ORCA co-hosted with the Council for Strategic and Defense Research (CSDR) and Asia Society India Centre (ASPI), the visiting Quad Fellows from the Leaders Lead on Demand (LLOD) program for a closed-door roundtable discussion on 'India and the Quad'.

The Quad Fellows —Blake Berger, Associate Director, Asia Society Policy Institute, New York (ASPI), Elizabeth Morison, Researcher, The Australia Institute, Ms. Daria Impiombato, Analyst, Australian Strategic Policy Institute and Dr. Saya Kiba, Research Committee Member, Research Institute for Peace and Security (RIPS), Japan— were hosted at CSDR’s office in New Delhi on 13th November 2023. Ms. Eerishika Pankaj, Head of Research & Operations Director at Orgniasation for Research on China and Asia (ORCA), and a Quad Fellow also provided her comments during the discussion. Prof. Chintamani Mahapatra, Founder and Honorary Chairman of Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies, Dr. Sampa Kundu, Consultant, ASEAN-India Centre, RIS and Dr. Shubhamitra Das, Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies, JNU among others, also attended the event. 

The discussion focused on various dimension regarding the Quad as well as understanding how member countries view India’s position in the grouping. Experts present during the discussion also put forth their perspectives on India’s engagement with the grouping and concluded with talking points on the promotion of capacity building among partner countries. 


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