May 2022

Weibo’s decision to display the location of the commenter sparks debate amongst Chinese netizens on privacy concerns; CPC Central Committee’s Political Bureau convened its 38th group study session; trade between China & EU rose by 12.21% in the first quarter; Chinese scientists attempt to erect a meteorological monitoring station on China-Nepal border; @AmbLiuXiaoMing special envoy on Korean Peninsula Affairs made visits to European nations; Azerbaijani President @presidentaz said that its relations with China are strategic & have potential; Experts: China & the PSCs have room for more collaboration in sectors; China successfully launched five satellites into intended orbit from a station in the EastChinaSea; China remarked it has consistently backed efforts to overcome obstacles and continue dialogue in the ongoing RussiaUkraineWar; Deepening bilateral collaboration in areas like industrial and supply chains, epidemic prevention, digital, science, and technology between China and the EU benefits both sides as well as the global #economy's revival.
Beijing Municipal Bureau purges cadres linked to former Justice Minister; NBS lists out types of unrentable houses in China & Beijing nucleic test prices drop; Communist Youth League to celebrate its centenary year on May 5; China’s Coast Guard announced a moratorium on fishing activity in the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, East China Sea & South China Sea; local officials arrested 9 people in relation to the Changsha building collapse; Shenzhen is offering 30 million digital yuan red envelopes to stimulate #consumption spending; Beijing announced tighter restrictions on gathering & travel during the five-day May holiday; Central Military Commission approved an amendment permitting lower-ranked officials to supervise senior officials in the military; It is widely believed that ‘Little Pink’ (term describing young jingoistic Chinese nationalists on the internet who help in building a pro-CPC narrative) are members of the CYL. However, Little Pink are different from the 50-cent army (known as Wumao).
Video footage of a ‘dead man’ coming back to life goes viral in China and propaganda posts on another severely wounded Chinese soldier of Galwan emerge; Chinese Mars rover Zhurong travelled more than 1.9 km since it first started operating; ninth survivor rescued from underneath the rubble in Changsha after 88 hours; Chinese mainland reported 368 locally transmitted confirmed #COVID19 cases; Chinese researchers started a new scientific expedition on Mount Qomolangma on China-Nepal border; Xi Jinping encouraged youth to contribute more in the #aerospace sector; record amount of Chinese #Ramadan charity donations showcased Chinese-UAE friendship;
Youth Day celebrations trend on Weibo, campsites become popular due to COVID19 restrictions & strategist HAOHONG CFA’s social media accounts were frozen; Ma Moumo accused of being a foreign agent for anti-China forces; Chinese Navy's aircraft carrier 'Liaoning' conducted actual combat training in the western Pacific waters; Chinese scientific expedition team successfully erected the world’s highest automatic weather station on Mount Everest; China’s passenger transport shrunk in Q1 with a year-on-year decline of 22.5 %; China clamped down on a writer who criticised the cult of personality around Chinese President Xi Jinping and police questioned Shanghai activist Ji Xiao Long after speaking out about rights abuses; With German media calling #India the ‘new China’, India must build on this momentum and the PLA recruits graduates well-versed in Hindi for intelligence gathering purposes and a possible interception at the LAC


Videos of angry citizens’ trend as lockdown frustrations grow and netizens comment against media censorship of COVID19 realities in China; China National Chemical Engineering Group is assisting in constructing Kazakhstan’s largest petrochemical complex in Atyrau Region; Cambodian officials said that China’s BRI has helped boost the economy and improved people’s livelihoods; China’s National Bureau of Statistics stated that most capital goods registered lower prices in late April compared to mid-April; 8 satellites were lifted from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre in Shanxi & entered the pre-set orbit; Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian urged the US to stop cybertheft targeting China; China’s permanent representative to the UN Zhang Jun appealed to the international community in the UNSC to assist in Russia-Ukraine peace negotiations; Despite Cambodia praising BRI projects for boosting the economy and improving local people’s livelihoods, it is negatively affecting the environment and the human rights of the Cambodian people.


