March 2022

Netizens applaud efforts of China to evacuate Chinese students from Ukraine; Paralympic cross-country skiing competition will be held in Zhangjiakou division Relation between China and Europe is going to be tested amid Russia’s invasion; China to permit wheat export from Russia amid the Western sanctions; Northern China suffers the shortage of natural gas; China introduces new algorithm law to continue shaping public opinion; Former Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe thinks Japan should follow the example of five NATO countries to discuss US nuclear deployment; The Regulations on the Administrative of Algorithm Recommendations for Internet Information Services gets implemented; Central Bank of Russia guarantees financial stability; China’s strategic alliance with Russia is to jointly face the US


News anchor with Chinese state broadcaster CCTV wears dress similar to Ukrainian flag; Chinese Ministry acknowledged that a Chinese national was hurt by gunshot while leaving Ukraine; Iran and China hold talks over phone; China releases white paper focusing country’s contributions to Parasports; Chinese diplomat says US has misappropriated funds in Afghanistan; China plans to achieve carbon neutrality targets; President Xi urges youth to strengthen their beliefs in Party’s interests; China asks US to not jeopardize Sino-US relations by getting involved in Taiwan-related problems; China accuses US of plundering assets in Afghanistan to solidify its interests in that land


Uproar in Chinese social media under the hashtag of Great translation movement; Slow increase in China’s service sector sales; CPPCC to hold its annual session this week; China’s wheat prices increase due to shortage in domestic supply; Chinese embassy in Ukraine says its evacuation process of Chinese nationals is almost complete; Yahoo closes its email services in China; Several local governments in China plan to implement RCEP; Chinese Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission confirms that China will not participate in western sanctions; China promotes its national interest and soft power abroad; China continues to be Africa’s largest trading partner for 12 consecutive years


Beijing Paralympics opening ceremony; Chinese professor comments RMB recognized by Russia as international currency for buying; On News in China, we note: “Opening Ceremony Media Guide” stated that “Bloom of Life” to be core content of ceremony; Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) gaining momentum in Africa; , China’s space station expected to bring 6 astronauts back to Earth; 13th National People’s Congress, spokesperson Zhang Yesui comments on approach to serve the fundamental interests of China and US; international Paralympics committee called for peace; Puttin comments on western sanctions; the 2022 National People’s Congress addresses recent emerging trends and employment generated in food delivery, e-commerce, and online live broadcasts; China is expected to host two spaceships with six astronauts by the end of 2022.


Chinese Foreign Minister comments on China’s relationship with Russia; Three years of sanctions on Huawei discussed by netizens; China discusses legality of Euthanasia; China’s growth target for 2022 is the lowest in decades; Chinese experts point out that Russian military is independent amid western sanctions; China continues to defend and justify annual increase in defense budget; China FM says Taiwan’s issue is fundamentally different from Ukraine’s; China warns US against forming pacific version of NATO; Australian PM calls out China for its chilling silence on Ukraine crisis; Russia’s invasion displays ideological limits in real world


CPPCC member calls for outlawing fake news in China; Xi jinping participates in the Inner Mongolia delegation at National People’s Congress; CCP China banned all religious activities in monasteries of Tibet for upcoming Lunar New year; China wants its people to work longer hours; China’s foreign trade continues grow in the early 2022; China announces its environmental position by promoting green and low carbon development; China to build over 600,000 new 5G base stations; China to improve measures for third child policy; China increases its military budget by 7.1%; Australia accuses China of providing economic lifeline to Russia


The White House threatens to take measures against China; Putin lists countries those are committing unfriendly acts; US Army colonel says Zelensky was a puppet; Macron says people of all countries should be respected; Wang Yi said India and China should be partners rather than rivals; China’s largest annual political gathering to take measures against video game addiction for minors; NPC proposes Expat tax for wealthy Chinese who live abroad; A Hong-Kong based activist arrested due to violation of bail conditions; Two million people have been evacuated from Ukraine till now; Xi Jinping warns France and Germany of defunct global economy due to sanctions on Russia; Western sanctions on Russia expand to Art and culture


