAS & Lanzhou University identified around 1,000 species of bacteria in the glacier of the Tibetan Plateau, China’s Defence Ministry announced the success of the PLA’s latest test of anti-ballistic missiles, Chinese FM Wang Yi visited Bagan, Myanmar to improve relations, Xi Jinping remarked on “one country two systems” & talked about China’s support for long-term stability in Hong Kong, Chinese ambassador Yang Jiechi met the president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, China’s biggest coal-based ethanol project was initiated, EAM Jaishankar & Chinese FM Wang Yi may meet at the G20 summit in Bali, Ambassador to China, Pradeep Rawat emphasised on the criticality of the maintenance of peace and tranquillity in border areas.


American companies continue heavy investments in Chinese market, Hong King investors get access to USD 8.9 billion in exchange-traded funds, Chinese and Cambodian Foreign Ministers Meeting, the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) donated relief materials in to Afghanistan, Chinese digital economy quadruples in the past decade, Chinese government to upgrade its policies in economic growth to achieve desired target of growth, China has started screening people who have traveled internationally for potential infections of monkeypox virus, the remains of members of the Chinese People’s Volunteers (CPV) who were killed in the Republic of Korea will be returned to China, China’s food security will not be disrupted due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, growing Chinese influence globally gives NATO an imperative to continue the military alliance. On the other hand, the support from non-NATO members and a Quad member also raises the question of a possible expansion of NATO members.


Personal information of 1 billion people hacked, Chen Yong, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of China Railway Seventh Bureau Group Co investigated, economic officials from China & the US held a virtual meeting, Leaders from Asia-Pacific came together in the NATO summit to signal their alliance with the West, Hong Kong’s new leader John Lee embarked on enacting legislation which will cater to all future risks, Xi called for China’s willingness to work with other countries to further the issue of development & pursue inclusivity, China will coordinate with the Afghan government to provide relief and support, trade between China & Vietnam plummets due to COVID safety measures and China’s zero-covid strategies, Chinese state-owned firms expressed their interest in building a metro rail network in Bangladesh, several Canadian diplomats were denied access to the trial of Canadian-Chinese billionaire Xiao Jianhua, Ministry of Education held a press conference on July 5 to address successes, Incorporating APAC & moving it toward the US & Europe rather than the growing relationship between Russia & China is seen as a strategic move because APAC is made up of democratic countries & is a dynamic center of technological & economic power.


TikTok is back in the firing line of US-China digital rivalry, 3rd Anniversary of 5G licensing, In China, life expectancy has increased to 77.93 years compared to declining birth rates, calculated delay in the decision on sale of the largest chip manufacturer in the UK to a Chinese-owned company, China is prepared to expand its multilateral collaboration with Russia, U.S. Trade Representative’s office received more than 400 requests to maintain tariffs on Chinese imports, China backed Pakistan’s objection to India hosting any G20 events in Jammu & Kashmir in 2023, India, Pakistan & China’s foreign policies all aim to dissuade future aggression in this situation, but the geopolitical landscape may soon be shaped by the partnerships that each state forms.


China has yet again proved the censorship strictness in the country by removing posts of the US Embassy, Chinese social media company seeks huge investments up to $1.2 billion, Chinese & American foreign ministers will discuss sticking concerns at G20 side-lines, China is eager to deepen pragmatic collaboration with the Philippines, FBI & MI5 leaders give a stern warning over China’s threat to the West, Biden administration’s tariff plan on China only cancels 10 billion of the 370 billion, Hong Kong police have threatened Jimmy Lai’s detained UK lawyers, Australia’s openness to cooperate with China is confirmed by Australian FM, the response of Australian Minister to Chinese counterpart remains a point of concern and China’ Neo imperialism spreads to the Philippines


anti-Japanese sentiments on Weibo after news of Shinzo Abe’s death, close encounters between Chinese & foreign military aircraft are the new normal after expansion of PLA’s activities, railways & other departments have reinforced travel services and safety assurance for the 2022 Summer Games, police officials forcibly removed Chen Ziliang from Jinyun, Xi uses the party’s illustrious tradition & style of work to strengthen faith & gather strength, case of Sun Lijun, a former member of the Party Committee, was heard in public, Li Ang, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, stated that once a hidden source of infection enters, there is a high danger of virus transmission in public locations, heads of the British & American intelligence services jointly warned that China was the “greatest long-term threat” to the Western world, Hong Kong will continue to be an important starting point for Chinese investors & enterprises seeking to access foreign capital as well as the main entry point for capital from across the world into the Chinese mainland for a very long time

9.7.22- 10.7.22

President Xi Jinping gave condolences to Shinzo Abe’s passing, Australia-China, G20 Summit, US Secretary of State said that President Joe Biden & Xi Jinping may meet each other face to face for the first time in the G20 Summit, Chinese Embassy issued a notice for Chinese nationals to stay away from protests & Sri Lankan masses, China strongly supported removing the sanctions from Zimbabwe, the USA, China & Russia are developing highly dangerous weapons, Washington’s Forced Labour Act resulted in a ban on all products sourced from Xinjiang, protesters in Zhengzhou, China, opposed to rural banks freezing their customers’ savings, violently removed by security forces, coalition administration, according to China’s FM was the “root cause” of Australia’s animosity, Chinese threat to India is more serious due to this tactical training between China and Pakistan, as it provides entry to India’s major seaports like Mumbai, Kochi, New Mangalore, Okha and Mormugao in the Arabian Sea


Zhengzhou protests, Chinese Columnist quotes US media- another overseas base of the PLA begins to take shape, China seeks to attract more international investors with newly announced SwapConnect, China & Australia reached an understanding of reshaping & stabilizing relations, , Hong Kong plans to formulate a health code that is similar to that of mainland China, 9th Chinese peacekeeping forces deployed to Mali successfully upgraded the reconstruction of the UN MINUSM headquarters, China has initiated the construction of a deep-space observation facility with new radar systems. While India has its own set of objectives to achieve under the Aatmnirbhar vision, it must pay attention to the Chinese side since these are the same problems faced by India as well