1000 officers & soldiers competed in military skills competitions at PLA’s support base in Djibouti & @TencentGlobal cancelled Q coin 30% recharge discount; Chinese President Xi Jinping directed party cadres & state officials to fight any attempt to distort or dismiss the ZeroCovid policy; search & rescue operation for the collapsed building in Changsha ended with 53 people confirmed dead; China’s FM spokesperson zlj517 announced that vice-president Wang Qishan will lead a delegation to SouthKorea; commentary in the PLA Daily warned of US Armed Forces’ potential to dominate space through SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet system; and the Health Commission of Guangdong province announced that it has scrapped the province’s birth registration policy; China on 5th May launched the Long March-2D rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shaanxi which can provide remote sensing data & services for use in the agriculture sector, oceans, forestry, urban construction & scientific experiments.

Chinese netizens respond to ‘uplifting’ COVID19 news and netizens call for animal performance boycott over Molly the elephant; China achieved the first accurate forecast of Earth’s near-surface wind for major space launch operation; China issued instructions for local governments to encourage urbanisation; John Lee Ka-chiu was elected as the sixth-term chief executive of HongKong; Pilecki, the world’s biggest multifunctional heavy lift vessel, delivered Chinese vaccine production equipment from Shanghai to Morocco in order to aid #Africa’s fight against COVID19; China’s central & local governments are fine-tuning housing rules to strike a balance between mitigating risks & stimulating demand; probable US recession might damage Chinese exporters since they largely sell to US consumers; Serbian & Chinese representatives laid flowers at memorial plaques dedicated to three Chinese journalists murdered in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999; Chinese Vice FM Le Yucheng slammed charges that China is to blame for the UkraineWar; globalmarket anxieties over recession might hamper #Chinese financial markets. China might use more fiscal support to raise domestic demand, reduce supply-chain interruptions caused by COVID19, and optimise industry rules.

PLA anti-submarine aircraft entered the airspace of southeastern Taiwan & Chinese netizens recall NATO bombing of Belgrade embassy;Chinese university professors argued that excessive COVID19 prevention measures contradict the rule of law; John Lee Ka-chiu won the sixth-term election to become the Chief Executive in HongKong; China recorded highest coastal sea-level rise in 10 years for 2021; Chinese Navy’s Liaoning Aircraft carrier group conducted combat training exercises in Sea of Philippines, east of Taiwan; on May 8, 22 new cases of COVID19 were registered in Beijing; the PLA aircraft carrier launched offensive and defensive combat exercises near Taiwan

Chinese netizens speak out against COVID19 related discrimination of COVID-positive patients; Chinese authorities launched a Level-IV emergency response in southern #China due to expected heavy rains; visiting VP Wang Qishan met with SouthKorea’s outgoing President Moon Jae-in in Seoul; in the Group of Friends of the Global Development Initiative GDI meeting, Chinese FM Wang Yi urged for equal & balanced global development partnership; Pakistani FM BBhuttoZardari expressed appreciation for China-proposed GDI;China launched cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-4 to deliver supplies for its space station; Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the 100th-anniversary ceremony of the founding of the CYLC; in a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Bundeskanzler, Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of harnessing the stabilising role of their ties and the groundbreaking ceremony of a China-aided project in Namibia took place; With worsening China-EU relations, German entrepreneurs with a stake in China can help showcase China positively to Europe.

Lockdown measures trend as Shanghai roads are boarded up and WHO Chief DrTedros’ remarks on ZeroCOVID censored in China; Weibo declared that it will display users’ IP address locations on profile pages & on all replies posted to the site; Xi Jinping attended a ceremony celebrating the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Youth League of China; Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian @zlj517​​ urged Western countries to refrain from interfering in China’s internal matters; on the killing of AJEnglish journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, Zhao said that China strongly condemns violent acts against journalists on duty; and China’s first large emergency response and rescue vessel, the China Emergency Jiujiang, finished its first sea trial off the coast of Jiujiang City; China criticising violent acts against journalists carrying out their duties shows its own hypocrisy in its crackdown on dissent. One amongst many examples is China’s National Security Law – introduced in HongKong in June 2020.