Alumni of prestigious colleges in China condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; Tiktok will stop live streaming and publishing new content in Russia; Prices of aquatic products those are imported from Russia to South Korea have risen;; 13th CPPCC conference has concluded; Xinjiang spokesperson says Uygur women are guaranteed legal rights; Pfizer Inc & China Meheco Group agree to supply COVID medication in China; Chinese experts observe service related consumption since COVID is the biggest challenge; China wishes to contribute to global economic recovery; Wang Qun says AUKUS must address the international concerns against it; Chinese Red Cross Society to deliver humanitarian aid to its Ukrainian counterpart; China demanded US to provide information about its bio labs in Ukraine; Experts predict China’s inflation will remain under control in 2022; Formation of AUKUS has brought China to its edge


WHO advises Ukraine to close its Bio-labs; Netizens support the idea of compulsory military training for school students; Weibo discusses hiding place of Ukrainian president; Election of sixth chief executive in Hong Kong SAR has been postponed; Xi urges maximum restraint over Ukraine; Chinese FM accuses US of operating bio labs in Ukraine; China rescues over 6000 Chinese nationals from Ukraine;Chinese FM welcomes UNHC chief on a visit to Xinjiang; Blue March protest was organised on International Women’s Day in China; US has asked China to give all access to UNHCR in Xinjiang; US Admiral says India and China relations are at its worst; China’s approach towards Ukraine is changing


Chinese state media runs ads promoting pro-Russia & anti-NATO views; US accused for giving financial aid for the study of biological weapons in Ukraine; Chinese FM says that India and China should be partners; Chinese FM urges US to release details about bio labs in Ukraine; China plans space tourism in 2022; China donated its third batch of Sinopharm for Palestinian refugees; Chinese smartphone makers are reducing their exports to Russia; China refuses to supply aviation parts to Russia; Chinese securities regulator opposes forces politicizing securities supervision; China and India hold 15th round of Commander-level meeting; Xiaomi and Huawei explain their decision of reducing exports to Russia


Weibo discusses income disparity; Netizens discuss US bioweapons in Ukraine; Google Earth changes the status of Tibet and Taiwan; China reported highest cases of symptomatic COVID-19 in two years; Co-editors of the “Xinjiang Year Zero” spoke on understanding the ‘terror capitalism’ in Xinjiang; Foxconn halted Apple’s iPhone manufacturing in China due to the COVID-19 lockdown in Shenzhen city; Russia has sought China’s military equipment to aid in its Ukraine invasion; Human rights and democratic movement activist Benedict Rogers faces charges of “collusion with foreign forces”; Concerns of USA over Russia asking for military hardware assistance from China


Chinese University announced strict punishment for social media posts about lockdown; f its biggest COVID crisis since Feb 2020; second shipment of Chinese humanitarian aid for Ukraine; new Chinese e-cigarette regulations; number of COVID-19 vaccine doses grows; China’s newly added vegetation reached about 1/4 of the global total; ArborDay celebrated for environmental protection; Russia asked China for military equipment; H.E. President Isaias Afwerki met in Asmara with Ambassador Xue Bing; Japan’s banks suddenly have built huge leverage over China’s economy which provides an opportunity for India.


Chinese University announces strict punishment for social media posts about lockdown; China tightens antivirus controls at its ports; US and China discuss their bilateral relationship on top diplomats level; China reports 1337 local transmitted cases in a day; US, China and Russia make statements about Russia asking for military assistance from China; Xi marks 70th anniversary of the Communist Party in a conference; China’s position on Russia’s invasion into Ukraine


Unknown twitter account translates Chinese Ukraine coverage beyond China; China’s Shenzen have closed due to pandemic lockdowns; Xi speaks to Indonesian President; Talks between Xi and Turkmenistan President; China hopes to boost its tourism sector which was worst hit by pandemic; China opposes US’s interference in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang; China completes test for for its upcoming launch of space lab modules; China announces policies to boost its economy and stabilize its economy; China’s bilateral relations with Indonesia and Turkmenistan


