January 2022


Heroes of Galwan trends on Baidu; PLA’s positioning near border; Harassment by Chinese police of overseas student for mocking Xi; Weibo on way to becoming state-owned media, Netizens express fear it will become more censored; Discontent over mismanagement and strict lockdown in Xi’an; Li Zhanshu absent from CPPCC National Committee New Year party due to health; Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee demands Xian must achieve social reset with 0 COVID cases, infected people being transferred to other places to meet goal; CPC leaders usually do not use the word “I” but “we” in their speeches, Xi uses ‘I’ in New Year address; Chinese media reports on Indian vlogger tweets praising China; local digital platform in China covered comments by Jean-Luc Mélenchon on closer China-Russia ties; Wu Jinmu, the former “representative” of Taiwan in Nicaragua, received counter coverage from Taiwan and China; Mou Shangang, former party secretary and director of the Service Center of the People’s bank of China, being investigated; subtle change in political discourse with Xi sending a more individual-centric signal; use of direct cohesion to get things done is widely practiced by the Chinese Police; Weibo’s potential state ownership.

People in Xi’an eating cats to survive; Pregnant women bleeding outside a hospital in Xi’an; A bridge connecting North and South bank of Pangong Tso; current status quo of LAC and border infrastructure; Chinese Propaganda Department labeled online video of horse gang as fake; China is trying to boost its tourism; People across China are celebrating the new year; News piece published on RCEP; complaints in Xi’an over intolerable conditions, lack of food, and relocation; China is taking extreme precautions for the winter Olympics

Discussion over recently enforced law distinguishing between school education & family education; Shaanxi office says community spread in Xian under control; Evergrande’s continuous challenges; Taiwan buys 20 thousand bottles of rum bound to China from 3Lithuania to avoid rejection; Cyberspace Admin. approves new regulation on Algorithm; Beijing city ‘successfully’ achieved aim of improving air quality; China has imported $16 million worth of pine nuts from Afghanistan to aid Kabul; Lithuania’s President says opening ‘de-facto’ office of Taiwan in Vilnius was a “mistake” vis-a-vis name; China has built a bridge on Pangong Tso, India using Chinese strategy of Salami Slicing on Beijing has given shock, hesitation and frustration of Beijing are clearly visible.

Xian authorities claim that outbreak contained; Taiwan’s Air Force jets in war simulation drill; Demolition of Buddha statue; China harshly continues the ‘zero COVID’ strategy; protest outside Evergrande’s Guangzhou offices; Launch of apps for digital currency ahead of WinterOlympics; 1st mobilization order of CMC for 2022; Renmin University fires retired professor; Cyberspace Administration issues digital platform guidelines; Taiwan deports Chinese nationals for first time in over a year post China’s return of a Taiwanese fugitive in rare cooperation; probability of a war between China and Taiwan is continuously growing


Sibling duo drives truck to Xinjiang amidst local failure to aid friend; Pregnant lady outside Xian hospital continues to dominate discussions; Foreign Ministry Spokesperson responds to question US’s pressure on MNCs to stop import from Xinjiang ; Wuhan again facing the threat of COVID; China National Railway Group Limited released report on railway sector; China has appointed 4 new vice-chairmen to Tibet Autonomous Region Political Conference; to increase foothold in Africa China appoints special envoy; situation in Xian is in a confusing state; notice for the Comprehensive Reform of Factor Market focused on labor; efforts by India to regain strategic leverage in neighborhood & counter China’s rising influence in region with focus on SriLanka.



Death of unborn baby trends on Weibo; Praise, and Concerns over the extension of High-Speed Rail; Xi Jinping audio message to Kazakh president; 14th Five Year Plan for Intellectual Property Talents; gas blast occurred in the Fengshan Sub-district office of Wulong District; notice issued by the ‘Zhengzhou New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control’ headquarters; People’s Bank of China issued a ‘Draft for Comment’; Foreign Ministry spokesman remarked during a regular press conference on North Korea; Significance of turbulence in Kazakhstan on regional dynamics.