Temporary closure of Forbidden City & lockdown in Beijing trends on Weibo and controversy over a Weibo account violating One China Policy grows; Li-Ning, China’s leading sportswear brand is emerging as an unexpected competitor in its coffee market; recovered COVID19 patients still suffer from symptoms after 2 years; China’s Tibet Airlines passenger plane caught fire after an aborted take-off; Xi Jinping is reportedly suffering from a cerebral aneurysm & was hospitalised in 2021; Wuxi in China is offering Nobel Prize winners housing subsidies to retain talent in national economy; Cardinal of #HongKong, Joseph Zen @CardJosephZen arrested by Hong Kong’s national security police; new multi-purpose helicopter AC352 completed its final test of civil aviation; 14th Five-Year Plan for Bio-economy Development issued, establishing national biotechnology; China does not want to be behind the US in nurturing its ties with the Philippines, and both #India and Japan must take note of this movement, especially keeping their South China Sea interests in mind.


Memes shared on #Weibo after Iceland Embassy welcomes tourists & local tour guides at Huangshan struggle to make a living after three years of COVID19; juvenile courts in Beijing reprimanded guardians with duty notifications over family education; Shanghai residents who declined nucleic acid tests were threatened with negative results; Beijing will conduct three supplementary rounds of mass nucleic acid testing in 12 districts from Friday to Sunday; Shanghai removed restrictions from several companies including foreign firms for resuming work; Chinese President Xi Jinping & his Croatian counterpart Zoran Milanovic congratulated each other on the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries; China’s NIA discarded false overseas media reports about border control practices; China’s denial of accusations by overseas media suggesting that it has suspended issuing passports to citizens, and its statement that it would limit “non-essential” travel by its citizens reflects the govt’s decision to stay with its Zero COVID policies

14.05.22-15.05.22 Weibo post by Iceland embassy sparks memes; Chinese sports brand registers its coffee brand; censors go after ‘last generation’ references; judicial authorities around China are forming “people’s legal battle militias” to assist law enforcement; China donated another batch of food for schoolchildren through its embassy in Liberia; Chinese scientists launched an aerostat at a record altitude on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; Shanghai’s financial hub to progressively reopen businesses starting Monday; Australia looks to strengthen its relation with China, its number one commercial partner; China’s central bank will release a collection of commemorative coins; China’s urban rail transit network reported significant drop in passenger trips last month; China to make the application for living allowance for financially challenged disabled people available online; China is closely aligning its Belt and Road Initiative, Global Development Initiative, & GlobalSecurityInitiative, with the Africa 2063 Agenda and this year marks the 50th anniversary of China and Australia establishing diplomatic relations.
16.05.22 Rumours of Xi Jinping stepping down over ill health & COVID19 mismanagement makes rounds on social media & ‘Daddy Putin’ trends among Chinese TikTok users; In a week, Taiwan reported over 400,000 COVID19 cases; Shehbaz Sharif CMShehbaz’s government intends to dismantle the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority; Bitcoin declared as a virtual asset to be protected by Chinese law; riskier currencies took a knock during the Asian session as surprisingly bad economic data from China heightened worries of a halt in growth; Xi Jinping congratulated the newly elected president of the UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan; Due to mounting debt faced by numerous nations on the continent, China is promoting private sector involvement to reinvigorate the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which covers multiple sectors including infrastructure and manufacturing in Africa.


a new addition to China’s COVID-19 lexicon, ‘Permanent Fangcang Hospitals’ makes the rounds on Chinese social media; Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian zlj517 stated that China rejects US bill helping Taiwan regain observer status in the WHO & denounced US SpeakerPelosi’s comments on HongKong; Chinese mainland reported 162 new confirmed #COVID19 cases; China launched the Wusong river improvement program in the Yangtze River Delta region; State Councillor & FM Wang Yi met with new #ROK FM Park Jin via video link; Shanghai has gradually started to resume domestic flights & reopened commercial outlets; Retired cadres in China have been banned by the CCP from making ‘negative’ political comments; Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif @CMShehbaz held a phone call on bilateral ties; The recent rejection by #China of the #US bill which will help Taiwan regain its observer status in the World Health Organization @WHO draws attention back to the fact that #Taiwan is excluded from most global organisations due to Chinese objections.


Molly the Elephant returns to Kunming; Xi Jinping talks to Philippine President-Elect; China censors many high-profile citizens; Chinese Ministry of Education has set up guidelines for students preparing for college entrance examination; Production lines resumes in Shanghai; Hangzhou 2022 para Asia games is postponed; China Mobile to roll out a new feature in Zhejiang province; Ad company in Shenzhen has been fined for a sexiest ad; Investigations into China Eastern Airlines jet crash continues; China is building a ‘new structure’ near Pangong lake according to satellite images.