China’s COVID conditions trend post official conference; Chinese bloggers posts recommended strategy for China-Russia weapons trade; Corruption Investigation into a senior official Wang Zhengwei; China-Europe trade jumped 14.8% or $137.16 billion in the first two months of 2022; China’s first sea-crossing high-speed railway connecting Fuzhou & Xiamen started track-laying; 2022 Annual Conference of BOAO Forum for Asia (BFA) to be held on April 20-22; New batch of 300 mainland medical staff on Wednesday arrived in Hong Kong; Chinese spy hired a private investigator to use violence if necessary to end campaign of U.S. Congressional candidate; Chinese policymakers alarmed by how sharply growth had slowed after Xi Jinping tightened controls on private businesses; Shandong province seeks tighter grip on bauxite supplies; Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired a meeting on China’s current anti-epidemic work; China’s cyberspace regulators have taken measures against online violence that attacked and insulted athletes and coaches during the Winter Olympics; Police in New York have arrested a 25-year-old woman Xiaoning Zhang in connection with the stabbing death of Li Jinjin; China’s militarist Africa ambitions pointed out by US; Ugandan President speaks pro-China.


Biden’s remark about avoiding a New Cold War is trending; China looks to clean its cyberspace; Biden’s old video goes viral amid Russia-Ukraine war; Xi continues to shift blame from Russia to US amid Ukraine crisis; Hong Kong struggling with rising cases of Covid; China releasing stricter measures for COVID prevention; China accuses US of being a hegemon; US president holds a two hour long call with the Chinese President; Russia-Ukraine War is affecting the global politics and economy


Anti-Russia and Pro-Ukraine sentiments on Chinese social media; US President cautions China of repercussions if it supports Russian invasion in Ukraine; Covid’s reappearance slows lives in China; China’s economic planner outlines big goals for urbanization; China’s largest missile manufacturer uses 3D printing to speed up production of cruise missiles; China insists that it is not assisting Russia in the Ukraine war; Work on China’s first Beidou positioning system for subways began; Bilateral trade between China and EU grew rapidly in Jan and Feb; India should take cognizance that China- EU’s trade relations grew despite tensions


Unconfirmed reports by Chinese Think Tank on Russian Ukraine war is circulating on Social media; China’s Sichuan province announced that it will not permit any new coal power plants; China is looking to set aside its zero COVID policy measures; Agricultural bank of China, issued state-owned enterprises focused on agriculture with loans worth 1.57 Billion Dollars for the purchase and storage of grain for Autumn; harassment of a Uyghur Fulbright scholar who spoke about her brother’s detention in China; Volkswagen Group China has signed strategic cooperation MOUs with Huayou Cobalt and Tsingshan Group; China is going to organise its first ever peace conference in the Horn of Africa; Sri Lanka facing its one of its worst economic crisis in recent decades

Netizens discuss cyberattacks during the Ukrainian war; Discontent over China’s epidemic prevention measures; China’s increased reliance on coal to combat an energy shortage; China and its lenders will be paid almost US$14 billion by the world’s poorest nations in debt servicing costs; South Korean election, President-elect Yoon Suk-Yeol from the People Power Party won the election; China is now facing its worst Covid-19 outbreak; a China Eastern Boeing 737-800 with 132 people on board crashed; No official word on casualties until China’s Civil Aviation Administration held its news briefing; Amidst crash, India shared condolences with the Chinese government.

Growing discontent over Chinese social media over China’s harsh COVID measures; China to remove non-government religious information from the internet; Power consumption in Shenzhen and Guangdong have returned to normal; Measures to be implemented to strengthen China’s oversight of projects in frontier fields; NPC convened a meeting of MPs to hear a report on the enforcement of the environmental protection law; China begins its project on 2 ultra-high voltage power transmission projects; Pakistan and China set to improve bilateral relations; China expresses concern over humanitarian crisis in Ukraine in UNSC; Evolvement of Pakistan and China’s relations


Elon Musk mocks Chinese E-vehicle company, BYD; Netizens discuss Wang Yi’s visit to India; Netizens discuss the claim to the origin of COVID-19 from an USA company; US requests India to join hands with Russia and China; Wan Yi visits New Delhi; China is embracing the popularity for the ice and snow events; China Eastern Airlines Flight Accident team is recovering relics; CCP adopts some resolutions in its sixth plenary session; Chinese Ministry of Education announced 2400 new courses; Discussions about Wang Yi;s visit to South Asian countries


