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Daily Newsletter – Conversations in Chinese Media

As an authoritarian, non-democratic country, information that comes out of China is extremely difficult to both collect and sift through. While many think tanks across the world have set up dedicated China centers, there is still a gap present in looking at the grassroot level chatter in China and making sense of it. Essentially, our newsletter has two broad sub-sections in terms of compilation: a) collection of trustworthy data from sources like Weibo, Baidu, WeChat, Telegram, Clubhouse, Instagram, Twitter and more and b) making sense of that data to connect it with more overt moves by China that are covered across the world. For instance, before the National Security Law for Hong Kong was passed –even before it was publicly released that it is being worked upon –many Hong Kong users would frequently tweet of seeing increased police presence and diversion of traffic to manage high-level meetings. Such chatter, when identified correctly, can show movement pointing towards broader policy implementation. As Chinese media is state-controlled, it is not likely to report such movements in its publications. Hence, analyzing Chinese social media, smaller publications, regional papers and the press-releases by Chinese state departments is important. Our daily newsletter, Conversations in Chinese Media, seeks to do exactly that.

Opinion Pieces

ORCA publishes opinions from young and established scholars across the world on a rolling basis. Our focus is on getting intelligence driven assessments that allow scholars to read between the lines, form ‘educated guesses’ and gauge the potential future security, economic and political outcomes/ramifications of events unfurling. We especially focus on Chinese domestic policy, while welcoming articles on a wide berth of topics and regions.

CiCM Insghts

Analysis based on our daily newsletter, Conversations in Chinese Media (CiCM). Fact based reports that take a deep dive into certain aspects covered in daily newsletter.

Expert Speak

Opinion pieces by senior scholars in the field of China and Asia studies on issues of vital importance.

Issue Brief

Research pieces detailing the relevance, scope and impact of pertinent issues with implications for Asia. In this section scholars make an educated guess based on existing research.

Mapping China

This section explains China in the form of data visualisations. In this section through Maps and Graphs we present quantitative data.