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Date: 02/12/22

By Rahul Karan Reddy

How well do you know China’s provinces? The China’s Provinces dashboard is a resource for exploring differences in economic and social development across provinces in China. The resource visualises 76 statistical indicators of development, grouped into six categories: demographics, economic growth, income/consumption, trade, healthcare and environment. The indicators presented in this resource can be viewed for each province and sub-region of China. The data presented is for the year 2021 and was collected from the 2021 Statistical Yearbook published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).


Best suited for desktop viewing.
Clear the filters by selecting the funnel icon on the right top corner of the filter to refresh the contents of the dashboard.


The main tab at the top of the dashboard (Demographics, Regional Economy, Income & Consumption, Trade, Municipal and Environment) permit users to navigate across categories.


The Region filter below the main tab permits users to view indicators for sub-regions across China (Central, East, North, North-East, South and West). Selecting a sub-region will prompt the dashboard to show data for provinces in that sub-region.

The Province filter on the right hand side of the dashboard can be selected to view indicators for individual provinces. Selecting a province will prompt the dashboard to show data relevant only to the selected province.

* Remember to clear the filters (funnel icon on the right top corner of the filters) to refresh the dashboard after using a particular filter.
* When no filters are selected, the dashboard shows the national average of indicators.

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