June 2022


Earthquake in Lushan was reported; Chinese ‘Nutritious soil’ company valued at one billion yuan; Shanghai reported 5 new COVID19 cases on Tuesday; PLA’s Eastern Theater Command conducted interservice combat readiness patrols near Taiwan; Chinese FM Wang Yi met with King Tupou VI of Tonga & reiterated their bilateral relations; Ministry of Industry and Information Technology notified 84 apps for failing to comply with rectification requirements; China is expanding its Lingshui Air Base located in the South China Sea; China plans to increase pensions by 4% with emphasis is placed on critical care for elderly retirees and retirees in remote areas; FM spokesman Zhao Lijian has disputed Japan’s claim over the Okinitori Reef; 16th round of military talks was decided upon by India & China. Complete disengagement can lead to normalcy in India-China relations. Meanwhile, Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, ZTEPress, & Vivo, are under investigation by India.


Crackdown on social media freedom in Tibet; Shanghai trends again because of the reopening of the city after 2 months of lockdown; Yu Zhiping was sentenced to jail on charges of accepting bribes; businesses in Shanghai called for industrial action to protest the leader’s no-COVID policy; State Grid Corporation of China issued 8 measures to serve the healthy development of the economy & society; monthly trade between the Chinese yuan & the Russian ruble, affected by the Russia Ukraine War, has increased significantly; PLA has increased its activities around Taiwan & in the South China Sea in response to the US’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific; FM Wang Yi announced the building of an “Indo-Pacific Community of Common Destiny”;  in 2021, compared to 2013, the number of child abductions in China will decrease by 82.6%, which is of great interest to the public. US SecState Blinken said China’s strategic goal is to reshape the Indo-Pacific order. China’s biggest concern is the US-led military alliance & supports ASEAN centrality which contradicts Beijing’s “divide and manage” approach to Southeast Asia.


Shanghai’s residents were seen lined up outside when the city reopened after a two-month lockdown; Chinese state associated “Spamouflage” network of Twitter accounts target Chinese female journalists; Canada’s military accused Chinese warplanes of harassing its patrol aircraft as they monitor North Korea’s sanction evasions, a Chinese delegation of medical experts who went to DPRK to advise on COVID-19 containment strategies returned to China; Chinese envoy criticized the US & Britain for groundless accusations levelled against China at the UNSC; China & the Cook Islands pledged efforts to deepen bilateral ties; Chinese FM Wang Yi said that restarting bilateral ties between China & Australia requires concrete actions. Though China & 10 Pacific Island nations on Monday failed to reach a “consensus” on a region-wide deal proposed by Beijing, it should be looked upon as an achievement of China’s as it succeeded in bringing small island nations together which other nations have failed to do

4.6.22- 5.6.22

Fangcang, China’s Covid-19 temporary hospitals become an integral component of the country’s future; “Nong Ho, Shanghai!” Weibo Is Celebrating the ‘Revival’ of Shanghai; President Xi Jinping called for greater efforts to be made to preserve the environment; China launched the Shenzhou-14 crewed spacecraft, sending 3 astronauts to its space station for a six-month mission; Xi Jinping & Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou committed to deepening bilateral ties; China will prioritise the uninterrupted and steady functioning of its industrial and supply networks as it attempts to resurrect its industrial economy; Chinese FM Wang Yi & Malaysian FM Saifuddin Abdullah promised to protect the ASEAN-centered regional cooperation framework; International Olympic Committee lauded Beijing 2022 for its efforts in low carbon, environmental protection, and sustainable development; in Hunan Province, archaeologists unearthed 25 graves dating from the late Shang Dynasty; China and Malaysia believe that regional countries should protect the region’s mature cooperation framework, which is led by the ASEAN, and try to prevent a new Cold War mentality from taking root in the region, which would result in a new camp confrontation.


Chinese influencer’s ice-cream pitch introduces fans to Tiananmen Square Massacre; China to complete its investigation into Didi’s cybersecurity & ease prohibition on new customers; Australian PM Anthony Albanese expressed concern over an Australian surveillance plane’s collision with a Chinese fighter jet; Shanghai, China not ready to give up fight against coronavirus epidemics; China hopes to complete construction of its space station this year & enlist the assistance of Russia; China’s Ant Group announced the establishment of ANEXT Bank, a digital wholesale bank based in Singapore; China’s demographic dilemma is worse than official data suggests; China will press ahead with agreed-upon trade pacts and profit on ready-to-go tariffs and market accesses rather than responding to or resisting IPEF, as seen by the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) summit.