ByteDance launches Kesong, a new social media app, Tencent clarifies rumors against online gaming hours for children, protestors flooded the streets of Henan forcing the authorities to make the repayments after China faced one of the biggest financial scandals ever, South Korean media has been urged to disseminate positive news regarding China, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang addressed local governments to ensure safety & protection of citizens, heavy rainfall in China has led to a surge in the hydropower output, with new variants of COVID-19 rising, the zero-covid policy of China comes into question, COVID-19 has severely impacted the bankruptcy of multiple private hospitals, during Eid al-Adha, local cadres were sent to Xinjiang, to celebrate the festival with the Uyghur population, Chinese foreign minister, sided with ASEAN in order to protect the future of this region. The move by the authorities to ‘celebrate’ Eid with the Uyghur population was perceived as propaganda. It was an attempt to hide the atrocities committed by the state authorities over the Uyghurs.


Xi writes message of congratulations to World Internet Conference International Organization on its founding, there are 428 million 5G mobile phone subscribers in China, China’s consumer expenditure is recovering while being supported by policy, Xi urged young people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait to work toward national renewal, new data relay satellite launched by China, China applauds the Draft Resolution on humanitarian assistance for Syria, China complains over Taiwan’s vice president’s trip to Japan for Abe’s burial, The invitation offered to the youth of the Taiwan Strait follows forceful and persuading propaganda. Another aspect of dragon diplomacy is China’s awareness and denial of the conflict between the two entities.


Chinese social media users fail to pay respect to dead, remains a direct outcome of extreme nationalism, Chinese social media app Tik Tok goes public with confession about accessing Australian data, US Navy sailed a destroyer near Chinese-controlled islands in the South China Sea, India and China are expected to hold the 16th round of Corps Commander level negotiations, China’s “world’s most far-reaching radar” may also be used for military purposes, after Chinese air forces began  intensive defence drill across the border in Tibet, India has escalated fighter operations in Ladakh, bill proposed in Congress would take steps to end China’s illegal occupation of Tibet, China is allegedly furious over Dalai Lama’s birthday celebrations, the New Delhi government seems to make changes in the ‘One China Policy’. This change is a mixed result of the changing dynamics of the foreign policy at home as well as the slow transition of events in the Indo- Pacific region.  


Weibo to regulate misspelt” words used to get over China’s stringent censorship, citizens asked to boycott watching Hong Kong film, Chinese debt trap argument was disproved by a representative of Chinese Foreign Ministry, the U.S. Commerce Department allegedly accused 5 Chinese firms of providing military-industrial support to Russia, Monetary Authority of Singapore & China’s central bank have renewed their bilateral currency swap arrangement, China’s GDP increased 2.5% year over year in first half of 2022, US is increasing its operations to counter China’s plans to become world’s leading chip manufacturer, Premier Li Keqiang urged concurrent actions to control economic growth & stop inflation, China’s interests are likely to diverge even more from those of Russia and align more closely with those of many nations that already hold China in high regard. That will undoubtedly provide its own set of difficulties, but they won’t be particularly related to Russia or any other member of the “axis of autocracy.”

16.7.22- 17.7.22

Operation Code Red, Henan Depositors Scandal & the new Health Code colours trend on Weibo, China launched two satellites into space with a Long March-2C carrier rocket, in the second quarter, China’s economy grew by 0.4%, Urumqi International Land Port Area to develop into a significant growth pole, 691 new COVID19 cases were reported from mainland China, China’s Hainan Airlines started operating direct flights to Serbia, about a billion Chinese people’s personal information, had been made available online, Jianan Wang won China’s first long jump gold medal at a world championship, flash floods in southwest & northwest China killed at least a dozen people, In order to address the unresolved issues along the LAC and achieve complete disengagement, both India & China have agreed to continue talks through diplomatic & military channels as authorised by their foreign ministers.


Padma Bridge, Xuntian Space Telescope, Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, China sent its Long March-5B Y3 rocket to the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in Hainan, China’s fourth naval carrier is currently in the development pipeline, a round table conference on “A consensus on future industrial cooperation between Madeira and Bay of Australia region of Hong Kong”, Philippines Department of Transport indicated engaging with China on loan agreements for 3 railway projects, cyberwarfare capabilities of South Asian countries differ largely. While any nation in the region would try to avoid any military conflict, cyberwarfare is a domain that serves a country’s purpose without engaging militarily.


Eight-year old corrects the planetarium documentary, Hunan Provincial Party responds to Netizens’ inquiries about Dongting Lake, China conducted a high-altitude test of PCL191 advanced rocket launch system, RCEP Trade Deal expected to internationalise the yuan, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua called for more effective measures to stabilise unemployability,high-level negotiations are reportedly taking place between China & the EU, IPAC members resolved to blacklist some Chinese firms, Manolo Blahnik won a legal battle for using its trademark in China, Urumqi International Land Port Area will enrich BRI as 23 projects are set to open up, Chinese officials are threatening Nancy Pelosi if she visits Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi would be the senior-most official to travel to Taiwan, and it might broaden the conversation from specific concerns to more general ones like US-Taiwan military and diplomatic relations.


elderly Chinese man threatens to “die” if his daughter’s child doesn’t take his last name, Yuzuru Hanyu trends after he announced his retirement, civic organization requests that territory that China currently occupies in Nepal is recognised, Steven Zhang ordered by a Hong Kong court to pay $255 million USD to creditors, Nancy Pelosi is reportedly planning to travel to Taiwan in August, China getting ready to punish ride-hailing giant Didi more than $1 billion, Li Keqiang expressed flexibility on the growth objective and underlined caution against excessive intervention, vice president of the European Parliament Nicola Beer urged China to engage in a “mutual and respectful dialogue” with Taiwan, demanded that the island be permitted to attend the World Health Assembly and that the EU’s delegation in Taipei be upgraded


User upset over badly translated Chinese song on Spotify Singapore, a Chinese journalist covering Shnzo Abe’s death faced outrage online, Xi congratulates World Youth Development Forum, US military thinks Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan is not a good idea, trade-boosting discussions between China & the EU, Foreign businesses in Shanghai are trying to recover after the lockdown, China’s Xi & Indonesia’s Jokowi to meet in Beijing to discuss the G20, 16th round of commander-level negotiations was held on July 17 between the Indian & Chinese armies, India appears to be having trouble finding alternatives as China intensifies its military drills and decided to develop structures along the border of east Ladakh.


