February 2022

Soldiers picking vegetables to prepare gifts for villages; spring festival film release rule box office; experience of a commander of Galwan clashes highlighted; COVID19 cases reported from personnel in Olympic Games; 1.154 million people return to Heilongjiang for Spring Festival following protocol of epidemic prevention; 9 new COVID-19 cases reported in Tianjin; Chinese men’s football team lost to the Vietnamese team by 1:3; China and President Xi Jinping received wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics 2022; Stories related to soldiers involved in Galwan do occupy a considerable space in the Weibo timeline of CCTV Military
Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 torch relay officially launched; Public outcry against Chinese soccer coach for Vietnam loss; Misrepresentation of the images by top Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman; 40th CMG Spring Festival Gala trends on Weibo; Chinese Navy is likely planning to scrap KILO Class Submarines; US senator Jim Risch speaks out against Qi Fabao; CCTV-7 Military Channel broadcasted a documentary titled “20 warriors of Qiudi”; defamation case filed against victim of domestic violence; confession of the former vice mayor of Harbin City in Heilongjiang province; CCP’s attempts to keep the Galwan spirit alive by broadcasting documentaries; CMG Spring Festival Gala helping spread CCP propaganda; Wang Yanmin punishment shows broader strategy by CCP to put onus on local govt
Violence against #women continues to dominate Chinese socio-political #debate; Chinese fans welcome Russian figure skater’s team; China tries to create sports system that is ‘virus free’; world’s first self-driving high-speed bullet train at action in China; MEA announced that Indian charge d’ affairs in Beijing would not be attending opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics; International dignitaries arrive at Beijing International #Airport; Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide celebrates New Year of Lunar calendar; Vladimir Putin to attend Winter Olympics opening ceremony; China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) signs agreement in Argentina; Diplomatic absence of major democratic powers Britain, Australia, Canada & now India portrays a clear image of the existing bipolar power politics and differences in ideology; emergence of potential blocs of new cold war politics in Middle East
Event organised to promote Cultural Tourism; Indian boycott of Olympics discussed; Netizens show patriotism over the hand-in-hand procession of flag; Xi-Putin meet after 2 yrs; no representation by 5 Eyes at Olympics; Winter Olympics introduction highlights message; highly symbolic political gesture sees Uyghur cross-country skier as a final torchbearer; inspection of epidemic prevention at tolls; experts from various Harbin Red Cross Central Hospital departments gave some valuable health tips to the general public; Like many other Weibo posts in the Chinese social media, Si Ma’nan’s post has also tried to build the narrative that India finally found a reason to boycott Beijing Olympics; Lots of praise for Putin in Chinese social media
Praise for Huawei trends; Indian nuclear submarines gained traction; Chinese Women’s team wins Asia Cup; Reaction to India’s Olympics withdrawal continues; China publishes new book on the 1962 Sino-Indian Border War; Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to Queen Elizabeth; China refutes ‘Debt Trap’ theory & blames India; publisher of Wall Street Journal hacked allegedly by Chinese hackers; Xi meets Pak PM; 26 venues + three major competition areas of Winter Olympics to use “Green Electricity”; around 20.14 million passengers expected to travel on 5th day of Spring Festival as COVID surges; Russia-China sign cooperation pacts; India’s foreign policy approach towards China has always been reactionary; CCTV Military military’s Weibo uploads video of soldiers building Olympics mascots with snow on frozen Pangong lake in further politicization; India needs to internalise the Chinese approach towards it and act strategically; nationalistic fervours have been rising in both countries but situation very different from 1962 despite Chinese attempts to find glory in past.
