Information and communication security services; Netizens on US Troops in Taiwan; Pension insurance exemption; mishandling of COVID-19 situation; need to scan vehicle code and batteries to verify product code for electric bicycles; national security concept as a guide, National Day Reception by Turkish Embassy in China; Afghan pine nuts sent to Shanghai; China's relationship with the Taliban is steadily developing; the instance of a netizen insulting police and his arrest highlights the grim reality of the fact that most such posts as censored.
Netflix forced to remove episodes from Pine Gap; Chinese government urges families to store basic necessities; Metaverse flagged for national security risks; Epic Games shutting down its ventures in China; Football fans urged authorities to save their club; Xi at COP26 meeting; Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference met Thailand’s deputy parliament president; Housing units from January to September; Restrictions on the growth of the online medicine sector; Rules & regulations for governing military equipment procurement signed by Xi; Coal reserves will exceed 110 million tons within 3 days; Beijing has appointed new regional party chiefs; Government preparing for the upcoming cementation of Xi's rule over the country as he gets ready to run for a third term.
Tennis player accuses former vice-premier of sexual assault; COVID 19 cases & shortage of basic goods; Yahoo's withdrawal from China; Xi Jinping exchanged letters with Peru’s president; Premier of the People's Republic of China at State Administration for Market Regulation symposium; Senior Vice Premier of the State Council, inspected the State Grid Corporation of China; Secretary of the Central Secretariat, CCP attended 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Soviet Republic and the central revolutionary base; measures to “patch up” weak links in the life services sector; former party secretary kicked out of the party; CCP's call to stock up is being viewed in multiple ways; the highest number of new locally transmitted Covid19 cases in almost three months.
Chinese academician speech on gender equality viral on Weibo; Australian Prime Minister Slips up at COP 26 Speech; Premier of the People's Republic of China, spoke at a ceremony; Weekly State Council meeting discussed inspections carried out across 16 provinces; China constructing infrastructure to support the expansion of its nuclear capabilities; China’s moves to press claims at the Line of Actual Control; India, China, & US did not join the Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA); Chinese Foreign Ministry called on European Parliament to have sensitivity to China’s sovereignty, one-China policy & reunification issue; A fresh wave of COVID 19 cases among students in schools and kindergartens; A transgender clinic has opened up in Shanghai; China's improvement in acceptance level to LGBTQ; China's fresh wave of COVID-19 cases exacerbated with a new bout of pneominia outbreak in the country.
Sexual assault claims silenced on Weibo; LGBT group shuts down; PLA took Weibo to quash rumours of military veterans to plan for war against Taiwan; Xi Jinping 4th China International Import Expo; congratulatory letter sent by Xi Jinping to 2021 North Bund Forum on international shipping; China's 38th Antarctic expedition; 5 soldiers and officers honoured as country’s ethical role models; China launched a Guangmu Earth-science satellite; US nuclear submarine crash in the South China Sea; the Elections of lawmakers in local people’s congress, Xi Jinping cast a ballot and voted in the election; PLA's quashing rumor that it is looking to strategize to attack Taiwan & China's directives to citizens for 'stockup'.
Chinese League of Legends professional team wins World Championship; Shenzhou-13 crew’s spacewalk overwhelms Chinese public; energy crisis in China; the US passed a resolution supporting Lithuania; China holding supporters of Taiwan independence criminally liable; orange alerts in China as first snowstorm of over 1.8 in. of snow estimated; COVID-19 latest outbreak; China coal imports; India's high-level meeting with Afghanistan; Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter for Xinhua News Agency’s 90th anniversary; 31st ChinaNews Awards; Fire Rescue Corps of Tibet Autonomous Region held the launching ceremony of the 2021 "119" Fire Publicity Month; fire department in TAR attempts to showcase its resilience by the Fire Publicity Month, news of a forest fire breaking out.
New Oriental donates equipment to schools; Arcane attracts the attention of netizens; Panic buying continues in China; New guidelines to tackle pollution; 6th Plenum begins; 31st China Journalism Awards; former inspector of Hubei Provincial Public Security Department 5,609 people affected by snowstorms in Mongolia; gang headed by Jiang that illegally purchased and sold game accounts arrested; Hong Kong Stock Exchange reported that China’s Evergrande cashed out on Hengteng Network shares removed from Party; floods in China from January to October affected close to 60 million people; Video gaming addiction spells trouble for China's cyber security.