ByteDance spent a record $2.14 million on lobbying in the US, State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office claimed that the DPP government has been manipulating politics, China may attempt to create a no-fly zone over Taiwan, Chinese experts advocated for increased funding & measures to reduce the health concerns brought on by climate change, symposium on the 2022 Longjiang temporary cadres was presided over by Xu Qin, Taiwan High Court turned down a former Air Force officer’s appeal for a retrial, gene that can increase the efficiency of photosynthesis discovered by Chinese researchers in crops. Mainland China has experienced heat waves, with several cities experiencing temperatures above 40 degrees. More often than not, decision-makers must take into account how extreme heat and humidity may affect the elderly, children, and others who work outdoors.

23.7.22- 24.7.22

China performs first image exploration on Phobos, Beijing hosts Thematic Forum for Digital Economy, China’s space station launched, Chinese remotely operated underwater robot for deep sea surveys was handed over to its users, Over 660 new pulsars have been found using China’s FAST telescope, China to implement policy measures to increase effective demand, Beijing stationed permanent rescue forces & maritime administrations on its artificial islands in the South China Sea, China’s PLA conducted a 10-aircraft incursion into Taiwan’s southwestern Air Defense Identification Zone, Xi Jinping congratulated Ranil Wickremesinghe on becoming the president of Sri Lanka & offered to support Colombo, India’s timely and significant action in Sri Lanka, where it has offered assistance while safeguarding long-term interests that could be beneficial to both nations, demonstrates the success of its neighbourhood strategy.


Wentian Module, Hainan Expo, UK’s biggest threat, live-fire Han Kuang military drills began in Taiwan, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy, China will continue to foster peace & development, Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in mainland China is 150, Chinese scientists launched an expedition to conduct scientific investigations in the headwater region of the Lancang & Yangtze rivers in the Qinghai Province, General Administration of Customs has announced new measures for the prevention of the Monkeypox virus. The new S-400 squadron is being called as China has increased its aerial activities in the region of Eastern Ladakh. The Chinese fighter planes are often reported to be flying close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) violating the 10 kilometers no-fly zone confidence-building measure


Xi congratulates the China-Africa peace and security forum, Chinese military conducted its first surveillance and strike drone flight close to Taiwan, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indonesian President Joko Widodo had a meeting, President Xi Jinping congratulated Droupadi Murmu on becoming the new President of India, Xi sent an open letter to the OHCHR subsequent to the visit of High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, Chinese , investment in coal mines and power has increased dramatically, Although there has been a lot of tension at the LAC, the change in the Indian presidency appears to represent a turning moment for both sides’ interactions. According to reports, the 16th round of talks came to a successful conclusion.


Short film on a disabled man goes viral; inspires millions, Bridge cracks open with rising temperature, Croatia opened the bridge which links to Dubrovnik funded by the China Road and Bridge Corporation, woman enshrined photos of four Japanese war criminals in the Xuanzang Temple, China’s first lady, Peng Liyuan, hosted the Indonesian counterpart, Iriana Joko Widodo, defence chiefs across the Indo-Pacific region met as Chinese military influence expands in the region, China will continue with its green energy transition, China launched six satellites in space successfully, Hong Kong to prosper in the next five years with the “East meets West ” policy, China is persistent in threatening the U.S. with military action if Nancy Pelosi makes a visit to Taiwan, The U.S. is centering its policies around Taiwan and making it one of its allies. China is wary of this policy as it believes that it will be surrounded with American influence and hence, the opposition.


American Podcast Star Joe Rogan reiterates US government’s warnings about Tik Tok’s data leaks, Residents of Xinjiang wrote numerous letters to Michelle Bachelet, the OHCHR, CPC’s 20th National Congress will set key priorities for the next five years in particular & China’s two-stage development plan, US NAVPLAN 2022’s main objectives are opposing China, preserving combat credibility, & defending freedom of navigation, planned visit of a Chinese vessel to Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port, legislation to support US semiconductor industry as it competes with China expected to be approved in the US House of Representatives, Taiwan’s military fired flares to warn away a drone that “glanced by” a strategically located island near the Chinese coast, competition for better control of maritime resources between China and US Naval forces continues to impose security threats for the Indo-Pacific region as a whole. The report released by US clearly indicates strong signals from country regarding the disappointment to claims of the PRC over maritime resources.


Alibaba to expand international e-commerce operations, Biden & Xi Jinping spoke over the phone, two PLA Air Force Xian JH-7 fighter bombers breached southwest corner of Taiwan’s ADIZ, Rep: PLA will crush any attempts at “Taiwan independence” or outside involvement, Xi Jinping presided over a meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, US officials fear that China will take military action that would have an impact on Taiwan, Xi visited “Leading Navigation and Strengthening the Army to Rejuvenation – Exhibition of National Defense and Military Construction Achievements in the New Era”, ASEAN foreign ministers to gather in Cambodia to promote sustainable development, Other Chinese IT companies will undoubtedly copy Alibaba’s innovative move, elevating the stature of Hong Kong’s stock exchange. But it is also high time Chinese investors got a piece of the tech industry’s success

30.7.22- 31.7.22

Starting a War to Just for Show, Xi sends condolences to Philippine President Marcos in the aftermath of earthquake, China’s Guangdong province rejects special health code for the unvaccinated, digital economy in China has become the most important engine of economic development, Colorful Guizhou Style spectacle is back on stage in southwest China, Over the Indian Ocean, debris from a huge Chinese rocket re-entered the atmosphere, China’s factory activity unexpectedly decreased in July, China says it is conducting live-fire military exercises near the Pingtan islands off Fujian province, Xi Jinping stressed efforts to realize goals set for 100th anniversary of founding of PLA, China’s mainland confirmed 229,594 covid cases, Chinese youth unemployment rate hit an all-time high of 19%. India’s and China’s approaches to the BRICS summit and the G20 meeting show a mix of status-seeking and hedging behavior. While China is taking a cautious approach, it is also exercising strong leadership while India’s leadership has a very clear orientation towards developmental issues when it comes to matters of national interest.