Peng Shui reappears after controversy; Chinese Olympic skier placed at centre of debate on representation; Debate over dystopian image of Big Air venue; US officials call out China on its commitment to purchase $200bn in US goods; China’s UN envoy Zhang Jun rejects US counterpart’s remarks on Uyghur torchbearer being Chinese attempt to distract world from Xinjiang violations; Around 70 countries & organisations attend opening of Beijing Olympics; Yang Xiaoping of People’s Bank of China under disciplinary inspection; Thailand to hold travel bubble talk with China & Malaysia; Diplomatic boycott of Olympics and tensions over Taiwan further deteriorates the US-China relations
China’s “Post-00” athletes trends; Screenshot of a video of Yang Xiaoping addressing guests posted on Twitter; Another video of soldiers making the Beijing Winter Olympic mascot out of snow on the Pangong lake posted; Weibo account claims the Statue of Unity and Statue of Equality to be Chinese made; article published in PLA daily by Shi Wei highlighting his work as Political commissor; Chinese authorities set 2030 as new deadline for peak emissions in steel industry; India rejected reference to Jammu & Kashmir over CPEC joint statement; schools expressed gratitude towards Tongjiang Public Security Bureau; two new asymptomatic case reported in Heilongjiang Province; CASC announces the induction of six manned space flights in 2022; winners of the Winter Olympics skating group not awarded with medals yet; Foreign Minister of Somaliland met with Tsai Ing-wen, President of Taiwan; China’s reference to issues sensitive to India in a joint statement with Pakistan is reflective of the growing bonhomie between the two countries.
Tibetan ethnicity soldier gets 2nd class merit; Note accusing Tencent of arbitrarily banning WeChat account shared; Zhu Yi criticized on Chinese social media; Veteran Hong Kong activist arrested; Peng Shuai announces retirement from tennis; lockdown imposed in Baise; State security police in Shanghai exerted pressure on Xue Yinxian; US announced US$100 million arms sales plan to Taiwan; China launched 1.43 million 5G base stations in 2021; Chinese embassy in US celebrated Chinese New Year; former chief of enforcement bureau of Supreme Peoples Court arrested; member of Party Committee & former vicechairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission arrested; New Mystery Submarine Class Spotted In China nick-named Olympic submarine; China held a special meeting on stabilizing coal prices; Chinese state media published articles on ‘flexible employment’, Gan Rongkun was indicted and Meng Xiang and Cai E’Sheng arrested; He Weifang note on excess powers in hands of social media platforms in China.
Chinese netizens show their support for Japanese skater who fell on final skate; Gu Ailing, the US-born Chinese skier, once again topped social media; China suspended beef imports from Lithuania; Industry Ministry published revisions to draft rules on data security for business sectors; Shares of China Evergrande group leaped; China hopes US would remove additional tariffs on Chinese goods; Global Times responded to a report prepared by BBC of encroaching into Nepal; US’ denies China’s claims that Starlink satellite endangered Chinese space station; transactions of more than 50K yuan will require customer to register source as well as the use of the funds; all foreign dignitaries Xi Jinping met during Beijing Winter Olympics issued invitations to him to visit their country; a former member of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Party Committee accused of taking bribes; New Delhi needs sufficient soft-hard power and adequate resources to contain China’s hard and soft power encroachment; Three-Year Action Plan for Combating and Controlling Money Laundering Crimes, which will launch a nationwide crackdown.