19.05.22 collaboration umbrella being sold for 11,100 yuan is not waterproof hashtag trended on Weibo; Xi Jinping sent congratulations to the forum of BRICS political parties; Telegram is supposedly being blocked citing privacy concerns in HongKong; Alibaba Group & Ant Financials sold their stakes in PaytmMall; COVID19 vaccine produced by Cansino Biologics, China added in the “Emergency Use List” by WHO; China to buy Russian oil for its strategic reserves; US special coordinator Uzra Zeya met Dalai Lama in first such visit during Biden presidency; China will send a special envoy to Brussels to improve its ties with the EU. Amidst such a push, it is vital for India to keep the focus on its own FTA negotiations with the EU.


the famous Tang Dynasty concubine Yang Guifei trends as an icon of body positivity & invention by an amputee becomes a viral internet sensation; Shanghai Shentong Metro Group said that four subway lines in Shanghai will resume service; President Xi Jinping called on the #BRICS countries to inject stability into international relations in a period of turbulence; Xi Jinping and his Timor-Leste counterpart, Jose Ramos-Horta congratulated each other on the establishment of diplomatic ties between both countries; Chinese FM spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that the UNHumanRights Chief Michelle Bachelet mbachelet will visit China; ; Pakistani FM Bilawal Bhutto Zardari @BBhuttoZardari will pay an official visit to #China from May 21 to 22; #Chinese FM urged the #US to honour its commitment of acknowledging Tibet as part of China; Chinese FM asked Sweden to respect Muslims’ religious beliefs in the wake of anti-Muslim riots. This reflects China’s diversion from the principle of non-interference in internal matters of a country & dual-standard over HumanRights of minorities.

21.05.22 – 22.05.22

Chinese Feminine hygiene brand Fuyanjie stirs controversy with “Dark and Smelly” ad on Weibo; According to Chinese FM Wang Yi, the US’ so-called IndoPacific Strategy” is doomed to fail; China has produced an updated national species database known as the Catalogue of Life China 2022 Annual Checklist; Shanghai’s cross-district public transportation was largely restored on Sunday; China will increase a variety of policy measures to help small and medium-sized businesses; Chinese FM Wang Yi met with Pakistani FM Bilawal Bhutto Zardari BBhuttoZardari in Guangzhou; according to Chinese FM, the international community has supported China’s decision to not allow Taiwan to participate in this year’s WorldHealthAssembly; President Xi Jinping has urged the BRICS countries to bring stability and optimism into international relations; China will continue emphasising Pakistan in its dealings with its regional neighbours; given the global economic slowdown & the Ukraine Russia War, China’s hosting of the BRICS Summit is expected to show China’s stand.

audio leak exposed China’s attack strategy against Taiwan & American corporations are subsidising Chinese & Russian information warfare; the 1970s-born generation will constitute the new Chinese leadership core, China mobilises backing for an international security drive in LatinAmerica as the US turns to Asia; POTUS JoeBiden warned China that the US is prepared to use force to preserve Taiwan; Australia’s ties with China are at an all-time low amid disagreements on a variety of topics, UNHumanRights Chief Michelle Bachelet mbachelet to visit China on Monday; The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework is seen as JoeBiden’s attempt to engage a region increasingly dominated by China. While Asian countries have been looking to collaborate with the US, POTUS is also dealing with protectionist attitudes at home

Tencent’s co-founder Pony Ma’s opinion piece on ZeroCOVID hurting the Chinese economy goes viral; Chinese FM Minister Wang Yi said that China will continue to support the UNESCAP; the Quad group is likely to unveil its new plan to curtail illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific; Chinese FM Wang Yi & his Bahamian counterpart Frederick A. Mitchell congratulated each other on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries; on Monday, Shanghai & Beijing reported 58 and 41 cases of 141 confirmed COVID19 cases; China published its action plan on rural construction; the size of the Chinese delegation at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 in Davos received attention for being unusually small; China watchers have commented that the Quad group’s new initiative about limiting illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific could undermine China’s maritime influence in the South China Sea & the South Pacific, further increasing tensions in the region.