Earthquake in Lushan was reported; Chinese ‘Nutritious soil’ company valued at one billion yuan; Shanghai reported 5 new COVID19 cases on Tuesday; PLA’s Eastern Theater Command conducted interservice combat readiness patrols near Taiwan; Chinese FM Wang Yi met with King Tupou VI of Tonga & reiterated their bilateral relations; Ministry of Industry and Information Technology notified 84 apps for failing to comply with rectification requirements; China is expanding its Lingshui Air Base located in the South China Sea; China plans to increase pensions by 4% with emphasis is placed on critical care for elderly retirees and retirees in remote areas; FM spokesman Zhao Lijian has disputed Japan’s claim over the Okinitori Reef; 16th round of military talks was decided upon by India & China. Complete disengagement can lead to normalcy in India-China relations. Meanwhile, Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, ZTEPress, & Vivo, are under investigation by India.


Crackdown on social media freedom in Tibet; Shanghai trends again because of the reopening of the city after 2 months of lockdown; Yu Zhiping was sentenced to jail on charges of accepting bribes; businesses in Shanghai called for industrial action to protest the leader’s no-COVID policy; State Grid Corporation of China issued 8 measures to serve the healthy development of the economy & society; monthly trade between the Chinese yuan & the Russian ruble, affected by the Russia Ukraine War, has increased significantly; PLA has increased its activities around Taiwan & in the South China Sea in response to the US’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific; FM Wang Yi announced the building of an “Indo-Pacific Community of Common Destiny”; in 2021, compared to 2013, the number of child abductions in China will decrease by 82.6%, which is of great interest to the public. US SecState Blinken said China’s strategic goal is to reshape the Indo-Pacific order. China’s biggest concern is the US-led military alliance & supports ASEAN centrality which contradicts Beijing’s “divide and manage” approach to Southeast Asia.


Shanghai’s residents were seen lined up outside when the city reopened after a two-month lockdown; Chinese state associated “Spamouflage” network of Twitter accounts target Chinese female journalists; Canada’s military accused Chinese warplanes of harassing its patrol aircraft as they monitor North Korea’s sanction evasions, a Chinese delegation of medical experts who went to DPRK to advise on COVID-19 containment strategies returned to China; Chinese envoy criticized the US & Britain for groundless accusations levelled against China at the UNSC; China & the Cook Islands pledged efforts to deepen bilateral ties; Chinese FM Wang Yi said that restarting bilateral ties between China & Australia requires concrete actions. Though China & 10 Pacific Island nations on Monday failed to reach a “consensus” on a region-wide deal proposed by Beijing, it should be looked upon as an achievement of China’s as it succeeded in bringing small island nations together which other nations have failed to do

4.6.22- 5.6.22

Fangcang, China’s Covid-19 temporary hospitals become an integral component of the country’s future; “Nong Ho, Shanghai!” Weibo Is Celebrating the ‘Revival’ of Shanghai; President Xi Jinping called for greater efforts to be made to preserve the environment; China launched the Shenzhou-14 crewed spacecraft, sending 3 astronauts to its space station for a six-month mission; Xi Jinping & Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou committed to deepening bilateral ties; China will prioritise the uninterrupted and steady functioning of its industrial and supply networks as it attempts to resurrect its industrial economy; Chinese FM Wang Yi & Malaysian FM Saifuddin Abdullah promised to protect the ASEAN-centered regional cooperation framework; International Olympic Committee lauded Beijing 2022 for its efforts in low carbon, environmental protection, and sustainable development; in Hunan Province, archaeologists unearthed 25 graves dating from the late Shang Dynasty; China and Malaysia believe that regional countries should protect the region’s mature cooperation framework, which is led by the ASEAN, and try to prevent a new Cold War mentality from taking root in the region, which would result in a new camp confrontation.


Chinese influencer’s ice-cream pitch introduces fans to Tiananmen Square Massacre; China to complete its investigation into Didi’s cybersecurity & ease prohibition on new customers; Australian PM Anthony Albanese expressed concern over an Australian surveillance plane’s collision with a Chinese fighter jet; Shanghai, China not ready to give up fight against coronavirus epidemics; China hopes to complete construction of its space station this year & enlist the assistance of Russia; China’s Ant Group announced the establishment of ANEXT Bank, a digital wholesale bank based in Singapore; China’s demographic dilemma is worse than official data suggests; China will press ahead with agreed-upon trade pacts and profit on ready-to-go tariffs and market accesses rather than responding to or resisting IPEF, as seen by the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) summit.


Amazon to stop distributing Kindle in China; Speculations on launch of Type 003 aircraft carrier in China circulates; US Trade Representative Dai Qi stated that trade policy with China should be strategic; China’s Central Meteorological Observatory continues to issue yellow rain warnings; Shanghai has recently reverted to the epidemic’s “precise prevention & control” mode; Australian P-8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft entered area near Xisha, China; Ministry of State Security announced the departmental regulations “Measures for Rewarding Citizens for Reporting Behaviors Endangering National Security”; Railway Public Security Bureau further investigated the accident of the D2809 train slamming into rapid debris flow off-line; Ministry of Civil Affairs & Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Notice on Effectively Safeguarding the Basic Lives of People in Difficulties”; Ministry of Natural Resources recently made public 24 concerns with erroneous findings; China’s major soft power asset in Africa is its fundamentally distinct intellectual approach in implementing its African economic ambitions; The paternalistic, self-righteous, and occasionally racist framing prevalent in communications from the US, UK, and EU is absent from Beijing’s diplomatic framing and language when dealing with Africa.