Combat exercises held by PLA; Peng Shuai allegation & Xi Jinping; Buffalo rampage injures several people; United States lawmakers visited Taiwan; State Council during the 14th Five-Year Plan discussed preserving cultural relics & related technological innovation; PLA at India-China border upgraded infrastructure and logistics; 27 redalert for incoming snow storms and blizzards; Hong Kong working with Mainland to reopen border without quarantine; State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China: oceans should not be used to seek power; ECMO devices are being used successfully in clinics in China; Xi Jinping and Michel Aoun, the president of Lebanon, celebrated the 50th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties; Current flareup in India-China ties being at a high, winter could become a new theatre of conflict; a statement that oceans should not be used to flex muscles; activities in the South China Sea & Taiwan Strait; deployment in the Indo Pacific region.
Eefung Software sues Weibo for anti-competitive policies & restrictions; Celine Dion’s illness gains well wishes from Netizens; China’s imports & exports reached 31.67 trillion yuan; Trade between India and China reached $102.29 billion; Coal output has reached 11.93 million tons; Member of Italian Chamber of Deputies - XiJinping is an enemy of truth; Linguistic unity increases the popularity of Mandarin; first Chinese woman spacewalk; US China to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions together; Taiwan’s National Defence Report; China rejects India’s invitation to Afghanistan talks; Training drills in Taiwan Strait; China's Taiwan belligerence sets a stage for India China border conflict; Pak - China - Russia Troika in Kabul; Indo-China trade remains high.
Netizens react to US Position on Taiwan; Video of dinner party by health officials angers Weibo; energy crisis in north China; Xinjiang promotion; COVID-19 continues in China, 2000 quarantined; operation preparedness checked across LAC as Winter approaches; Honduras-Taiwan-China-US; Xinjiang promotion looks to build soft power; COVID-19 continues despite no official reports as highlighted by lockdown which hints at data manipulation; Honduras as a proxy between US-China 'Cold War'.
Japan reacts to Chinese Double Eleven Carnival consumption pattern; China's 'Right to Portrait' debate trends; Weibo Financial Report shows 30% revenue hike; Sixth Plenum of CCP; China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing report shows supply of transportation capacity fell; COVID-19 continues despite state denial; winter preparedness; Taiwan's air zone violated again; APEC meet; snowstorms in China; Right to Portrait shows how sensitive citizens are to social media privacy amidst heavy censorship & state-control; natural disasters proving to be 'grey rhino' event for economy; COVID-19 containment despite vaccination raises question about vaccine.
Movie Battle of Lake Changjin trends; Dog Killed by an anti-epidemic worker; Peacebird accused of Plagiarism; Research on Origination from Northeast China; Seventh Hainan Provisional Party Committee expelled from Party; Condition of PLA officers on LAC; China's support for peace building operation in Sahel; solid-propellant carrier #rocket successfully tested; judgment on a securities class action case; negligence towards intellectual property rights and fragile law enforcement.
Travel blogger jailed for disrespectful pictures; Joe Biden scheduled video call with Xi Jinping; Central Committee summarizing history & maintaining Xi’s position; Xi at APEC summit; Meeting ASEAN countries’ envoys in Beijing; Cyberspace Administration of China released draft regulations; China and India’s “phasing down” of coal; resurgence of COVID-19 cases; Wild boars in Southwest China; regulations for performance agencies to ensure the education, rights, and interests of performers under the age of 18; delivery of S-400 to India; US’s visit to Taiwan; India and China find common ground on coal in their energy generation; S-400 air defense missile system shows continued strong India-Russia ties.
Public Concerns in Tibet; Requests to restore the former residence of Chen Duxiu; New Images of Galwan clashes released; Xi Jinping video call to Biden; world’s first Chinese Formula One driver; Chinese crackdown on Bitcoin and crypto mining; Premier of China, spoke to Cambodian PM; Russian Su-57 fighter jets; India’s second aircraft carrier began its sea trials; Republican lawmaker John Cornyn at the US Senate; China-Africa People’s Forum opened in Beijing; Russia continues to maintain its relations with India despite tensions with the West and its alliance with China; Russia will not “fall into” the Chinese bloc and continue to exercise and assert its role as a global leader.
Concerns over missing tennis player; Zhou Guanyu congratulated on Weibo; Rejection of the Cultural Revolution; Chinese villages built in Bhutan’s territory; Xi visits Xihaigu; Sichuan-Tibet rail project; Xi Biden Meeting; India’s weapon and equipment-making capability; US Secretary of Defense warned India to not buy S-400; Rejection of the Cultural Revolution and blaming Mao Zedong; China's land-grabbing attempts at Doklam; polarized world order as competition between China and the US.
