Blackisting of social media influencers; Cigarette butt fell from sky; Corruption in Construction Bureau; evidence of Taiwanese singer being a Chinese Citizen. China summons Japanese envoy; Honduras president-elect to foster ties with Beijing; cases of COVID 19 were confirmed in Harbin; Lady sues Peoples Bank of China Banks publishing posters publically to humiliate citizens; Spike in COVID-19 cases in China
Flag ceremony of the Militia Company; sister of Galwan martyr becomes civil servant; gathering outside Aoyuan Group head office;pics of new submarine; dual coverage of Jiangsu’s Deputy party secretary, Zhang Jinghua; Liu Jie,made the party secretary of municipal committee of Hangzhou; doctors & nurses with professional qualifications & registration can only open the door after face recognition; XiJinping & Liu Jie positive ties poised to shape successful career for latter; face recognition systems will make monitoring of medical beauty institutions easier, could be used for intelligence; about the People’s Militia- a reserve force of the #PLA.
Weibo to ban user accounts that contain bad words; new list of celebrities to be banned released; Ceremony held for martyred soldier. Sino Soar Hybrid Technology suspends a project in SriLanka; Shanghai Pudong New District People's Court rules against accepting bribes; WTA announces suspension of tournaments in China; Chinese FM Wang Yi visited Ethiopia; The name of bank Vice President Zhou Xuedong has disappeared from the "Leadership" column; projects of the National Social Science Fund of China were released. Growing Chinese presence in Indian Ocean; China's Ethiopia outreach promotes economic integration into struggling state; Baoshan Bank's link to Xiao Jianhua & current financial crackdown; lack of public support for PengShuai shows domestic sexism
04.12.21 – 05.12.21
Translation of sentences with Xi Jinping's name; Debate over whether martyr died in clash with India; China's Drone Show posted online; Twitter closed Chinese state-linked accounts spreading propaganda; Top 10 Internet terms in 2021; Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Guangzhou city & the Mayor of Guangzhou City changed; Lin Keqing was appointed Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee; EU plans a €300 billion infrastructure fund; Independent candidates running in elections for provincial assembly had to withdraw due to pressure by officials; 42,000 officials have surrendered voluntarily to CCDI; first international freight train from Chengdu-Chongqing to Vientiane; rare change in secretary of the municipal party committee & mayor; Zhang Shuofu‘s career trajectory; report released on most used terms.
Man outburst against spicy food at Changsha; Story of Little red Mansion owned by Zhao Fuqeiang; HQ9 SAM to be placed at Shigatse Airbase; Putin's India visit Diplomatic Boycott of China by USA by not sending any official representatives to 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics; Chinese Navy submarine transited through the Taiwan Strait; CPC Politburo meeting presided by Xi; Enhancing tobacco control measures; sunshine defaults due to liquidity issues; Surge in China’s grain imports; Cold wave in Hubei temperature may drop down to -12°C; ; SAM in Shigatse proximity to India; Characteristics of submarines passing through Taiwan strait and strategic depth.
Another debate over whether martyr died in clash with India; Satellite images of Chinese Airbases near LAC; Time-lapse of new airstrips and Airports on LAC; Chinese commentator remarks on Russia India relations. H-6J of PLA Navy Air Force took off at night & spotted in the South China Sea at dawn; Ministry of Industry & IT released a ‘big data industry development plan' in line with new 5yr plan; Taiwan’s Far Eastern Group fined by CPC; citizen sentenced for uploading information on Xi’s daughter; Heavy punishment metted to citizen who shared information on Xi Mingze (daughter of Xi Jinping) shows careful security monitoring of Mingze by CCP.
Netizens eagerly waiting Rihanna's new album, shows US pop culture influence in China; number of screens of Chinese films in 2021 is going to be the largest in the world; Australia, UK & Canada's diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics; Cyber Attack in Southeast Asia; Indian CDS helicopter crash; Names of key member of Standing Committee not nominated to Provincial Standing Committee member; 'Xinjiang a wonderful place' campaign by China in India and Japan; USA bans export of military equipment to Cambodia, however SIPRI states exports were already nil. Chinese entertainment market and consumption pattern.
Reaction to op-ed on obligation of party members to follow a 3-child policy; Debate over rewards for testing positive via Nucleic Acid (COVID-19) test on Weibo; Regimental Commander Qi Fabao (who returned to duty after recovering from head injuries in Galwan Clash) was invited CCTV 4 minute special show; People's Daily published article titled "Reform & Opening-Up is a Great Awakening of the Party," by Qu Qingshan. He had documented ties with Jiang Faction. The article didn't mention Xi Jinping or Mao Zedong, but only mentioned Deng Xiaoping & his contributions to the party; Change in China's one-child policy and discontent; lack of a set of mature and standardized epidemic prevention measures in China.