Modi’s India plunged into US’ friend circle, says Chinese commentator; Primary school students rally to usher in a new era; CCDI announced that former Shenzhen mayor, Chen Rugui is under investigation for alleged violations of law; Liu Jianchao was transferred from the position of Deputy Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission to Director of CPC International Liaison Department; CGTN has launched a new documentary series on terrorism in Xinjiang; on May 30th, 30 PLA aircrafts entered Taiwan’s southwest Air Defence Identification Zone; China & Russia pledged to intensify cooperation along the Yangtze and Volga rivers; Russia’s energy strategy repositioning has brought more opportunities for cooperation b/w Chinese & Indian enterprises in Russian market; China is effective in shaping public opinion due to strong placement of propaganda material on YouTube & Google


LinkedIn post highlights propaganda team, tanks seen in Beijing, China; Shanghai citizens celebrate as COVID restrictions eased; Hong Kong company, Fantasia petitioned for liquidation due to its inability to repay its $149 million debt; Cheng Jiandong, former deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, fired on suspicion of violations of discipline and law; CCTV released its annual Social Responsibility Report on May 28; Chinese President Xi Jinping appointed nine new ambassadors; People’s Forum, a part of People’s Daily uploaded an article titled “Rejecting Yes-Man Doctrine, Forever keeping the spirit of struggle” on May 26th; Official data revealed China’s foreign trade bounced back in May as total imports & exports went up 9.6 per cent year on year; The CCTV, a major channel of CPC’s propaganda department has always guided all its work with Xi Jinping’s thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. The CCTV notes that it has always faithfully fulfilled the party’s ideological mission.


After photographing the Liangshan wedding dinner, Chinese netizens were interrogated; protests break out at checkpoints in Beijing; approval information for domestic online games was issued on the official website of China’s State Press and Publication Administration; US announced that the arms sales plan to Taiwan had been approved; European Parliament passed a resolution declaring that Chinese government’s human rights violations against Uyghurs constitute crimes against humanity; defense ministers of China and the United States met on June 10 for talks; Hong Kong SAR Government gazetted the “Prevention and Control of Diseases Ordinance 2022 Notice” in response to the potential risks posed by monkeypox to Hong Kong; several earthquakes struck Maerkang City of Aba Tibetan-Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Sichuan Province; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs’ Office issued Implementation Programme for Effective Investment in Rural Agriculture; China will support WTO reform, inclusive growth and champion the cause of legitimate rights of developing countries; Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the US is planning to remove certain tariffs on Chinese imports; Chu emphasised Sun’s ties to the US; both KMT & US will benefit from pursuing common goals: for KMT to shake its pro-Chinese & anti-American image during elections; for US in limiting & monitoring Beijing’s influence

11.6.22- 12.6.22

Protests break out in Dongxing with demands of unblocking the city. Open letter from a Shanghai entrepreneurs’ group does rounds on Twitter. 6th Party Congress of Chongqing was concluded, wherein 43 representatives were elected to attend the 20th National Party Congress. Chinese FM spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China would assist Sri Lanka in overcoming current financial difficulties. two Chinese nationals were arrested for cheating in the university online entrance examination in Tokyo, Japan. Chinese state media reported that Li Shulei, took over as the Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department in charge of daily work. UK Conservative backbenchers launched a bid to ban China’s Confucius Institutes from operating. China showed strong discontentment over US announcement of new arms sales and related technical support to Taiwan. Cui Maohu was appointed Deputy Head of the United Front Work Department, and the Chief of State Administration for Religious Affairs. spokesman for the Chinese delegation for the EU demanded that the European Parliament stop attacking China over human rights issues in Xinjiang. China’s Confucius Institutes are public educational and cultural promotion programs that which can be considered as a tool of Beijing’s diplomatic outreach deployed with the purpose of fulfilling China’s goals in different parts of the world.


Discussion on women’s safety is sparked by gender-based violence on Chinese social media; Chinese influencer vanishes after a tank-shaped cake comes on livestream; China’s defence minister accused the US of smearing Beijing, claiming that Washington is attempting to hijack countries in the Indo-Pacific; as more Chinese competitors set up shop in Vietnam, Apple suppliers compete for Vietnamese labour; Bangladesh rejected China’s aggressive proposal for a high-speed Dhaka-Chittagong railway route; During the Shangri La discussion, PM Fumio Kishida said that Japan is bolstering its military capabilities in the next 5 years. Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged Hongkongers to better integrate with the nation’s growth in order to ensure the city’s stability; while China’s strategic interests in India’s neighbourhood have prompted Beijing to enhance its participation in the area, there has also been a desire from the nations to back Beijing’s incursions throughout the years due to perceived Indian predominance.


Zuckerberg’s Meta tol push metaverse activities into Hong Kong cafes & schools; Taiwanese media reported China is building countermeasures against Taiwan; Outline of Military Non-War Military Actions (Trial) was signed by Xi Jinping; Xi Jinping congratulated Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao on its 120th anniversary; Ministry of Emergency Management rcorded cumulative rainfall in most of Jiangnan & eastern part of southwest region was 70-150 mm—National Defense Agency continues to maintain three-tiered flood-control response; Chinese FM spokesman Wang Wenbin stated that China has sovereign rights & jurisdiction over the Taiwan Strait; Yang Jiechi, director of CPC Central Committee’s Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission, met with National Security Assistant to US President Sullivan; , Chinese FM Wang Yi had a video conference with New Zealand FM Nanaia Mahuta; China has been making speeches from the standpoint of international law, to increase the legality with which it may force Taiwan to unify, but most countries do not accept this legitimacy.


