Manoj Kewalramani is the chairperson of the Indo-Pacific Research Programme and a China studies fellow at the Takshashila Institution, a leading Indian public policy education center. His research interests include Chinese politics, foreign policy, approaches to new technologies, and addressing questions of how India can work with like-minded partners to deal with the challenges presented by China's rise. Manoj is the author of Smokeless War: China’s Quest for Geopolitical Dominance (Bloomsbury India, 2021), which discusses China’s political, diplomatic, economic, and narrative responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. He also writes a weekly newsletter, Eye on China, which tracks developments in China from an Indian perspective, and a daily newsletter analyzing news coverage and discourse in the People's Daily. Prior to joining Takshashila, Manoj spent over a decade working as a journalist in India and China, where he also helped set up digital newsrooms and train young journalists. He also contributed to our podcast, The ORCA Files. Listen to the episode here:

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