Discussion around INS Vela; Military drill with an all-women contingent; former deputy secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of Guangdong expelled from the party; Framework Agreement on the Zhuhai-Macao Workers' Legal Service Center; Central Economic Work Conference in Bejing; China Nicaragua Joint Communiqué; China to use rockets for manned lunar explorations; BBC report on India China boundary dispute; activists held for taking part in a vigil; held in a detention camp for using WhatsApp in China; USA conducted Leaders' Democracy Summit; Current state of the Chinese Economy; Key points of discussion during Central Economic Work Conference.
PLA's Electronic Warfare Station near Lake Mansarovar; Indian-origin Foreign Correspondent for China Radio International trends; China 's Ministries of Public Security & Justice stated they are conducting research on the management system of the detention centers; China’s economic development facing 3 pressures: demand contraction, supply shocks, & weaker expectations; USA,UK,Australia & Canada officially declare boycott of WinterOlympics, China responds; 13th StraitsForum (nonpolitical platform for grassroots interaction between China - Taiwan) starts in Xiamen; XiJinping sends congratulatory letter to Greater Bay Science Forum; #US sanctioned officials & also imposed financial #restrictions on 15 Chinese entities; Chinese government has released a WhitePaper on Democracy ahead of DemocracySummit amidst other responses to the same as covered; Chinese government & official media have launched a 2-pronged campaign against Democracy Summit also reflective on democratic states like India; well-decorated journalist's trolling sheds light on cultural challenges for potential immigrants to China.
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba fired employee who accused boss of rape; Cold wave in the Tibet region; Protest against Chinese trawlers in Gwadar; China completes 20 years in WTO, WTO digital deal; ToI article on CCP propaganda; Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR posts article praising one country two systems; Impact of cold waves in the Tibet - Ladakh region on border standoff; India's decision to stay out of the WTO digital trade spells potential strategic loss; Pakistan's China ship costing Imran Khan.
Concerns regarding prostitution in China; Spoof parody video targeting US and democracy released by Embassy of China in Franc; Taiwan's latest threat assessment by Defence Ministry asserts Taiwan is “not easy to occupy”; Putin and President Xi meeting; China set to expand its military bases; Sanctions by US Treasury Department on China & Beijing's reply; Anti-democracy campaign by China in reaction to USA's democracy summit.
Post on article glorifying CCP trends on Baidu; PM Modi’s temple visit in Varanasi trends; Young girl goes missing increasing debate on women security; Enhanced fortifications in the Lhasa/Shigatse area; Jimmy Lai, jailed HongKong media mogul, denies participation in the vigil at Victoria Park; Chinese internet regulator imposed fine of 3 million yuan on Weibo; Uber planning to sell its stakes in Didi Global Inc; national ceremony to commemorate Nanjing Massacre Victims; China’s South to North mega water diversion project marked its seventh anniversary; China promoting kungfu in Africa; Conditions of women in China reflect against its ongoing campaign to slander India; China using KungFu to build its softpower.
US stationed F-16 Fighter Jet in Japan dropped fuel tank in a residential area; New suspected nuclear site in Xinjiang; On News in China, we cover: Ping An China Construction held a Commendation Conference; Lithuania has withdrawn its last diplomat from China; chief executive of China Equity Investment involvement in financial misconduct; China has opened its 190th reporter station overseas in Nicaragua amidst growing ties; Foreign Ministry on Diplomatic boycott of Winter Olympics ; Chinese Ministry of Finance initiates quota to reduce debt risk from provisional government; Macau's second five-year plan; Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapy treatment for COVID-19; China conducted a military drill in Tibet; China's absence from LTBT allows its legality to do tests, possible Xinjiang nuclear site a cause of concern; China's drills in Tibet focusing on multidimensional warfare, link to LAC.
USA has imposed new sanctions aimed at China’s Academy of Military Medical Science on various Chinese surveillance, biotech, and government firms supplying critical equipment in Xinjiang province; Japanese foreign ministry announced creation of new post on East China Sea (ECS) and Taiwan; recent Bloomberg News investigation has added weight to USA’s claims that Chinese companies engage in faulty trade practices; Bloomberg revelation on Huawei should raise red flags in New Delhi because two of India’s biggest telecom carriers, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone-Idea rely significantly on Huawei gear; 6th Plenum continues to dominate Baidu search; Celebrity divorce triggers conspiracy theories; Tibetan activists’ protests against Bejing Olympics.