Health codes turn red in Henan Province, Smartisan founder bids farewell to social media, Guidelines for diagnosis & treatment of monkeypox issued by National Health Commission, China issued specific guidelines on military actions other than war, From May 2021 to May 2022, industrial output increased by 0.7%, Deep Space Exploration Laboratory’s board of directors met via video conference in Beijing & Hefei to evaluate and approve the board’s composition plan, China’s Cybersecurity Administration (CAC) established new mobile app rules, with floods hitting the South China Pearl River basin, China’s Ministry of Water Resources initiated a level-III emergency response, China launched 18 new vocations to reflect the country’s digitization and carbon peaking, violation of health codes has citizens questioning the digital totalitarianism of the Communist Party. Manipulating personal private information is a strategy used to maintain political stability by restricting the freedom to travel.


Social media Influencer accused of collaboration with Chinese enterprise faces legal battle with Amazon and Cartier, China Social Media Reciprocity Act keeps officials from using US social media apps, British government opted to buy 20% stake in Sizewell nuclear power station project, eliminating requirement for money from China General Nuclear Power, State Administration of Taxation of China issued two new policies to improve the export tax rebate policy, UN Human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet was not able to speak to any detained Uyghurs on their families, At the June press conference, Meng Wei, a spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission, stated that important livelihood commodities have stable production & sufficient supply, Xi Jinping signed an order on “military operations other than war”, despite China’s major assault on big digital companies, Xi, has continued to urge for the country’s entire people to develop, signing of order on military operations other than war, against #Taiwan is another medium of use of force, real question on the situation of China’s inflation remained unanswered. UN Human Rights chief’s visit to China failed to achieve its purpose.


Perplexing Case of Henan Bank Depositors and Changing Health QR Codes; Border villages in Arunachal Pradesh discussed on Weibo by military observers, Fujian, China’s third aircraft carrier, was launched in Shanghai, Beijing Fengtai Station, Asia’s largest railway hub passenger station, is about to open for business, Chinese Cyberspace Administration to change the regulations governing the management of Internet threading & commenting services, launching ceremony for China’s third aircraft carrier took place 17 at China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s Jiangnan Shipyard, China will speed up the execution of a slew of pro-growth policies in the second quarter to keep the country’s economic performance within a sustainable range, China is optimistic about attaining respectable growth in foreign trade this year, Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer made Xu Zhiyong’s documentary claiming “Xu Zhiyong is innocent,”, three years later, the “five demands” that Hong Kong residents chanted on that day have yet to be fully achieved, India & China are normalizing relations in many ways, Bilateral trade between India & China has soared and is now at an all-time high. While full political engagement has yet to restart, substantial encounters have occurred.

18.6.22- 19.6.22

Cyberspace Administration of China puts more restrictions on social media, Chemical Plant in China caught fire, China has energized the IMF to support a US$1.4 billion bailout for Zambia, Xi states that the standards for arable land protection must be clear, Xi Jinping has visited Chongqing twice since the CPC’s 18th National Congress, sketching a plan for the city’s development, various parts of South China were met by extreme tempests, setting off flooding in urban areas, China divulged new high-ranking representatives in Hong Kong under approaching pioneer John Lee, China sent off its third plane-carrying warship from Shanghai’s Jiangnan Shipyard, with new battle frameworks, rivlary between Washington and Beijing has affected China’s interest in Latin America & the Caribbean, Approaching Hong Kong pioneer John Lee settles bureau line-up, In Central Asia, China’s predominance leaves it disliked, There has been no progress in arriving at a mutually acceptable plan for separation of troops at LAC, China’s launch of new plane carrier may cause concern for India & Quad, BRICS NSA meeting was held on the second commemoration of the Galwan struggle.


China wants all comments on social media to be pre-approved before they are published, huge discounts provided as part of China’s annual “618” online shopping, Russia becomes China’s top oil supplier as a result of the Ukraine conflict, China claims victory in its campaign to promote preferred candidates to international organisations, China’s ethnic affairs bureau led by former environmental protection officer who is known for taking harsh stance on local interests, On June 23, Chinese President Xi Jinping will convene a virtual meeting of BRICS leaders, searches for “graduate vacations” increased by more than 300 percent week over week in China, According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Beijing would aggressively encourage BRICS growth & invite additional global partners to join the club.


NetEase to launch an app for virtual meeting site Yaotai, Victor Shih–Li Keqiang trying to present a different style of governance, President Xi Jinping spoke on the connotation & extension of common values of all mankind, CCP has set guidelines for the management of top cadres’ spouses & children, former top prosecutor of the procuratorate, Comrade Zhang Siqing, cremated at Beijing’s Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, CPC’s Central Committee recently released the “Regulations on the Communist Party of China’s Political Consultation Work”, China has repeatedly prohibited Taiwanese agricultural & fishery products from entering the country, 27th meeting of National Tripartite Conference on Coordinating Labor Relations was conducted in Beijing, China has played a helpful role in the WTO negotiations on the waiver of intellectual property rights for COVID19 vaccines, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor claimed that she would not give in to demands from consulates & chambers of commerce to relax travel restrictions, While Hong Kong prepares for a possible visit by Xi Jinping during celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, Lam has ruled out lifting travel restrictions. It remains to be seen if the rules will be relaxed or tightened in the future.


CAC clamps down to review social media comments, General Zhong Shaojun, arrested on suspicion of corruption, healthcare stocks have been tumbling down due to Beijing’s regulatory crackdown, Chief Executive-elect Lee Ka-chiu prioritised sustainable living & nature positive Hong Kong by 2030, Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act (UFLPA) signed by US President Biden has been a source of criticism for the international community, Premier Li Keqiang focusing on stabilising economic performance in agriculture. Tesla cancelled three online recruitment events for China, China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate revealed that 45,827 suspects were arrested in 2021 for crimes against minors, Eric Chu stated the agreement that Taiwan is part of “one China” is a “non-consensus consensus, The UFLPA attacks the ideals of free-trade championed by the United States. Wang Wenbin claimed that this Act will prove how the US has constantly exploited the Chinese resources and encouraged forced unemployment in the lands of Xinjiang, violating human rights as a ‘liberal’ state.