Diplomatic uproar over alleged assault on Chinese students in South Korea; Antony Blinken is to go on a seven-day trip to Indo-Pacific states; China to donate millions of dollars to Philippines; China urged the United States to remove additional tariffs & sanctions; Australian media has reported that Chinese spies wanted to support a candidate from the Australian Labour Party to participate in the election; China’s behavior at home and in the region is more aggressive – Blinken; Islamic Revolution’s 43rd anniversary; Sense of paradox is visibly apparent in Chinese oft-repeated response to any statement on their aggressive behavior at home or the broader Indo – Pacific region
Outrage over improvisation in the Chinese version of ‘Friends’; Reaction to South Korean incident; Chinese Olympic athlete trolled for VPN remark; Chinese people’s reaction to India’s hijab row; British Medical Association expressed grave concern over the CPC’s continuing abuse against the Uyghurs; China has suspended the imports of beef, dairy, and beer imports from Lithuania amid row over Taiwan; US lawmakers have proposed to rename Taiwan’s de facto embassy; new rift between China and South Korea; Australia for the Quad meet, Indian External Affairs Minister accused China of violating written pacts; China’s PLA Air Force held drills across China; Xi Jinping’s latest comments on food security suggest China’s focus in 2022: China was accused of encroaching into Nepal and trespassing in the district of Humla; NASA released satellite images showing the use of artificial snow for the 2022 Winter Olympics; Quad meeting amidst international political upheaval in Eurasia and Indo-Pacific
Chinese- American Olympics gold medalist slammed; MeitY banned 54 Chinese apps; top Chinese semiconductor manufacturing industry earned record revenue despite chip shortage; China and Russia formed an “alliance of autocracies”; Xi Jinping’s another term secured; Argentina joins Chinese BRI; China’s Tiangong space station to be completed; China’s scientific and strategic capabilities and India’s space program
Netizens show eagerness for 2022 Overseas Chinese Spring Festival; Praise showered on Olympics winners; Vippi Media, faced malicious attacks after being contracted by the Chinese government; China developed an advanced portable missile named the “QW-12”; energy deal signed between Beijing and Moscow; Ministry spokesperson’s firm opposition to a recent report released by U.S. on Taiwan; Chairman of the Helen Foster Snow Foundation replied to Xi Jinping’s letter with ‘this is international friendship in action’; Chinese culture technology highlighted at Winter Olympics; Indian media objected to a U.S. based PR company after the company made a contract of 300,000 dollar with China in order to promote the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Games
Netizens discuss DJs and their political song selection during winter Olympics performances; Indonesia’s movement of its new capital away from Jakarta to Borneo would drastically decrease riders on China’s flagship high-speed rail line in the country; Baise City began to lift the COVID-19 lockdown; detailed coverage of multiple senior officials being prosecuted in China; former member and vice chairman of the Party Group in Guangdong arrested; Zhongshan City held a high-level conference to promote high-quality economic development amdst Lantern Festival; China has prosecuted a significant number of party members and officials in a short span on charges of corruption and bribery.

Video of Dutch athlete praising food trends goes viral over culture promotion; Fame of skiing grows in China marking the start of new winter fever; Chen Xiaojiang’s political future & recent appointment as deputy minister of daily work of United Front Work Department; Xi’s new article on “rule of law” published in Qiushi magazine & highlights; explosion in a bus in Shenyang, Liaoning province & internal note published on social media hints at non-accident notions; Xi’s article comes at a time when members of Politburo Standing Committee of CCP have not been seen in any public event for last 8 days; People in Liaoning province have long expressed discontent over chemical factory in region & can grow grievances

Volunteers in award plaza performed in traditional Chinese dress; Special discussion and judgment for safety precautions in Lantern Festival; CMC have studied and issued “Regulations on the Work of Military Training Materials for the Military”; Secretary of Tianjin Political and Legal affairs commission, was transferred; Politburo Standing Committee (PBSC) leaders being absent from public view; two sessions (the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) in Tianjin, which was postponed due to COVID-19; 20th Party Congress and the consultation over personnel arrangement have begun quietly
Succesful culmination of Winter Olympics discussed; Indian remake of Korean drama; Video of 2019 crash of Indian Jaguar jet viral; Non-mainstream HK media is discussing prospects of upcoming party congress; Zibo Intermediate People’s Court of Shandong Province sentenced former member of CPPCC Party Committee & Vice Chairman of Inner Mongolia for accepting bribes; Renowned expert & Deputy Dean of School of International Studies Renmin University Prof. Jin Canrong uploaded a video on his official Weibo account discussing India-China; Tang-Ping movement emerges as reaction to work pressure; Indian EAM criticized China indirectly; Prof. Jin Canrong’s video on his official Weibo account discussing India and China is a matter of major concern for India; Beijing Winter Olympics a success but will go down in history for other examples.