Amazon to stop distributing Kindle in China; Speculations on launch of Type 003 aircraft carrier in China circulates; US Trade Representative Dai Qi stated that trade policy with China should be strategic; China’s Central Meteorological Observatory continues to issue yellow rain warnings; Shanghai has recently reverted to the epidemic’s “precise prevention & control” mode; Australian P-8A anti-submarine patrol aircraft entered area near Xisha, China; Ministry of State Security announced the departmental regulations “Measures for Rewarding Citizens for Reporting Behaviors Endangering National Security”; Railway Public Security Bureau further investigated the accident of the D2809 train slamming into rapid debris flow off-line; Ministry of Civil Affairs & Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Notice on Effectively Safeguarding the Basic Lives of People in Difficulties”; Ministry of Natural Resources recently made public 24 concerns with erroneous findings; China’s major soft power asset in Africa is its fundamentally distinct intellectual approach in implementing its African economic ambitions; The paternalistic, self-righteous, and occasionally racist framing prevalent in communications from the US, UK, and EU is absent from Beijing’s diplomatic framing and language when dealing with Africa.


Modi’s India plunged into US’ friend circle, says Chinese commentator; Primary school students rally to usher in a new era; CCDI announced that former Shenzhen mayor, Chen Rugui is under investigation for alleged violations of law; Liu Jianchao was transferred from the position of Deputy Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission to Director of CPC International Liaison Department; CGTN has launched a new documentary series on terrorism in Xinjiang; on May 30th, 30 PLA aircrafts entered Taiwan’s southwest Air Defence Identification Zone; China & Russia pledged to intensify cooperation along the Yangtze and Volga rivers; Russia’s energy strategy repositioning has brought more opportunities for cooperation b/w Chinese & Indian enterprises in Russian market; China is effective in shaping public opinion due to strong placement of propaganda material on YouTube & Google


LinkedIn post highlights propaganda team, tanks seen in Beijing, China; Shanghai citizens celebrate as COVID restrictions eased; Hong Kong company, Fantasia petitioned for liquidation due to its inability to repay its $149 million debt; Cheng Jiandong, former deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, fired on suspicion of violations of discipline and law; CCTV released its annual Social Responsibility Report on May 28; Chinese President Xi Jinping appointed nine new ambassadors; People’s Forum, a part of People’s Daily uploaded an article titled “Rejecting Yes-Man Doctrine, Forever keeping the spirit of struggle” on May 26th; Official data revealed China’s foreign trade bounced back in May as total imports & exports went up 9.6 per cent year on year; The CCTV, a major channel of CPC’s propaganda department has always guided all its work with Xi Jinping’s thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. The CCTV notes that it has always faithfully fulfilled the party’s ideological mission.


After photographing the Liangshan wedding dinner, Chinese netizens were interrogated; protests break out at checkpoints in Beijing; approval information for domestic online games was issued on the official website of China’s State Press and Publication Administration; US announced that the arms sales plan to Taiwan had been approved; European Parliament passed a resolution declaring that Chinese government’s human rights violations against Uyghurs constitute crimes against humanity; defense ministers of China and the United States met on June 10 for talks; Hong Kong SAR Government gazetted the “Prevention and Control of Diseases Ordinance 2022 Notice” in response to the potential risks posed by monkeypox to Hong Kong; several earthquakes struck Maerkang City of Aba Tibetan-Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Sichuan Province; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs’ Office issued Implementation Programme for Effective Investment in Rural Agriculture; China will support WTO reform, inclusive growth and champion the cause of legitimate rights of developing countries; Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the US is planning to remove certain tariffs on Chinese imports; Chu emphasised Sun’s ties to the US; both KMT & US will benefit from pursuing common goals: for KMT to shake its pro-Chinese & anti-American image during elections; for US in limiting & monitoring Beijing’s influence

11.6.22- 12.6.22

Protests break out in Dongxing with demands of unblocking the city. Open letter from a Shanghai entrepreneurs’ group does rounds on Twitter. 6th Party Congress of Chongqing was concluded, wherein 43 representatives were elected to attend the 20th National Party Congress. Chinese FM spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China would assist Sri Lanka in overcoming current financial difficulties. two Chinese nationals were arrested for cheating in the university online entrance examination in Tokyo, Japan. Chinese state media reported that Li Shulei, took over as the Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department in charge of daily work. UK Conservative backbenchers launched a bid to ban China’s Confucius Institutes from operating. China showed strong discontentment over US announcement of new arms sales and related technical support to Taiwan. Cui Maohu was appointed Deputy Head of the United Front Work Department, and the Chief of State Administration for Religious Affairs. spokesman for the Chinese delegation for the EU demanded that the European Parliament stop attacking China over human rights issues in Xinjiang. China’s Confucius Institutes are public educational and cultural promotion programs that which can be considered as a tool of Beijing’s diplomatic outreach deployed with the purpose of fulfilling China’s goals in different parts of the world.