Draft security cooperation agreement was leaked and circulated in the social media; Video on social media claims the police in Hong Kong are arresting people for wearing Ukrainian flags; Chinese state run media reports visit of top CCP leader to Xinjiang; A charity organizer in Uigyur camps is sentenced; Hong Kong police arrests elderly duo for inciting hatred by setting up martial training centres; China launches mass training program for religious content reviewer; Second blackbox of the China Eastern Airlines is still missing; China to implement measures for Traffic safety violations; National Health Commission in China reports 56000 local infections in 25 days; Wang Yi meets Ajit Doval and S. Jaishankar in India; Discussion about Wang Yang’s visit; Visit of Wang Yi to India


Discussion on presence of Indians Twitter in backdrop of #IStandwithPutin & #IStandwithRussia; Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasises China’s eagerness to strengthen relations with Nepa; the commencement of the compensation procedure of those killed in the ChinaEasternAirlines flight disaster; China’s permanent representative to the UN Amb_ChenXu delivered a joint statement in the UN_HRC on democracy and human rights; China’s use of nuclear technology to identify components in lunar soil samples; #Shanghai beginning a new round of nucleic acid testing; and temporary closed-off management; the release of two volumes on the topic of XI Jinping’s economic philosophy by the Economic Daily and the meetings between Indian and Chinese foreign ministers Dr S Jaishankar and Wang Yi; both India and China agreed to move bilateral relations forward despite differences.


Chinese public’s panic buying in #Shanghai post-lockdown announcement; citizens share their singing and dancing videos to thank health workers; Chinese property developer, Sunac faced a 22% fall in Hong Kong; Solomon Islands PM Manasseh Sogavare ‘insulted’ by reaction to security treaty with China; Tesla suspended car production in Shanghai due to partial city lockdown; Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou made her first public appearance since her return from Canada; Work on an undersea cable connecting China to Europe & Africa has begun; Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a silent tribute to mourn the victims of the China Eastern Airlines flight disaster; East Turkmenistan stated that India shares its borders with Chinese Occupied East Turkistan and Tibet; China will host the 3rd regional meeting on Afghanistan, but India’s absence further alienates it from Afghani and South Asian politics.


Suspicious fire near Forbidden City goes viral on Weibo; China launched comprehensive smart platform for education-based public services; SCS PI argued that US presence in the South China Sea expanded in both scale & frequency in recent years; Huawei released its 2021 Annual Report signalling improved revenue; Dynamic Zero COVID strategy implemented in Shanghai; 1,228 new locally transmitted COVID19 cases reported; Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin commented on China’s evacuation operations in Ukraine and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi remarked on his six day South Asia tour; China & India’s positions on the Ukraine Crisis seems favourable for further dialogue; burgeoning US presence in the South China Sea can be viewed by China as a threat to its national security.


woman makes public plea to authorities seeking help in safe return of her baby from Ukraine; hospital’s mismanagement led to father’s death, claims a netizen; China plans to build the Belt and Road’s green development pattern by 2030; Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to host 3rd meeting of foreign ministers of countries neighbouring Afghanistan; CCP attempts to remove rumours about the China Eastern Airlines incident; aircraft carrying Sinovac COVID19 vaccine from China lands in Cambodia; Chinese astronomers identified 1417 new compact galaxies using LAMOST and Philippines filed a diplomatic protest against China; China hopes to build further consensus on the Afghan Issue among Afghanistan’s neighbours and Chinese attempts in continuing with its expansionist policy in the South China Sea


ElonMusk trends on Weibo over his remarks on Ukrainian employees; Indian news anchor Arnab Goswami goes viral in China; two meetings were held by China to discuss ​​economic and humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan in Tunxi; Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov arrived in China to attend meeting on Afghanistan; Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that both China and Russia are focused on deepening bilateral ties and Chinese media reaffirmed China’s commitment to the Zero COVID policy; In the backdrop of the Ukraine Crisis and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s visit to China and New Delhi, India needs to carefully manage its relations with Russia