Twitter account claims Pakistan conducted first nuclear test in 1960 with help of China; Ongoing Intensive winter training of PLA in Ngari; Rumors of personnel changes in the 20th Party Congress; Comparison of forces & tanks on the Sino-Indian border; debate over teacher questioning number of casualties during the Nanjing Massacre. PLADaily publishes article titled “In training talents, one must train hearts first” which emphasizing building ideals; unit of Chinese office developer SOHO China’s subsidiary Beijing Jianhua Land Co., Ltd. fined 709 million yuan; Voter turnout rate in the Hong Kong Legislative Council election fell to a historical low; Peru's Las Bambas Copper Mine operated by MMG (a Chinese State-owned Enterprise) announced that the factory has been in a state of lockdown for 29 days; SOHO’s ties with Ren Zhiqiang a strong reason for recent fine & can be a part of Xi’s efforts to attack finances of groups or individuals who pose a threat; as seen in Peru, Chinese projects globally are facing high operational risks.
Zhang Zhehan Story trends again; Hashtag Huang Wei trends on Weibo; Electronic Music gains popularity in China; article emphasizing morality in the field of arts and literature; Flag-raising ceremony for the 22nd anniversary of Macao's return; State-owned enterprises have fared well this year in China; commentary of Zhong Sheng on the US being the “biggest breaker of international rules”; anti-democracy campaign in China; Peng Shuai denies making an accusation of sexual assault; Netizens shows discontent over banning of celebrities; CCP puts pressure on Peng Shuai; China working intensively to feed its population with anti-west & anti- western-type democracy narrative even as the public remains drawn to Western culture
Response to Trump's interview trends on Baidu; Termination of session on #Dante as speaker mentions God or Jesus shows CCP detection; LegCoElection of HongKong gain global attention post West-led joint statement touting concern over results; WhiteHouse appointers special coordinator for Tibet; Xiamen completes 40 years as Special Economic Zone; Alibaba Cloud suspended for six months by Chinese Ministry; introducing a new tax & fee reduction policy focused on small business; China's Foreign Minister WangYi in year end speech says Ladakh standoff "effectively managed and controlled"; USA-China impose sanctions; Recent experience of users during a Tencent meeting exemplifies the level of surveillance that is being upgraded in China.
PengShuai in Shanghai, Review of Xi's book over Amazon; Real estate companies of China facing unprecedented difficulties, ranked by degree of risks they are facing with Level 4 being the highest; The National Working Conference on Party laws and regulations was held in #Beijing; General Office of Central Committee of CCP & General Office of State Council issued "Opinions on More Effectively Giving Full Play to Role of Statistical Supervision"; former Finance Minister states official statistics do not reflect the negative changes in the #economy; Non-mainstream HK media pointed out that article titled “In training talents, one must train hearts first” in PLA Daily emphasizes the loyalty of the PLA to the party without naming #XiJinping even once; CCP itself has Chinese economy is overwhelmed; provincial/city officials report inflated economic numbers to show better performance to superiors; factional struggle getting intensified inside the Party.
Looks over performance regains focus in China as 20 persons were awarded “most beautiful couriers; Outgoing Chinese ambassador to North Korea Li Jinjun praised by Kim Jong Un; Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Zhao Lijian speaks on Solomon Islands riot; By 2025, China will have 10,000 KM of rail transit; National referendum held in Taiwan hot news in China as DPP win marks threat; Zhao Lijian raised questions on USS “Connecticut” incident in SCS; Chinese economic imperialism shows as Intel apologises to China; Joe Biden signs new law banning goods made in Xinjiang; Removal of Tiananmen Square Massacre Memorial from HongKong comes amidst continued crackdown against political dissent; Putin debriefed media on positive Russia-China ties & said they are jointly developing high-tech weapons; Xi Jinping spoke to new German Chancellor; Amidst China's continued attempts at erasing the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, it remains all the more important for democratic countries across the world to reshare its importance.