China displays strategic soft power by sharing pictures of Chinese Ambassador to Australia over social media, Social media users shed light on actual reality of the CCP’s ZeroCovid Plan, Xi Jinping promised to accomplish economic goals for the year despite cholera outbreaks, three new remote sensing satellites were successfully launched by China, Yin Xiyue to attend NATO summit to avoid an anti-China & anti-Russian stance, 6 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone, China & India are currently holding another round of Lt General-level negotiations, Xi Jinping criticised the US & EU for applying sanctions against Russia, Philippines stated that it had filed a new diplomatic protest against Beijing over the alleged return of a Chinese fleet operating “illegally”, Japanese Prime Minister ramped up the drive to counter China in Southeast Asia, China extended its arm for military presence in Singapore, The launching of remote sensing satellites seems to be another addition used by the PRC to their long list of surveillance apparatus.


China prohibits more than 30 live streaming practices & requires credentials to discuss law, economics, & medical, Chinese dissident artist talks about 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Wu Hongbo, a special representative for European affairs dispatched to tour Belgium & other nations on the eve of NATO leaders’ summit, President Xi Jinping presided over the 14th BRICS leaders’ summit via video link in Beijing,Hong Kong ranked 3rd from the bottom in a recently announced 2021 Human Rights Index, Beijing held its 375th press conference on the prevention & control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Chinese FM Wang Yi stated that China & India’s shared interests transcend their differences & that the two nations should cooperate rather than compete, Chinese government maintained that removal of any further tariffs placed on Chinese exports by the US will be advantageous for both nations & global economy, big container ship was loading containers at the Lianyungang Port terminal on May 22, 2022 in Jiangsu Province, It is vital to talk about the lessons learned and the next actions to be taken in bringing both the goal of a shared future for humanity and the Belt and Road Initiative to fruition now, 4 & a half years later & a few months before the 20th NCCCP.

25.6.22- 26.6.22

An older lady trends after performing yoga on Chinese media, US military stated that China might be planning to attack Guam, China has announced zero new COVID-19 cases in Shanghai, US military coalition will organize another report given further developed points of NATO, Xi emphasised about the significance of residents’ perspectives on the main political plan of China, Japan’s military forces have announced that Chinese warships ‘Lhasa” as well as Chengdu & Dongpinghu are close to the South Tokyo Sea, National Security Regulation has brought Hong Kong back to order said Chris Tang Ping, secretary of HKSAR, China’s National Metrological Center anticipated floods and rainstorms & has given a high alert for northern China & Beijing, US Forced Labour Act has been criticized by the Uygur Autonomous Region, US President dispatched a Partnership for a Global Infrastructure and investment plan at the G7 Summit, India offered help to Sri Lankan government to avoid its financial breakdown, which upset China. Aggravation in East China Ocean due to Chinese warships advancing toward Senkaku islands will adversely affect relations between China & Japan.


Chinese netizens show discontent towards the ‘work from system’, Diablo Immortal’s account mocked Xi on a Weibo post, Chinese economy slowed down due to stringent Zero-COVID strategy, US President Biden has attempted to counter China’sBRI by raising USD 600 billion by 2027 in global infrastructure investments, China launched three major water projects as a part of the national plan that aimed at investing 800 billion yuan, Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, member of the Legislative Council of the HKSAR, claimed how Hong Kong would have been different had it not received help from the mainland, Xi has encouraged the use of public opinion and surveys to incorporate what the public feels like, Tencent has aimed at strengthening its international strategy by launching an all-in-one cloud product, yellow alert for rainstorms amid the monsoon season issued in many parts of China, Chinese market regulators devise new rules & regulations to look into antitrust behavior, Biden’s new global infrastructure plan, set in a tussle between capitalist vs communist ideals, aims to avoid the debt traps that the state-controlled China has been using in developing countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, among many others.


“the next five years,” perceived as written confirmation that China’s present Covid plan will continue by netizens, EAM Jaishankar’s speech shared on Weibo, 12th Shanghai Committee of the CPC began its inaugural plenary session, China began work on 120 expressway, national, and provincial highway construction projects with a combined length of more than 3,600 km, Chinese government held closed-door trials for two supporters of the New Citizens Movement, China launched the Earth observation satellite Gaofen-12 03 into orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, leaders of the G7 declared their intention to raise 600 billion USD within five years to finance the building of infrastructure in poor nations as a response to China’s BRI, In a meeting with party representatives from “Taiwan Province” Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, placed an emphasis on “anti-independence and promotion of reunification.”, scientific and technological decoupling between China and the United States will reduce academic output, disrupt the global innovation system, and impair the capacity of their scientific communities to work together, the most important component of the BRICS summit is the potential for Saudi Arabia and Argentina to join the group in addition to Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This would increase the new era of “vertical globalization,” which has already started, and further divide the world on a scale unseen since the Cold War.


fake Russian history on Wikipedia written by daughter of a Chinese diplomat, Huawei publishes patents related to “quantum chips and quantum computers”. work to install a new telescope, Mingantu interplanetary scintillation (IPS), has started in northern China, Hong Kong is aiming to utilize the potential of the Greater Bay Area, China wants to propagate richness of the Chinese language across the world, in the recent G7 meetings, China’s name was denounced & mentioned 14 times over Russia, China’s 17+1 initiative is being affected by Russia-Ukraine Conflict, local Chinese governments are faced with a challenge to control the spread of COVID, China’s business environment is flourishing as number of Chinese private enterprises quadruples in 10 years, Evergrande Group faces a winding-up petition from Top Shine Global Ltd of Intershore Consult (Samoa) Ltd, China’s image in the Central and East European countries will tend to worsen as the US has stepped in to mitigate the tensions and support Ukraine.


Apple & Google to revise the standards of App Stores in lieu of concerns with Chinese social media, TikTok heavily endorses jobs in Moscow, Xi Jinping, travelled to Hong Kong to attend the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, NATO leaders express alarm about the threat China poses to the global order, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that Hong Kong had “risen from the ashes.”, Xi announced Covid Zero to be the most “economic and effective” policy for China, App for commercial freight in China began new user registrations, 25 more Chinese firms targeted by US sanctions, according to the CPC Central Committee’s Organization Department, there will be more than 96.71 million CPC members worldwide by end of 2021, Alarms raised by NATO leaders on rising arsenal of the Chinese army are extremely valid. It further enhances the risks of nuclear gear supply in the world, while the ongoing Russia- Ukraine conflict is already gaining momentum.