NorthKorea’s hypersonic missile test; Construction of helicopter base in Chumbi; Parents of ward called at midnight in harsh implementation of double reduction policy; eleven monks from Drago’s Gaden Namgyal Ling monastery arrested; Uyghur Muslim woman sentenced 14 years for teaching Islam and hiding Quran; China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a joint press conference with Maldivian Foreign Minister; Locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in China; Chinese embassy expressed its discontent on the Joint statement of the Australia- Japan leaders’ meeting; 40,000-ton dry dock is being built by China in Myanmar; Foreign Ministers from West Asia to visit China; China comments on the report by DPP on Macao; Blue roofs are often seen as an indicator of Chinese infrastructure projects around the world; CCP’s “double reduction” policy is being observed as harsher than expected.


Videos of January 8th Earthquake sparks debate; Netizen detained for fabricating video on pandemic. Ministry of Transport’s plan for civil aviation industry; Wang Yi’s telephonic conversation with Deputy PM and Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Treuberdi; Xi Jinping’s telephonic conversation with Malta’s President Vera; China’s near-monopoly over the rare earth minerals; Tianjin Municipal government completed nucleic acid test on 9M residents; China’s approval for the ’14th Five-year plan’; ‘Ministry of education issues guidelines for quality evaluation’; National Energy Administration to deepen the reform systems in the Power sector; China deepens ties with Sri Lanka China’s relations with Malta against the backdrop of current tensions in EU-China ties.


Videos of January 8th Earthquake sparks new debate; cotton produced in Xinjiang to produce masks; proposal for reforms in public service policies; Xi’s call to Polish President; Chinese FM condemns the Kazakh unrest, extends support; Lithuania should not become a “chess piece”, says MFA; foreign ministers from Iran, Turkey, & the Gulf to soon visit China; Chinese FM’s comments over China-Sri Lanka ties


Flood accident at a power station in Danba; advisory to Dutch athletes against carrying smartphones to Beijing Winter Olympics; China’s petroleum exports to Bangladesh; Xi’s speech on ‘five-dimensional resolutions’; China’s national agriculture in GDP; and data on cross-border smuggling in China; 60 years of mutual defence treaty between China and North Korea


Chinese woman’s blog on being stuck at blind date’s house after city lockdown; Zimbabwean President Mnangagwa’s televised speech; the concept of ‘green, shared, open and clean’ for Beijing Winter Olympics; Ministry of Commerce to continue to provide guidance and services and strengthen training for MSME; four major archaeological discoveries from Tibet; Ministry of Commerce released data regarding annual use of foreign capital; two-thirds of the Lithuanian respondents voted against the current anti-China policy of Lithuania; 14th round of the commander level talks; China’s investment in green construction materials and sustainable energy for the Olympic village.


Alibaba’s Dharma Academy trends; Discussion on statement by Commander-in-Chief of Indian Airforce; Wang Yaping completed 100 days in orbit; China is witnessing a huge spike in rural tourism; Beijing embraces itself to become the first city to host both the summer and winter editions of the Olympic Games; China announced measures to promote economic and cultural exchanges between two sides of Taiwan Strait; foreign ministers of six Middle Eastern countries visits China; patriotic movies celebrating the 100th anniversary of CPC; China’s combat training for elite soldiers; CPC celebrated its 100th anniversary with a patriotic extravaganza; “Middle East Quad” in light of growing China-Middle East ties


Decline of Printed news agencies; Bejing reports the first case of Omnicron; Students sued for Defamation; Dissatisfaction regarding the advisory given by the Dutch Olympic Committee to their athletes; Center for Strategic and Security Studies (CISS) released 2022 China External Security Risk Outlook Report; rise in range of whiskey in Chinese market; cases of new coronavirus variants are on a rapid surge in China; Xi Jinping’s ‘dream’ of making Chinese bureaucracy corruption-free; Beijing has reported its first case of Omnicron; Chinese news agencies are extensively covering the Phase 1 trade deal; growing concern about the third wave of COVID; trade between India and China has crossed the $125 billion mark. 