Pricing dispute between L’Oreal and China’s Li Jiaqi and Viya, L'Oreal has stated that it has solved the dispute; ; Xi Jinping spoke to the President of Israel; State Council plans to digitize government services; State Council stated that coal is a reliable source of energy; Vice Premier of the State Council, met the Deputy PM of Russia; spike in oil prices; Opening ceremony of the 2021 Bloomberg New Economy Forum; Premier of People's Republic of China, attended a virtual dialogue hosted by World Economic Forum; Construction of new bases and upgrading existing bases on the India-China border; 23rd Border Affairs Consultation ; Logistical support along the India-China LAC border and opening up of diplomatic channels; China's infrastructure development programs.
Restaurant bans man for eating too much; Yang Li’s stand-up comedy addressing gender issues go viral; China warms up to the idea of Metaverse; first Politburo meeting; China signed more than 200 BRI cooperation agreements; Wang Yi met Yoshimasa Hayashi, foreign minister of Japan; Lithuania opened a Taiwanese Representative Office; India and China have agreed to keep communications open; Australian media defense of India and China after the COP26; India - China continue to receive condemnation from the global community over continued usage of coal with focused criticism of “phasing down” of coal instead of “phasing out”.
China downgraded its ties to Lithuania; Peng Shuai returns to the public eye; Peng Shuai speaks to Olympic Committee; plight of Vietnamese workers in Serbia; refocus on origin of COVID-19; China-Africa cooperation deepens; need to recognize China’s assertive military actions; China’s Market Regulator fines Chinese pvt companies; China continues to expand its sphere of influence and encircle India; recent findings into the origins of COVID-19 are likely to bring global scrutiny and cautiousness back to China and WHO.
Weibo buys e-sports team; Elon Musk announces plans for Tesla in China; Report states China has 150 million market entities; PBOC reports social financing stock grew 10%, & money supply 8.3%; Wang Yi calls for resisting division; China sends humanitarian aid to Kabul; Xi at ASEAN says China not looking to bully; Hu Binchen candidacy for Interpol met with backlash; Chinese cyber security company states India targeting Chinese & Pakistani institutions; Indian Navy inaugurates destroyer ship; China reports lowest national birth rate in 4 decades; India must continue to strengthen offensive+ defensive cyber capabilities in lieu of Chinese attacks; China-Pak close ties with Taliban remains key concern for New Delhi
Discussion over discontent on marriage leave system; Warning to 88 Internet personalities for Bad Behaviour; Xi spoke at China-ASEAN 30th Dialogue Relations; China-ASEAN reach consensus to establish Comprehensive Strategic Partnership; Wang Yang highlights outcomes of Sixth Plenum with neighbouring countries; #Russia to produce AK-203 rifles with India; India to resume export of #vaccines and medi-aid; CCP officials meet in Shanghai to discuss economy and energy crisis; Local narrative shows discontentment continues in China over work culture norms.
Chen Man’s photo criticized; initiative to keep cyberspace clean; SriLanka approved China Harbour Engineering Company for Colombo Port project; BRI slows down in African countries; Taiwan reports China is open to welcome Taiwan enterprises; In Yunnan, epidemic control member caught smuggling a Vietnamese across border; Lithuania’s involvement with Taiwan; live-ammunition exercises at the Indo-China border; Mani Shankar Aiyar criticized the central government for “acting like slaves” to the US; Beijing’s Winter Paralympic Games; WeiFenghe held video conference with Russian counterpart to discuss strategic partnership; Colombo Port emerging as a battleground for India and China; China’s ammunition exercises at the Indo-China border; Russia remains equidistant with China & India; BRI in Africa slows down, India-Japan must seek to capitalize on this opportunity.
JPMorgan’s comments draw criticisms; As China undercounts children, women criticize one-child policy; Flare up of COVID-19 cases in Shanghai; XiJinping chaired the Central Committee for Deepening Overall Reform; China stands in prime position in the “battery arms race”; UK announced diplomatic boycott of Beijing2022 games; US & China Table Tennis Association celebrated the 50th anniversary of PingPongDiplomacy; top 97 popular VPN are linked to China; Australian PM Scott Morrison sent peacekeeping forces to Solomon Islands; Chinese companies were sanctioned by US to prevent them from acquiring military-grade equipment; Central Committee released guidelines on national strategy to address ageing population; Li Zhansu met Cyprus representative regarding strengthening cooperation;WangYang stated the responsibility of the Standing Committee to guide and ensure implementation; Popularity of Chinese VPNs in Indian gaming community a threat, need to conduct awareness drives especially as most of these VPNs are banned within China itself.
