David Stahl (born in 1949) has studied Comparative Religion with particular focus on Indian religions at the University of Lund, and Indology at the University of Stockholm. He is a MA (Lund) with Comparative Religion as major and MA (Stockholm) with Indology as major. He worked as assistant at Dep. of Indology, University of Stockholm, 1977-1984, and has since worked as a India Analyst in his own company, Empatum, and is often engaged by the corporate sector, mass media companies and organizations. He has been President of the Swedish-Indian Society 2004-2010. He has also been involved in relief work among refugees in India and is the editor of "India Newsletter'' which is published five times a year. He has also been President of the Swedish Tibet Committe during the years 1974 - 1988. He has also been engaged as tour guide for cultural trips to India. He has done extensive travel in large parts of India, has lived in India during different periods and is now partially based in Cochin. He also contributed to the ORCAxISDP Special Issue "The Dalai Lama's Succession: Strategic Realities of the Tibet Question."

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