Photos of people quarantied in makeshift cargo quarantine containers went viral; Woman Cuts Up 32 Wedding Dresses; Xi Jinping attended the 2022 World Economic Forum; China Environmental Protection Industry Association responded to the claim of decline in investments towards environmental protection industry; GDP to increase 8.1% from previous year; rise in disposable income of Chinese nationals; Dandong to Sinuizhou railway port re-opened China’s borders to North Korea; Winter Olympics tickets to be sold by assigned authorities that will invite a group of spectators; China’s GDP expanded to 8.1% from the previous year which is its fastest growth in 10 years despite the effects of the pandemic.

Reaction to experts’ warnings of Tonga volcano ash drifting to China; Chinese movies are gaining popularity in Japan; articles published in state-controlled media indicated intensifying feuds; latest article by President Xi Jinping in Qiushi Journal; China reemphasize importance of research & development in semiconductor chips; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of National Planting Industry”; Anti-graft watchdogs nationwide investigated 470,000 cases of corruption in the first nine months of 2021; Chinese media boast of China making the world’s largest quadruped robot. 


Abduction by PLA from Indian Territory; PLA building a major facility in the Lop Nur; Student’s personal belongings negligently disposed of by authorities to make school a quarantine ward; Hong Kong independence activist and politician Edward Leung released from jail; Taiwan is facing a rapid surge in migration from Hong Kong; Omicron variant cases have surged in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong of China; China may engage further in dispute in the South China Sea; Citizen Lab warned International Winter Olympic participants about a popular app MY2022; no kind of demonstration or political, religious, or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites; warning athletes about speaking on human rights issues while in China.

Video of a doctor live streaming a gynecological surgery triggers controversy; COVID positive migrant worker searching for missing son trends; On News in China, we cover: Citizen Lab warning about Beijing Winter Olympics app; People’s Bank of China cut its one-year loan prime; USS Benfold, United States Navy-guided missile destroyer sailing around Parcel Islands; revision of legislation regarding the monopolies and data securities in China’s growing online platforms; German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock’s first online meeting with her Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi; Sixth Plenary session; 14th Five Year plan for tourism development; China’s assertive claims in the SCS have long threatened India’s energy interests in the region.

‘Civil Services’ trends on Chinese social media; teenage suicide triggers debate; China has opened the world’s highest bridge; Xi Jinping chaired the meeting of the Political Bureau of CPC; Lunar New Year of the Tiger is approaching; controversy over promotion campaign of McDonald’s; uneasiness in the relationship between China and Russia over Kazakhstan; President Xi exchanged congratulatory letters with the General Secretary of the Communist Party; India’s growing engagement with the Central Asian nations not going well with Beijing.

22.01.22 – 23.01.22

domestic violence renewes debate; victory of Chinese women’s national team celebrated; winter cold braved by PLA; IMF’s managing director reports against China’s zero covid policy; Pakistan-China Uygur nexus; amidst deteriorating situation in Eastern Europe German Navy Chief comments on Ukraine cause havoc; 44 Chinese passenger flights suspended from USA; Communist Party of China vows further corruption crackdown as it gears up for next National Congress meeting; China, Russia, & Iran conducted the third naval drill in the Indian Ocean; Pakistan has decided to pay USD 11.6 million to compensate 36 Chinese nationals; Chinese market’s continuous bull run came to halt; Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson criticized USA for imposing sanctions on Chinese companies; State Council found local & provisional office of Henan Province guilty of “negligence & dereliction of duty” during floods; Evergrande appointed its Energy Vehicle unit’s chairman as Exec Director; as second anniversary of lockdown of Wuhan arrives, political changes hint at deeper politics by Xi; Australia’s Sports Minister Richard Colbeck’s remarks over China’s censorship of athletes; Wuhan political changes show attempts by Xi to shield loyalists; PLA allegedly kidnapped a seventeen-year-old boy from Arunachal Pradesh.