Weibo’s decision to display the location of the commenter sparks debate amongst Chinese netizens on privacy concerns; CPC Central Committee’s Political Bureau convened its 38th group study session; trade between China & EU rose by 12.21% in the first quarter; Chinese scientists attempt to erect a meteorological monitoring station on China-Nepal border; @AmbLiuXiaoMing special envoy on Korean Peninsula Affairs made visits to European nations; Azerbaijani President @presidentaz said that its relations with China are strategic & have potential; Experts: China & the PSCs have room for more collaboration in sectors; China successfully launched five satellites into intended orbit from a station in the EastChinaSea; China remarked it has consistently backed efforts to overcome obstacles and continue dialogue in the ongoing RussiaUkraineWar; Deepening bilateral collaboration in areas like industrial and supply chains, epidemic prevention, digital, science, and technology between China and the EU benefits both sides as well as the global #economy’s revival.


Beijing Municipal Bureau purges cadres linked to former Justice Minister; NBS lists out types of unrentable houses in China & Beijing nucleic test prices drop; Communist Youth League to celebrate its centenary year on May 5; China’s Coast Guard announced a moratorium on fishing activity in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea & South China Sea; local officials arrested 9 people in relation to the Changsha building collapse; Shenzhen is offering 30 million digital yuan red envelopes to stimulate #consumption spending; Beijing announced tighter restrictions on gathering & travel during the five-day May holiday; Central Military Commission approved an amendment permitting lower-ranked officials to supervise senior officials in the military; It is widely believed that ‘Little Pink’ (term describing young jingoistic Chinese nationalists on the internet who help in building a pro-CPC narrative) are members of the CYL. However, Little Pink are different from the 50-cent army (known as Wumao).


Video footage of a ‘dead man’ coming back to life goes viral in China and propaganda posts on another severely wounded Chinese soldier of Galwan emerge; Chinese Mars rover Zhurong travelled more than 1.9 km since it first started operating; ninth survivor rescued from underneath the rubble in Changsha after 88 hours; Chinese mainland reported 368 locally transmitted confirmed #COVID19 cases; Chinese researchers started a new scientific expedition on Mount Qomolangma on China-Nepal border; Xi Jinping encouraged youth to contribute more in the #aerospace sector; record amount of Chinese #Ramadan charity donations showcased Chinese-UAE friendship;


Youth Day celebrations trend on Weibo, campsites become popular due to COVID19 restrictions & strategist HAOHONG CFA’s social media accounts were frozen; Ma Moumo accused of being a foreign agent for anti-China forces; Chinese Navy’s aircraft carrier ‘Liaoning’ conducted actual combat training in the western Pacific waters; Chinese scientific expedition team successfully erected the world’s highest automatic weather station on Mount Everest; China’s passenger transport shrunk in Q1 with a year-on-year decline of 22.5 %; China clamped down on a writer who criticised the cult of personality around Chinese President Xi Jinping and police questioned Shanghai activist Ji Xiao Long after speaking out about rights abuses; With German media calling #India the ‘new China’, India must build on this momentum and the PLA recruits graduates well-versed in Hindi for intelligence gathering purposes and a possible interception at the LAC


Videos of angry citizens’ trend as lockdown frustrations grow and netizens comment against media censorship of COVID19 realities in China; China National Chemical Engineering Group is assisting in constructing Kazakhstan’s largest petrochemical complex in Atyrau Region; Cambodian officials said that China’s BRI has helped boost the economy and improved people’s livelihoods; China’s National Bureau of Statistics stated that most capital goods registered lower prices in late April compared to mid-April; 8 satellites were lifted from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in Shanxi & entered the pre-set orbit; Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian urged the US to stop cybertheft targeting China; China’s permanent representative to the UN Zhang Jun appealed to the international community in the UNSC to assist in Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations; Despite Cambodia praising BRI projects for boosting the economy and improving local people’s livelihoods, it is negatively affecting the environment and the human rights of the Cambodian people.


1000 officers & soldiers competed in military skills competitions at PLA’s support base in Djibouti & @TencentGlobal cancelled Q coin 30% recharge discount; Chinese President Xi Jinping directed party cadres & state officials to fight any attempt to distort or dismiss the ZeroCovid policy; search & rescue operation for the collapsed building in Changsha ended with 53 people confirmed dead; China’s FM spokesperson zlj517 announced that vice-president Wang Qishan will lead a delegation to SouthKorea; commentary in the PLA Daily warned of US Armed Forces’ potential to dominate space through SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet system; and the Health Commission of Guangdong province announced that it has scrapped the province’s birth registration policy; China on 5th May launched the Long March-2D rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shaanxi which can provide remote sensing data & services for use in the agriculture sector, oceans, forestry, urban construction & scientific experiments.


Chinese netizens respond to ‘uplifting’ COVID19 news and netizens call for animal performance boycott over Molly the elephant; China achieved the first accurate forecast of Earth’s near-surface wind for major space launch operation; China issued instructions for local governments to encourage urbanisation; John Lee Ka-chiu was elected as the sixth-term chief executive of HongKong; Pilecki, the world’s biggest multifunctional heavy lift vessel, delivered Chinese vaccine production equipment from Shanghai to Morocco in order to aid #Africa’s fight against COVID19; China’s central & local governments are fine-tuning housing rules to strike a balance between mitigating risks & stimulating demand; probable US recession might damage Chinese exporters since they largely sell to US consumers; Serbian & Chinese representatives laid flowers at memorial plaques dedicated to three Chinese journalists murdered in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999; Chinese Vice FM Le Yucheng slammed charges that China is to blame for the UkraineWar; globalmarket anxieties over recession might hamper #Chinese financial markets. China might use more fiscal support to raise domestic demand, reduce supply-chain interruptions caused by COVID19, and optimise industry rules.