Discussion on women’s safety is sparked by gender-based violence on Chinese social media; Chinese influencer vanishes after a tank-shaped cake comes on livestream; China’s defence minister accused the US of smearing Beijing, claiming that Washington is attempting to hijack countries in the Indo-Pacific; as more Chinese competitors set up shop in Vietnam, Apple suppliers compete for Vietnamese labour; Bangladesh rejected China’s aggressive proposal for a high-speed Dhaka-Chittagong railway route; During the Shangri La discussion, PM Fumio Kishida said that Japan is bolstering its military capabilities in the next 5 years. Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged Hongkongers to better integrate with the nation’s growth in order to ensure the city’s stability; while China’s strategic interests in India’s neighbourhood have prompted Beijing to enhance its participation in the area, there has also been a desire from the nations to back Beijing’s incursions throughout the years due to perceived Indian predominance.

Zuckerberg’s Meta tol push metaverse activities into Hong Kong cafes & schools; Taiwanese media reported China is building countermeasures against Taiwan; Outline of Military Non-War Military Actions (Trial) was signed by Xi Jinping; Xi Jinping congratulated Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao on its 120th anniversary; Ministry of Emergency Management rcorded cumulative rainfall in most of Jiangnan & eastern part of southwest region was 70-150 mm—National Defense Agency continues to maintain three-tiered flood-control response; Chinese FM spokesman Wang Wenbin stated that China has sovereign rights & jurisdiction over the Taiwan Strait; Yang Jiechi, director of CPC Central Committee’s Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission, met with National Security Assistant to US President Sullivan; , Chinese FM Wang Yi had a video conference with New Zealand FM Nanaia Mahuta; China has been making speeches from the standpoint of international law, to increase the legality with which it may force Taiwan to unify, but most countries do not accept this legitimacy.


Health codes turn red in Henan Province, Smartisan founder bids farewell to social media, Guidelines for diagnosis & treatment of monkeypox issued by National Health Commission, China issued specific guidelines on military actions other than war, From May 2021 to May 2022, industrial output increased by 0.7%, Deep Space Exploration Laboratory’s board of directors met via video conference in Beijing & Hefei to evaluate and approve the board’s composition plan, China’s Cybersecurity Administration (CAC) established new mobile app rules, with floods hitting the South China Pearl River basin, China’s Ministry of Water Resources initiated a level-III emergency response, China launched 18 new vocations to reflect the country’s digitization and carbon peaking, violation of health codes has citizens questioning the digital totalitarianism of the Communist Party. Manipulating personal private information is a strategy used to maintain political stability by restricting the freedom to travel.


Social media Influencer accused of collaboration with Chinese enterprise faces legal battle with Amazon and Cartier, China Social Media Reciprocity Act keeps officials from using US social media apps, British government opted to buy 20% stake in Sizewell nuclear power station project, eliminating requirement for money from China General Nuclear Power, State Administration of Taxation of China issued two new policies to improve the export tax rebate policy, UN Human rights chief, Michelle Bachelet was not able to speak to any detained Uyghurs on their families, At the June press conference, Meng Wei, a spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission, stated that important livelihood commodities have stable production & sufficient supply, Xi Jinping signed an order on “military operations other than war”, despite China’s major assault on big digital companies, Xi, has continued to urge for the country’s entire people to develop, signing of order on military operations other than war, against #Taiwan is another medium of use of force, real question on the situation of China’s inflation remained unanswered. UN Human Rights chief’s visit to China failed to achieve its purpose.


