Research Associate Ratish Mehta hosted a Workshop on Qualitative Research Writing at FLAME Univeristy as part of ORCA's MoU on Academic and Research Cooperation.

From shaping public opinion to influencing collective behaviour, narratives perform a complex function of creating meaning and explicating specific interests. In light of multiple narratives and counter-narratives in today’s world, deconstructing specific elements of a narrative becomes an important skill to develop for those who seek to understand and apply the art of narrative building in their respective disciplines. This workshop on (de)constructing narratives informed students on how narratives are crafted, as well as guided them on how to deconstruct a specific narrative in order to decipher its larger intent, objective as well as the method through which it is deployed. An essential feature of the workshop was upskilling students on the various deconstruction methods that can be used in the process of understanding narratives. By breaking down trending stories, events and images, the workshop trained students on how to critically assess narratives presented via diverse mediums including audio-visual and textual components.

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