Theme: Geopolitics in the Himalayas: Towards a British Strategy

As Chinese power expands around the Indo-Pacific rimlands, it has also pushed down through the world’s highest mountain range. Often considered distant, peripheral and largely impenetrable, the Himalayas marks the northern frontier of the Indo-Pacific. From land grabs in Bhutan and the leveraging of water flows along key rivers in the Himalayas, to preventing sanctuary for Tibetans and others, the People’s Republic of China has applied significant pressure to the region in recent years.

This event celebrates the launch of a Policy Paper written by Gray Sergeant titled ‘Geopolitics in the Himalayas: Towards a British strategy’.

By kind invitation of Lord Risby, you are invited to attend a panel event to discuss the first geopolitical study of the Himalayan region to be undertaken in the UK for some time. The panel will include Robert Barnett, Professorial Research Associate at School of Oriental and African Studies, Prof. Alexander Evans OBE, Professor in practice School of Public Policy at the London School of Economics, Dr Isabel Hilton, Founder and Senior Advisor at China Dialogue Trust, Eerishika Pankaj Head of Research at Organisation for Research on China and Asia, and Gray Sergeant, Associate Fellow at the Council on Geostrategy, where they will discuss geopolitics in the Himalayas and the need for a British strategy for the region.


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