Theme: China’s Global Initiatives Underscoring Its New Era Ambitions

Moderator: Dr. Bali R. Deepak

Speakers:  Dr. David O. Shullman on China’s Global Security Initiative: The Blueprint for a Transformed Global Order, Dr. Avinash Godbole on Domestic Imperatives of China's Global Initiatives and Its Self-perception, Dr. Swati Arun on China's Narrative Building on GSI, GDI and GCI, Dr. Rajiv Ranjan on GDI and SDGs: China's Narrative in Developmental Leadership, Dr. T. G. Suresh on Challenges to Exporting China's Development Model through GDI, Lt. Gen. (Dr.) Rakesh Sharma on Implications of GSI for India’s Security Calculus and Dr. Monish Tourangbam on Integrating Global Initiatives in China's Foreign Policy: Implications for US-India Partnership. 

The Organisation of Research on China and Asia (ORCA) hosted a closed-door roundtable discussion on 7th December 2023 on the topic of ‘China’s Global Initiatives Underscoring Its New Era Ambitions’.

The roundtable proceedings were moderated by Dr. Bali Deepak, who set the stage with his introductory remarks on the roots and significance of China’s emerging global initiatives - the Global Security Initiative (GSI), Global Development Initiative (GDI) and the Global Civilization Initiative (GCI).