Widespread criticism over footage of a man brutally beating his wife continues to be discussed; torch runner campaign to welcome Beijing Olympics; Chinese Military aircraft intruded Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone; US suspends 44 China-bound flights from Chinese airlines; Beijing reports new local COVID cases; Beijing’s complaints about baseless accusation & attacks on China by US; Xi Jinping expected to host a video conference on 25th January with five Central Asian leaders; China Economic Annual Report; Uyghur Muslim ethnic groups based in Turkey protested in Istanbul; Taiwan Strait continues to remain one of the most dangerous and sensitive friction points in the world, India must tread carefully.


Interrogation over Weibo posts questioning China’s language policy; Comments by Netizens on Australia’s National Day Celebration; Posts paying tribute to soldiers sacrificing their New Year leaves for National Security; Hong Kong’s ex-lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting jailed; Politburo members spoke at meeting focused on carbon peaking; Xi’s speech during the China-Central Asian States summit; Lockdown and travel restrictions gear up instances of physical fighting and brawls; IMF warnings to Beijing about economic impact of its aggressive 0- COVID policy were shrugged off; Chinese authorities accelerate forced cultural assimilation and teaching of mandarin

Xi Jinping sends new Lunar year wishes to all; The stock price of Xiaomi hits a new low for the year; EU launched dispute against China; China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi phone conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken; China returns Indian citizen; Xi Jinping visits Shanxi; Ministry of Defence China holds press conference;China’s market regulator has approved the semiconductor group; India performed a drone show at Rashtrapati Bhavan for Republic Day; Issue of an Indian citizen being returned to India and a statement by Colonel Long Shaohua, the spokesperson of Western Theatre Command of PLA;

UN Secretary-General sends spring festival greetings; Xi Jinping welcomes Chinese New Year with non-CCP Members; 12 covid positive cases reported at medium-risk areas in Beijing; opening ceremony of Winter Olympics on February 4; CNSA, China’s first solar exploration satellite has captured the solar Hα spectral line; Winter Olympics 2022 personnel including foreign experts, journalists, athletes & staff members appreciate control measures taken by Chinese authorities; China’s first megaton carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) project is completed; Xi Jinping extended greetings to service personnel of the PLA

Concerns over domestic violence in China; Netizens discuss egg donation amidst aging population tensions, fear black trade; Chinese State Authority releases an Irish businessman; Chinese ambassador to the US threatens Washington; HongKong’s last TiananmenSquare memorial covered; Omicron in Olympic village; USA voted unanimously to revoke China Unicom’s; Uk foreign affairs committee to travel to Taiwan; Chinese authorities order people in Beijing to stay at home amid rise in COVID cases; US Fighter Jet F-35 came down in international waters; Chinese women team has reached the semi-finals in AsiaCup; PLA Airforce delivered thirty-ton disaster relief to Tonga; Message behind Xi’s greetings on the occasion of the LunarNewYear; Beijing speaks on border mentions in Ladakh, response to #US; Indo-China war anniversary in OCT 22 sees unprecedented remembrance in China

Netizens discussed reasons behind naming of China’s three most famous brands; China women’s football team has qualified for the 2023 World Cup; China constructing a new military port at Bata in Central African Nation of Equatorial Guinea (EQG); Search & race over US Navy stealth fighter jet F-35C continues; China’s Mars probe Tianwen 1 sent a selfie video; China’s military releases statement on return of Indian citizen; China’s Ministry of Education released notice for National College Entrance Examination; China reports success against Omicron in Tianjin; Hong Kong continues to worry & debate over censorship of expression; think-tank in Israel reports concern over China in Haifa; China’s port diplomacy and geostrategic investments in ports across the region