Perplexing Case of Henan Bank Depositors and Changing Health QR Codes; Border villages in Arunachal Pradesh discussed on Weibo by military observers, Fujian, China’s third aircraft carrier, was launched in Shanghai, Beijing Fengtai Station, Asia’s largest railway hub passenger station, is about to open for business, Chinese Cyberspace Administration to change the regulations governing the management of Internet threading & commenting services, launching ceremony for China’s third aircraft carrier took place 17 at China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s Jiangnan Shipyard, China will speed up the execution of a slew of pro-growth policies in the second quarter to keep the country’s economic performance within a sustainable range, China is optimistic about attaining respectable growth in foreign trade this year, Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer made Xu Zhiyong’s documentary claiming “Xu Zhiyong is innocent,”, three years later, the “five demands” that Hong Kong residents chanted on that day have yet to be fully achieved, India & China are normalizing relations in many ways, Bilateral trade between India & China has soared and is now at an all-time high. While full political engagement has yet to restart, substantial encounters have occurred.

18.6.22- 19.6.22

Cyberspace Administration of China puts more restrictions on social media, Chemical Plant in China caught fire, China has energized the IMF to support a US$1.4 billion bailout for Zambia, Xi states that the standards for arable land protection must be clear, Xi Jinping has visited Chongqing twice since the CPC’s 18th National Congress, sketching a plan for the city’s development, various parts of South China were met by extreme tempests, setting off flooding in urban areas, China divulged new high-ranking representatives in Hong Kong under approaching pioneer John Lee, China sent off its third plane-carrying warship from Shanghai’s Jiangnan Shipyard, with new battle frameworks, rivlary between Washington and Beijing has affected China’s interest in Latin America & the Caribbean, Approaching Hong Kong pioneer John Lee settles bureau line-up, In Central Asia, China’s predominance leaves it disliked, There has been no progress in arriving at a mutually acceptable plan for separation of troops at LAC, China’s launch of new plane carrier may cause concern for India & Quad, BRICS NSA meeting was held on the second commemoration of the Galwan struggle.


China wants all comments on social media to be pre-approved before they are published, huge discounts provided as part of China’s annual “618” online shopping, Russia becomes China’s top oil supplier as a result of the Ukraine conflict, China claims victory in its campaign to promote preferred candidates to international organisations, China’s ethnic affairs bureau led by former environmental protection officer who is known for taking harsh stance on local interests, On June 23, Chinese President Xi Jinping will convene a virtual meeting of BRICS leaders, searches for “graduate vacations” increased by more than 300 percent week over week in China, According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Beijing would aggressively encourage BRICS growth & invite additional global partners to join the club.


NetEase to launch an app for virtual meeting site Yaotai, Victor Shih–Li Keqiang trying to present a different style of governance, President Xi Jinping spoke on the connotation & extension of common values of all mankind, CCP has set guidelines for the management of top cadres’ spouses & children, former top prosecutor of the procuratorate, Comrade Zhang Siqing, cremated at Beijing’s Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery, CPC’s Central Committee recently released the “Regulations on the Communist Party of China’s Political Consultation Work”, China has repeatedly prohibited Taiwanese agricultural & fishery products from entering the country, 27th meeting of National Tripartite Conference on Coordinating Labor Relations was conducted in Beijing, China has played a helpful role in the WTO negotiations on the waiver of intellectual property rights for COVID19 vaccines, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor claimed that she would not give in to demands from consulates & chambers of commerce to relax travel restrictions, While Hong Kong prepares for a possible visit by Xi Jinping during celebrations marking the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, Lam has ruled out lifting travel restrictions. It remains to be seen if the rules will be relaxed or tightened in the future.


CAC clamps down to review social media comments, General Zhong Shaojun, arrested on suspicion of corruption, healthcare stocks have been tumbling down due to Beijing’s regulatory crackdown, Chief Executive-elect Lee Ka-chiu prioritised sustainable living & nature positive Hong Kong by 2030, Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act (UFLPA) signed by US President Biden has been a source of criticism for the international community, Premier Li Keqiang focusing on stabilising economic performance in agriculture. Tesla cancelled three online recruitment events for China, China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate revealed that 45,827 suspects were arrested in 2021 for crimes against minors, Eric Chu stated the agreement that Taiwan is part of “one China” is a “non-consensus consensus, The UFLPA attacks the ideals of free-trade championed by the United States. Wang Wenbin claimed that this Act will prove how the US has constantly exploited the Chinese resources and encouraged forced unemployment in the lands of Xinjiang, violating human rights as a ‘liberal’ state.


