This infographic represents GDP of all Chinese provinces at constant prices in 2022. The scattered dots show year-on-year GDP growth rate for 2022. The blue line depicts national GDP average growth rate for the same period whereas dotted line indicate targeted GDP growth rates declared by 31 provinces for 2023. As per this data, there are 18 provinces which registered GDP growth rates above national average of 2.8%. Amongst these, neighbouring provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi achieved highest growth rate of 4.7%, followed by Gansu and Hunan (both grew at 4.5%). On the other hand, Shanghai and Jilin had a negative growth rate in 2022 due to prolonged lockdowns which affected economic activities in these provinces. However, China’s four eastern provinces – Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang (all provinces with GDP over $ 1 trillion) continue to contribute over 1/3rd of China’s GDP of around $ 18 trillion. This clearly shows regional disparities in China’s economic growth and indicates that eastern provinces still continue to drive China’s economy. Moreover, all provinces have projected positive growth rates for 2023 as the withdrawal Zero-Covid policy is expected to bring more economic opportunities for China’s provinces than in 2022. Although Hainan and Tibet have estimated substantially higher growth rates, it will not impact China’s national economy significantly due to their smaller economies. However, all major economic provinces have projected a modest growth rate of about 5% which will be crucial to bring the Chinese economy back on track in 2023.

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Omkar Bhole is a Senior Research Associate at Organization for Research on China and Asia (ORCA). He is a Chinese language student and completed Masters in China Studies from Somaiya University, Mumbai. He has completed the HSK 4 level of Chinese language proficiency and works as a Chinese language instructor. His research interests are China’s foreign policy in Asia, China’s economic transformation and China’s domestic politics. He has previously done internships at the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) and What China Reads. He has presented papers at the 1st All India Conference of East Asian Studies and 16th All India Conference on China Studies. He can be reached @bhole_omkar on Twitter or him email at

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