Dr Manpreet Sethi

Dr Manpreet Sethi, Distinguished Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies, New Delhi, heads its programme on nuclear issues. Recipient of K Subrahmanyam award (2014), Commendation by Chief of Air Staff (2020) and Commendation by Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Forces Command (2022). Since receiving her doctorate in 1997, she has worked on nuclear energy, strategy, arms control & disarmament. She is author/co-author/editor of nine books and over 120 papers. Sethi lectures at National Defence College and other establishments of Indian Armed Forces, Police, Foreign Services, and Universities. She is also regular participant at policy conferences, Track II initiatives and UNIDIR. In 2021, she was invited to present her views before the Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters of UN Secretary General. She was Member, Prime Minister’s Informal Group on Disarmament in 2012. She is on Board of Directors of Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN), and Co-chair, Women in Nuclear–India. She is also Co-chair of the Working Group on Reducing Pathways to Nuclear Use at Belfer Center, Harvard University.