Daily Newsletter

  • Daily Newsletter – Conversations in Chinese Media

Information that comes out of China is extremely difficult to both collect and sift through. While many think tanks across the world have set up dedicated China centers, there is still a gap present in looking at the grassroot level chatter in China and making sense of it. Essentially, our newsletter has two broad sub-sections in terms of compilation: a) collection of trustworthy data from sources like Weibo, Baidu, WeChat, Telegram, Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter and more and b) making sense of that data to connect it with more overt moves by China that are covered across the world. Such chatter, when identified correctly, can show movement pointing towards broader perspective,

  • Annual Report

This report will chart how the venture has grown over the past year, in terms of its outreach and research expansion.

  • Monthly Report

This will be an in-depth assessment of our daily newsletter in a report format wherein we will connect movement, chatter and public perception in China into bigger events that took place, are poised to take place or can potentially take place vis-à-vis China-Asia and China-India ties.