China's Public Diplomacy Dashboard

The China Public Diplomacy Dashboard is an interactive dashboard that visualises China’s diplomatic outreach in Asia from 2000 to 2017. The dashboard covers hallmark Chinese initiatives like Confucius Institutes and Sister City Agreements, while also displaying traditional engagements like government visits, military visits and student exchanges. Together, they constitute the majority of Beijing’s diplomatic outreach over nearly two decades.

Graphs and Maps

Representing PLA-N Modernization, this infographic brings to the forefront the key capabilities the Chinese Navy has, accentuated by the recent launch of its third aircraft carrier.

Graphs prepared by Rahul Karan (Research Associate, ORCA).

Mapping China

China’s economic and military footprint in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) has expanded over the last two decades. The map above represents this footprint in the form of ports, overseas military bases and suspected outposts. China’s port infrastructure projects are spreads across the IOR and Beijing has financed, built and/or operated more than 21 ports in the region.