Online event organized by Chinese Consulate in Mumbai; Upcoming airbase at Duoma/Domar in Nagqu Prefecture's; Picture of PLA's tank Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary announced Tokyo would not be sending a delegation of government officials to Winter Olympics ; China conducts nuclear fusion experiment to advance artificial Sun; Former Director of Inspection Office of Agricultural Development Bank investigated; Peng Bo, former deputy director of Office of Leading Group for Prevention & Handling of Cult Issues, also known as ‘610 Office’(established by Jiang Zemin), was tried & plead guilty ; People from different Chinese organizations have been involved in propaganda work; Xi Jinping's crackdown on the Jiang faction continues and has seen a crossover with the financial institution inspections
ElectronicWarfare site in Chumbi Valley, Discussion over anchor of a show on SkyTV; Arrest of Liu Yazhou, son-in-law of former Chinese President Li Xiannian, & his younger brother; Alibaba announced key personnel changes & restructuring; Chen Quanguo, formerly Xinjiang party secretary, replaced by Ma Xingrui governor of Guangdong; Chen to be given another appointment which is most likely to be a better position; Xinjiang Autonomous Region held a meeting of leading cadres in the meeting; Ma Xingrui praises Chen Quanguo; consumer finance unit of Jack Ma’s Ant Group boosts company's capital to 30 bn yuan; Non-mainstream HK news views financial restructuring in Ant Finance in line with Jack Ma not appearing in public; focus on promotion antics within the CCP; growing consensus among political watchers that Chen Quango is expected to be elevated to the Politburo Standing Committee in 2022; CCP lacks rationality of reasons to make a comprehensive consideration that decides whether to promote or not
China rotating its jet fighters to airbases; Garrison at Kangxiwar near Aksai Chin; Discontent against Garbage disposal fees; Video of a boy offering milk to the armed police on duty goes viral; Chinese Submarine Seen in Myanmar; Ma Xingrui appointed as secretary of Xinjiang region; Chinese human rights lawyer Ding Jiaxi detained; assets held by Taiwan in Nicaragua seized and deeded to China; fines imposed by governments on small businesses; celebrities to be investigated & to produce tax accounts; COVID-19 Restrictions in Tibet; PLA conducted seminars to simulate blue army construction; arrest of human rights lawyer raises concerns for human rights violations in China; Xi's vision of building a blue army; transfer of the Chinese submarine to the Myanmar Navy is confirmed.
5000 people line up in Shanghai to buy Disney dolls; 'Red' Chinese Political History young enthusiast selected to appear on TV; Zhao Lijing's response to question reg. Sino-US spat on Beijing Winter Olympics; China asks UN to advise US to abide international space treaties; 6 die inhaling poisonous gas trying to extract gold from closed mine in northern Shanxi Province; Chinese lawmakers suggested changes in the revised draft of countries women's rights law; West-East Gas Pipeline of China has exceeded 100 billion cubic meters of total gas transmission annually; China to implement 3 new policies for buying new car; Chinese ambassador's statement on uncertainty in Sino-US ties; surge in COVID cases in Xi'an city, administration takes strict action for control; Chinese SriLanka envoy visited ethnically-sensitive Tamil-majority Jaffna Peninsula while SL Finance Minister visited India; China's attempts at hitting the Delhi-Colombo bilateral when it is down.
Prison-Run Factories in Xinjiang; Paris group calls for release of citizen journalist Zhang; Iraqi security officials reported that China-Manchuria Oil and Gas Group Co., Ltd attacked to force it to provide employment opportunities for the local residents; China signed BRI agreement with Cuba; Malaysians insulted as Chinese group has invited ex-PM Najib to speak at World Chinese Economic Forum; Chinese city of Hegang announced that it will be freezing the hiring; claim that a People's Liberation Army- Navy (PLAN) warship caught fire; Images of the Chinese Type-035 Ming Class submarine sent to #Myanmar are released; parade was organized on December 29 by local authorities of Jingxi, Guanxi to insult the offenders who helped illegal crossing; CCP gets activists and journalists based in China on charges of 'picking quarrels and stirring up trouble'; current state of Hegang is just the tip of the iceberg; the Chinese economy is not performing well in remote areas; BRI and Cuba
5000 people line up in Shanghai to buy Disney dolls; 'Red' Chinese Political History young enthusiast selected to appear on TV; Zhao Lijing's response to question reg. Sino-US spat on Beijing Winter Olympics; China asks UN to advise US to abide international space treaties; 6 die inhaling poisonous gas trying to extract gold from closed mine in northern Shanxi Province; Chinese lawmakers suggested changes in the revised draft of countries women's rights law; West-East Gas Pipeline of China has exceeded 100 billion cubic meters of total gas transmission annually; China to implement 3 new policies for buying new car; Chinese ambassador's statement on uncertainty in Sino-US ties; surge in COVID cases in Xi'an city, administration takes strict action for control; Chinese SriLanka envoy visited ethnically-sensitive Tamil-majority Jaffna Peninsula while SL Finance Minister visited India; China's attempts at hitting the Delhi-Colombo bilateral when it is down.