India's Jewar International Airport’s poster trends due to wrongly sharing Beijing airport as its own; Misinformation over WeChat Alipay's personal collection code; Arrest warrant issued for Macau’s Suncity Group CEO; PanJiahua, senior official of the CCP was arrested; HK media reported details of Xi Jinping's authorities second wave of cleansing campaigns in the political and legal system; XiJinping's cleaning campaign in the political and legal system, is in fact cleaning up of Jiang faction members.
new Omicron variant not a serious threat; Murder suspect fails to escape due to lockdown; Red banner being displayed at Tiananmen Square; 14000 apartments for judicial auction; Chinese soldiers in Galwan Valley with bayonets; Australia sent peacekeeping forces to restore order in Solomon Islands; Solomon Islands continuing to face unrest; Fumio Kishida stated the tensions in region are severe & will strengthen its defence capabilities; Report titled "Jiang Zemin: The Taiwan Issue Is My Biggest Concern" describes how Jiang Zemin handled trilateral relations between China, US & Taiwan; Jiang Zemin article describes military action that he wanted to take but was blocked by Deng Xiaoping; Fantasia Chinese property developers faces wind-up petitions & possible #liquidation; Wang Meng, China’s former Culture Minister has published an article criticizing the contemporary state of arts and culture in China; Wife of Chinese human rights activist arrested in Jan published a letter for help in media; China deployed 27 aircraft to Taiwan air space; Uganda resists to give over the country's only airport to China; FM of India China & #Russia to discuss regional & global issues. Wang Meng's article on present culture in china have strong remarks on affairs managed directly by the government which is rare; Fantasia debt default was a sign of Zeng Qinghong's loss of power; article by puts pressure on Xi & shows Jiang Zemin as a leader who cares about national unity; after Xi Jinping told ASEAN leaders that China will not seek hegemony but three separate events have taken place that disprove the statement and has led to the Japan PM to ramp up its defense capabilities; Russia-India-China trilateral framework will be essential in understanding Russia’s stance over Indo-China tensions; Chinese media publicizing the opening of China-Laos railway, shows Xi's attempts to counter negative reporting.
GuoFeixiong sent a letter to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang; Leaked images of J-35; Muslim pupils in schools ordered to officially switch to Chinese names; Chinese dissident speaks out over new Chinese delegate elected to Interpol; China Manned Space Agency releases videos of astronauts; University professor punished for “insulting words; WangYi spoke to Switzerland’s FM to discuss strategic partnership; deputy director of Standing Committee of CPC Jiangxi Provincial People's Congress was suspected of serious violation of discipline & law; Guo Feixiong's letter urges Li to allow him to leave for the U.S & questioned the duty being performed by the CCP; Wang Xiaohong strong competitor for next secretary of Central Political & Legal Affairs Commission; China’s installed capacity of renewable energy generation exceeds 1 billion kilowatt; Vice Premier of PRC inspected Shaanxi & the revitalization work; Taiwan takes help from foreign engineers & companies to build a fleet of submarines; Chief of International Liaison Department discusses 6th Plenum with North Korea, Vietnam, Laos & Cuba; MI6 Chief warned about heavy investment into artificial intelligence by Russia & China; XiJinping pledged to supply Africa with COVID-19 vaccine; New surveillance system for journalists tested out in the province of Henan; Chinese embassy says China will not take over Uganda’s only international airport; Leaked documents of crackdown in Xinjiang links CCP leadership & Xi Jinping; Iran did not mention China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims; it is not clear how Guo Feixiong was able to write letter while in the custody of Chinese authorities; If Wang Xiaohong takes over the leadership of Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, general process will be broken.
Doppelganger gets mistaken for an escaped prisoner; China pushes senior citizens to get vaccines; G2 Esports expands into China. Xi Jinping's commitments to Africa during the 8th Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation; Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin congratulated the third China-Russia Energy Business Forum; State Council passed a regulation on law-enforcement methods for individuals and corporations violating laws; NPC Standing Committee will meet; Richard Moore, the MI6 chief, in an interview; Pentagon stated that it will be upgrading, expanding and reinforcing military facilities directed at China and Russia; China remains confident that it will be able to hold the #Beijing Winter Olympics. Pentagon’s latest move to direct its military towards China and Russia through AUKUS.