Dominance of Winter Olympics in Chinese Media; Australia demands investigation of the Chinese Naval vessel on its north coast; China decides on increasing fertility services in the medical insurance scheme; China hikes its home prices first time since September 2021; Former US Secretary Mike Pompeo to visit Taiwan next week; 21st February represents Fiftieth Anniversary of Nixon’s visit to China & Successful conclusion of 24th Winter Olympics; Richard Nixon’s meeting with Mao Zedong 50 years ago and dramatic change of geopolitics now
President Xi Jinping’s call to Queen Elizabeth II; China suspends COVID vaccination at many places; US & China’s race for 6G technology; CCP lays out important COVID guidelines amid increase in cases; Survey reports German businesses continue placing their trust in China; China to impose larger tax and fee cuts; Defense industry giants face sanctions by China; Chinese Foreign Ministry reiterates its stand on the Ukraine Crisis; Indian EAM Jaishankar talks about Indo-China relations in Munich Conference; US and China’s stance during this Ukrainian crisis
Accidental release of orders about Ukraine crisis by Chinese news outlet; China releases master plan for agricultural modernization; Hong Kong SAR plans to joins RCEP; Chinese foreign ministry raises concern over Japanese ambassador’s activities; China to apply tariff rates on Malayasian goods under RCEP; PLA warships wind up the delivery missions in Tonga; China’s balancing act and agenda during Ukraine crisis
Officials under investigation due to social media pressure over chained women; Global Times twitter comment against Taiwan became a sensation. On News in China, we note: Chinese ambassador involved in the crisis to remain restrained and avoid escalating situation; Ukraine issued a security alert to Chinese nationals and companies in Ukraine; China’s dissent in imposing unilateral sanctions on Russia; China’s housing minister promised to keep real estate market stable; Yuan still on four-year high while major stock markets and world currencies declined; On India Watch, we cover: China is currently facing a “dilemma” over the Ukraine crisis as it gives tough choices for China
Report of survey on difference between regions and populations in the use of cash in China; Hong Kong to carry mandatory nucleic acid testing for the entire population; Developed countries to allocate additional funds for developing countries amid the Covid-19 fallout; Ministry of human resources holds press conference for progress in social security and human resources; Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi talks to US Secretary of state about Ukraine and North Korea; China releases central document of 2022; Political Bureau of CPC to hold monthly plenary meeting this week; Chief Secretary of Hong Kong SAR to be absent in next two political meetings; Hangzhou party cadres hold meeting as per the CCDI website; Chinese social media trying to suppress discussion about the Ukraine issue; China controls the social media through the state run media outlets
China discusses Indian support to Russia in Ukraine; China shocked after US and EU kick Russia out the SWIFT payment network; Chinese talk about Ukraine clearing up its airspace; China announces a military drill in South China Sea; Research finds Bitcion has become less environmental-friendly after ban in China; Speculations are active about big changes in China’s top leadership; New studies have confirmed that Covid-19 emerged from Wuhan market; US and EU put economic sanctions on Russia; Discussion about both India and China abstaining to vote against Russia in UN; India and China both are facing different challenges in the Ukraine crisis; China is avoiding to get caught in the crossfire of Russia and West
Rise in anti-Chinese sentiments in Ukraine; Chinese Embassy issues a message for Chinese national in Ukraine; Chinese Foreign Ministry advises both Russia and Ukraine to avoid escalation; China had a record increase in electricity and coal consumption in 2021; Chinese Foreign Minister comments on working with US on G7 led Build Back a Better World; US and Europe sanctions on Russia has hit Chinese A-share market; AlJazeera claims Chinese state-owned instuitutions are distancing themselves from Russian economy; China trying to showcase influence under BRI by not even being a part of G7