China displays strategic soft power by sharing pictures of Chinese Ambassador to Australia over social media, Social media users shed light on actual reality of the CCP’s ZeroCovid Plan, Xi Jinping promised to accomplish economic goals for the year despite cholera outbreaks, three new remote sensing satellites were successfully launched by China, Yin Xiyue to attend NATO summit to avoid an anti-China & anti-Russian stance, 6 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone, China & India are currently holding another round of Lt General-level negotiations, Xi Jinping criticised the US & EU for applying sanctions against Russia, Philippines stated that it had filed a new diplomatic protest against Beijing over the alleged return of a Chinese fleet operating “illegally”, Japanese Prime Minister ramped up the drive to counter China in Southeast Asia, China extended its arm for military presence in Singapore, The launching of remote sensing satellites seems to be another addition used by the PRC to their long list of surveillance apparatus.


China prohibits more than 30 live streaming practices & requires credentials to discuss law, economics, & medical, Chinese dissident artist talks about 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Wu Hongbo, a special representative for European affairs dispatched to tour Belgium & other nations on the eve of NATO leaders’ summit, President Xi Jinping presided over the 14th BRICS leaders’ summit via video link in Beijing,Hong Kong ranked 3rd from the bottom in a recently announced 2021 Human Rights Index, Beijing held its 375th press conference on the prevention & control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Chinese FM Wang Yi stated that China & India’s shared interests transcend their differences & that the two nations should cooperate rather than compete, Chinese government maintained that removal of any further tariffs placed on Chinese exports by the US will be advantageous for both nations & global economy, big container ship was loading containers at the Lianyungang Port terminal on May 22, 2022 in Jiangsu Province, It is vital to talk about the lessons learned and the next actions to be taken in bringing both the goal of a shared future for humanity and the Belt and Road Initiative to fruition now, 4 & a half years later & a few months before the 20th NCCCP.

25.6.22- 26.6.22

An older lady trends after performing yoga on Chinese media, US military stated that China might be planning to attack Guam, China has announced zero new COVID-19 cases in Shanghai, US military coalition will organize another report given further developed points of NATO, Xi emphasised about the significance of residents’ perspectives on the main political plan of China, Japan’s military forces have announced that Chinese warships ‘Lhasa” as well as Chengdu & Dongpinghu are close to the South Tokyo Sea, National Security Regulation has brought Hong Kong back to order said Chris Tang Ping, secretary of HKSAR, China’s National Metrological Center anticipated floods and rainstorms & has given a high alert for northern China & Beijing, US Forced Labour Act has been criticized by the Uygur Autonomous Region, US President dispatched a Partnership for a Global Infrastructure and investment plan at the G7 Summit, India offered help to Sri Lankan government to avoid its financial breakdown, which upset China. Aggravation in East China Ocean due to Chinese warships advancing toward Senkaku islands will adversely affect relations between China & Japan.


Chinese netizens show discontent towards the ‘work from system’, Diablo Immortal’s account mocked Xi on a Weibo post, Chinese economy slowed down due to stringent Zero-COVID strategy, US President Biden has attempted to counter China’sBRI by raising USD 600 billion by 2027 in global infrastructure investments, China launched three major water projects as a part of the national plan that aimed at investing 800 billion yuan, Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, member of the Legislative Council of the HKSAR, claimed how Hong Kong would have been different had it not received help from the mainland, Xi has encouraged the use of public opinion and surveys to incorporate what the public feels like, Tencent has aimed at strengthening its international strategy by launching an all-in-one cloud product, yellow alert for rainstorms amid the monsoon season issued in many parts of China, Chinese market regulators devise new rules & regulations to look into antitrust behavior, Biden’s new global infrastructure plan, set in a tussle between capitalist vs communist ideals, aims to avoid the debt traps that the state-controlled China has been using in developing countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, among many others.


“the next five years,” perceived as written confirmation that China’s present Covid plan will continue by netizens, EAM Jaishankar’s speech shared on Weibo, 12th Shanghai Committee of the CPC began its inaugural plenary session, China began work on 120 expressway, national, and provincial highway construction projects with a combined length of more than 3,600 km, Chinese government held closed-door trials for two supporters of the New Citizens Movement, China launched the Earth observation satellite Gaofen-12 03 into orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, leaders of the G7 declared their intention to raise 600 billion USD within five years to finance the building of infrastructure in poor nations as a response to China’s BRI, In a meeting with party representatives from “Taiwan Province” Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, placed an emphasis on “anti-independence and promotion of reunification.”, scientific and technological decoupling between China and the United States will reduce academic output, disrupt the global innovation system, and impair the capacity of their scientific communities to work together, the most important component of the BRICS summit is the potential for Saudi Arabia and Argentina to join the group in addition to Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This would increase the new era of “vertical globalization,” which has already started, and further divide the world on a scale unseen since the Cold War.